Tether Launches Tokens Pegged to the Mexican Peso on Ethereum, Tron, and Polygon

The stablecoin issuer Tether Operations Limited has announced the company has launched a new fiat-pegged token tied to the value of the Mexican peso. According to the team the newly launched MXNT tokens will be initially hosted on Ethereum, Polygon,…Read more

Published: 2 hours ago | Source: Bitcoin News

VAST Completes Private Investment Round as It Readies to Launch First-Ever EngageFi™ NFT Platform

PRESS RELEASE. Miami, FL – VAST, the multimedia NFT marketplace that dropped the first-ever NFT sitcom featuring Snoop Dogg and The Harlem Globetrotters, has announced the completion of their strategic private investment round with leading blockchain venture capital firms: GHAF…Read more

Published: 43 mins ago | Source: Bitcoin News

California Bill Would Make New Broadband Networks More Expensive

The state of California is primed to bring 21st-century fiber access at affordable rates to every Californian. Last year’s unanimous passage of S.B. 156, a historic multi-billion investment in broadband, means every California community has the resources available to chart…Read more

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Mobile Game Publisher Kongregate Launch $40M Fund for Web 3 Developer

Mobile game publisher Kongregate has partnered with Immutable X, Ethereum's leading Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution, to launch a $40 million blockchain developer fund. (Read More)Read more

Published: 7 hours ago | Source: Blockchain News

What’s the Best Blockchain Engineer Career Path For Me?

The continuous transformation of the world around us with digital technologies has been drawing our attention towards new innovations. Blockchain emerged as the backbone of cryptocurrencies and has expanded into a wide range of use cases. How far is it…Read more

Published: 1 day ago | Source: 101 Blockchains

Early sound exposure in the womb shapes the auditory system

Modeling study suggests that the muffled environment in utero primes the brain’s ability to interpret some types of sound.Read more

Published: 1 day ago | Source: MIT News - Artificial intelligence

Top Metaverse Cryptos Today

The term “metaverse” appears to be in every conversation these days. Although the technology is still in its early stages, it is quickly gaining the [...]Read more

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Bit Origin Limited Signs LOI to Acquire 30.62% Equity Interests in Horizon Mining Ltd

The planned acquisition would be another major step forward for Bit Origin Limited to accelerate its efforts into the crypto mining business. (Read More)Read more

Published: 8 hours ago | Source: Blockchain News

Platform Liability Trends Around the Globe: Taxonomy and Tools of Intermediary Liability

This is the second installment in a four-part blog series surveying global intermediary liability laws. The web of global intermediary liability laws has grown increasingly vast and complex as policymakers around the world move to adopt stricter legal frameworks for platform…Read more

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