It’s Time for Police to Stop Using ShotSpotter

Court documents recently reviewed by VICE have revealed that ShotSpotter, a company that makes and sells audio gunshot detection to cities and police departments, may not be as accurate or reliable as the company claims. In fact, the documents reveal…Read more

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Mexican Regulator: 12 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Operating Illegally

Santiago Nieto Castillo, leader of the UIF, the Mexican financial regulator, has issued an alert that 12 cryptocurrency exchanges are operating illegally in the country. The regulator is now producing the necessary data for Mexican authorities to act against these…Read more

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US Senator Lummis: Big Government Spenders Are Accelerating Adoption of Crypto Assets Like Bitcoin

U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis is pushing for regulation that would ensure bitcoin remains a good store of value. If the cryptocurrency “is to become what El Salvador has done, legal tender, then we need to make sure that we are…Read more

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Internet Computer Price Up 3.46% to $42.37 – Where to Buy ICP

Internet Computer, the project behind the ICP token is one of the new innovative technologies in the crypto market. Although the ICP token has only been [...]Read more

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The Bipartisan Broadband Bill: Good, But It Won’t End the Digital Divide

The U.S. Senate is on the cusp of approving an infrastructure package, which passed a critical first vote last night by 67-32. Negotiations on the final bill are ongoing, but late yesterday NBC News had the draft broadband provisions. There…Read more

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DHS’s Flawed Plan for Mobile Driver’s Licenses

Digital identification can invade our privacy and aggravate existing social inequities. Designed wrong, it might be a big step towards national identification, in which every time we walk through a door or buy coffee, a record of the event is…Read more

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