• G2 Summer 2024 Reports: 101 Blockchains Earned Record-breaking 34 Badges

    G2 has published its Summer 2024 Reports with rewards for some of the top software solution providers in various categories. 101 Blockchains has achieved 34 badges in the G2 Summer 2024 Reports, including the ‘Users Love Us’ badge. We have…Read more

    Published: 2 days ago | Source: 101 Blockchains

  • Decoding the Courts’ Digital Decisions | EFFector 36.9

    Instead of relaxing for the summer, EFF is in first gear defending your rights online! Catch up on what we're doing with the latest issue of our EFFector newsletter. This time we're sharing updates regarding California law enforcement illegally sharing…Read more

    Published: 1 day ago | Source: Deeplinks

  • MIT ARCLab announces winners of inaugural Prize for AI Innovation in Space

    The challenge asked teams to develop AI algorithms to track and predict satellites’ patterns of life in orbit using passively collected dataRead more

    Published: 1 day ago | Source: MIT News - Artificial intelligence

  • When to trust an AI model

    More accurate uncertainty estimates could help users decide about how and when to use machine-learning models in the real world.Read more

    Published: 1 day ago | Source: MIT News - Artificial intelligence

  • Fireblocks Expands Global Custodian Program with New Partners

    Fireblocks, a leading crypto custody firm, has announced the addition of five new firms to its Global Custodian Partner Program. The newly joined firms are Zodia Custody, Komainu, CloudTech, Zerocap, and Rakkar. This expansion aims to provide enhanced local third-party…Read more

    Published: 1 day ago | Source: CryptoCurrencyNews

  • 10 Best Blockchain Interoperability Tools

    Blockchain offers a transparent, secure and decentralized approach for storing and exchanging data, which has transformed our conventional viewpoints on technology. The power of blockchain has helped in empowering the web3 landscape with multiple base-layer blockchains alongside layer 2 and…Read more

    Published: 16 hours ago | Source: 101 Blockchains