Litecoin Price Prediction: LTC/USD Price Stays Below $210 Level

Litecoin Price Prediction – December 2 According to the daily, the Litecoin price prediction shows that LTC is yet to climb above the $210 level [...]Read more

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Facebook’s Secret “Dangerous Organizations and Individuals” List Creates Problems for the Company—and Its Users

Along with the trove of "Facebook Papers" recently leaked to press outlets was a document that Facebook has, until now, kept intentionally secret: its list of "Dangerous Organizations and Individuals." This list comprises supposed terrorist groups, hate groups, criminal groups,…Read more

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World’s most expensive NFT ever sold

The continuous technological developments are impacting the financial sector as well and changing the traditional investment criteria. The talk of the town in the investment world, NFTs are unique virtual assets that symbolize works of art and collectibles, thus storming…Read more

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Novel 3D printing technique to engineer biofilms

Biologists are studying how engineered biofilms closely mimic natural ones. Their research may aid in developing drugs to fight the negative effects of these microorganisms that adhere to surfaces.Read more

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Stellar cocoon with organic molecules at the edge of our galaxy

Astronomers have detected a newborn star and the surrounding cocoon of complex organic molecules at the edge of our Galaxy, which is known as the extreme outer Galaxy. The observations with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array reveal the hidden chemical…Read more

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