Babylon Project 2.0 Invites Global Blockchain Innovators

World Blockchain Hackathon is once again here with another hackathon – Babylon Project 2.0 Hackathon. Blockchain Council is this year’s academic partner. All the blockchain innovators out there, brace yourself for a fun-filled hackathon.  The term Hackathon has become extremely…Read more

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New Journey Begins: ViaBTC Capital to Be Unveiled

Five Years of Commitment to Empowering Blockchain Projects 2021 marks another milestone for ViaBTC Group. In August, it established a new brand – ViaBTC Capital, an investment platform integrating capital, resources, and post-investment services. From “developing blockchain products” to “empowering…Read more

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Stay updated on the latest developments taking place in the world of crypto and blockchain as we bring you the top headlines from 21/10/21. Globally Popular F1 Team McLaren Racing Launches NFTs Platform In Collaboration With Tezos McLaren Racing, the…Read more

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How pearls achieve nanoscale precision

In research that could inform future high-performance nanomaterials, a study has uncovered how mollusks build ultradurable structures with a level of symmetry that outstrips everything else in the natural world, with the exception of individual atoms.Read more

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Report: Leading South African Bank Sends Account Termination Notices to Crypto Arbitrage Traders

One of South Africa’s biggest banks, Standard Bank, has reportedly sent account termination notices to clients that offer automated cryptocurrency arbitrage services. Bank’s Criteria Questioned This move, according to a Mybroadband report, has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency industry. The…Read more

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Victory! Oakland’s City Council Unanimously Approves Communications Choice Ordinance

Oakland residents shared the stories of their personal experience; a broad coalition of advocates, civil society organizations, and local internet service providers (ISPs) lifted their voices; and now the Oakland City Council has unanimously passed Oakland’s Communications Service Provider Choice…Read more

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Police Can’t Demand You Reveal Your Phone Passcode and Then Tell a Jury You Refused

The Utah Supreme Court is the latest stop in EFF’s roving campaign to establish your Fifth Amendment right to refuse to provide your password to law enforcement. Yesterday, along with the ACLU, we filed an amicus brief in State v.…Read more

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