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Meet the Drapers

Meet the Drapers is a groundbreaking reality TV series where entrepreneurs pitch their startups to a panel of venture capitalists, including Silicon Valley legend Tim Draper. Watch as innovative startups vie for investment while receiving guidance and evaluation from the Draper family and guest judges.

Embark on a global entrepreneurial journey with Season 6 of Meet the Drapers, as the series spans continents, showcasing emerging talent from Africa, Brazil, Denmark, India, Italy, Portugal, Sri Sri, and Taiwan. Discover a plethora of innovation and ideas that are shaping the future, one pitch at a time.


In the seventh episode of “Meet The Drapers,” the focus shifts to Saudi Arabian startups, showcasing innovative solutions across various sectors. Hosted by Tim Draper, a prominent venture capitalist, the episode features pitches from four unique companies, each with a vision to transform their respective industries using cutting-edge technologies and ideas.

MetaWorldX presents its digital twin technology, offering real-time integration of live data into high-quality virtual models, revolutionizing urban planning and risk management.

Diagnio addresses women’s health, focusing on hormonal health and fertility. They propose a rapid, affordable digital testing system to empower women in their health journey, making fertility and hormonal health management more accessible and efficient.

IMAN, a Halal Investment Company, pitches its vision of facilitating interest-free financial services, aiming to revolutionize the Islamic finance sector and making it more accessible globally.

TakaDAO introduces a cooperative insurance platform utilizing public blockchains. Their model aims to provide a Sharia-compliant, decentralized insurance solution, addressing a significant gap in the global insurance market.

Provenmed stands out with its innovative medical devices designed for individuals suffering from urinary incontinence, showcasing a commitment to improving quality of life through technology.

Each startup brings a unique approach to solving complex problems, highlighting the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit in Saudi Arabia. The episode underscores the potential these startups have in not only transforming their industries but also in making a significant social impact.

What Is MetaWorldX’s Role in Urban Planning?

  • Specializes in digital twin technology for real-time urban planning.
  • Integrates live data into virtual models for effective risk management.
  • Aims to revolutionize urban development and management.

How Does Diagnio Empower Women’s Health?

  • Focuses on hormonal health and fertility through digital testing.
  • Provides rapid and affordable solutions for women.
  • Aims to make fertility and hormonal health management more accessible.

What Is IMAN’s Vision in Islamic Finance?

  • Offers Halal investment and financial services.
  • Aims to provide interest-free banking solutions globally.
  • Seeks to innovate and expand the Islamic finance sector.

How Is TakaDAO Innovating in Insurance?

  • Develops a cooperative insurance platform on public blockchains.
  • Offers Sharia-compliant, decentralized insurance solutions.
  • Addresses the global need for Islamic insurance products.

What Medical Solutions Does Provenmed Offer?

  • Creates innovative devices for urinary incontinence.
  • Focuses on improving the quality of life for affected individuals.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to healthcare innovation.



The sixth episode of “Meet The Drapers” brings an engaging mix of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, showcasing three unique startups from diverse sectors. Host Tim Draper, a celebrated venture capitalist, leads the evaluation of these startups, each offering solutions to distinct global challenges.

Buupass, a startup focused on digitizing transportation in Africa, presents their platform that simplifies booking buses, trains, and flights. Their aim is to streamline the fragmented transportation sector in African countries, making travel more accessible and efficient for millions.

FlexClub introduces a novel subscription model for vehicles, including bikes, cars, and trucks. Their approach revolutionizes how people in emerging markets access transportation, providing flexibility and financial inclusivity.

Join Daba, another featured startup, aims to unlock the potential of investing in Africa. They provide a platform that makes it easier for people to invest in African ventures, opening up new economic opportunities and fostering growth in the region.

The episode is not just about business pitches; it delves into the broader impact these companies aim to make in their respective sectors. The startups demonstrate a keen understanding of the challenges they address, showing potential for significant social and economic impact.

Overall, this episode of “Meet The Drapers” is a testament to the power of innovative ideas in transforming industries and improving lives, particularly in emerging markets.

What is Buupass’s Impact on African Transportation?

  • Digitizes booking for buses, trains, and flights in Africa.
  • Aims to streamline the fragmented transportation sector.
  • Enhances accessibility and efficiency in African travel.

How is FlexClub Transforming Vehicle Accessibility?

  • Offers a subscription model for various vehicles.
  • Focuses on financial inclusivity and flexibility in emerging markets.
  • Revolutionizes vehicle access for drivers and small businesses.

What Opportunities Does Join Daba Offer in Africa?

  • Facilitates investment opportunities in African ventures.
  • Aims to stimulate economic growth through accessible investing.
  • Bridges the investment gap in the African market.



In this captivating episode of “Meet The Drapers,” the audience is introduced to a series of groundbreaking Indian startups, each bringing unique solutions to global challenges. Hosted by the renowned venture capitalist Tim Draper, the episode serves as a platform for these startups to showcase their innovative ideas and vie for investment and support to expand their reach.

One of the notable startups featured is Karya, which aims to transform the lives of rural Indians through inclusive mobile solutions. Their mission is to bridge the digital divide and uplift low-income communities by providing them with accessible technology.

NextGeneration, another impressive startup, presents their advanced orthopedic immobilization technology. Their innovative approach to medical care promises to revolutionize patient treatment with more efficient and comfortable solutions.

Unstop takes the stage with its career transformation platform, connecting talent with learning opportunities and potential career advancements. They emphasize the importance of skill development and continuous learning in the modern job market.

NeuroPixel, a generative AI startup in the fashion e-commerce sector, introduces a revolutionary approach to clothing cataloging. Their use of AI and computer vision technology stands to transform how fashion brands present and market their products online.

The episode is not just about individual pitches but also explores broader themes such as the impact of technology on traditional sectors, the role of startups in fostering economic growth, and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in a rapidly evolving market.

Through these stories, “Meet The Drapers” highlights the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, underscoring the potential of startups to drive significant social and economic change.

What is Karya’s Mission for Rural India?

  • Bridging the digital divide in rural India with inclusive mobile solutions.
  • Aiming to empower low-income communities through accessible technology.
  • Focused on improving livelihoods and economic opportunities in rural areas.

How is NextGeneration Changing Orthopedic Care?

  • Developing advanced orthopedic immobilization technology.
  • Enhancing patient comfort and treatment efficiency.
  • Innovating in medical technology for better patient outcomes.

What Does Unstop Offer for Career Development?

  • A career transformation platform connecting talent with learning opportunities.
  • Emphasizes skill development and continuous learning.
  • Aims to facilitate career advancements and opportunities.

How is NeuroPixel Innovating in Fashion E-Commerce?

  • Utilizes generative AI for efficient and innovative clothing cataloging.
  • Combines AI and computer vision to transform online fashion marketing.
  • A pioneer in integrating technology with fashion e-commerce.



Originally aired on November 13, 2023

Meet the Drapers Season 6 Episode 4 features pitches from innovative startups at Web Summit in Portugal. Former US Treasurer Rosa Gumataotao Rios joins the Draper family as a guest judge.

Musiversal provides unlimited music collaboration sessions with top musicians through a subscription platform. Kumulus makes drinking water from air using solar power. Yamgo pays users crypto rewards for online actions. Zealpay identifies retail customers at checkout via POS integration. My-Money is a biometric, device-free payment system. Judges select one company to advance.

What unique solution does Zealpay offer retailers?

  • Zealpay’s middleware identifies customers at checkout via POS terminals
  • Integrates loyalty programs to recognize returning vs new shoppers
  • Uses AI to predict customer purchase patterns

What does Musiversal aim to make more accessible?

  • Music production and collaboration
  • Pairs users with professional musicians
  • Platform features artist profiles and samples
  • Monthly subscription for unlimited sessions

How does Kumulus extract drinking water?

  • Solar-powered machine condenses moisture from air
  • Uses cold plates to collect humidity like dew
  • Produces 30 liters of water per day
  • Costs $100/month over 2-3 year payback

What benefits does Yamgo offer consumers?

  • Pays crypto rewards for online actions
  • Clicks, downloads, purchases earn Yamgo tokens
  • Uses blockchain for rewards program
  • Aims to share data revenue with users

What problem does My-Money address?

  • Biometric payment system uses fingerprint
  • Patented technology needs no phone or wallet
  • Fraud protection certified by the FIDO Alliance
  • Partnerships with payment terminal providers

What feedback did judges give entrepreneurs?

  • Concerns about competition, bank cooperation
  • Wanted to meet startup founders directly
  • Questioned market size and business models
  • Complimented diversity and social impact


Originally aired on November 13, 2023

The third episode of Meet the Drapers Season 6 features Tim Draper and guests hearing pitches from four Taiwanese startups. The companies present innovative solutions in medical tech, authentication tech, pharmaceuticals, and cell therapy tracking. After evaluation, medical AI company Streamtech is selected by the judges to advance to the semi-finals. Viewers are encouraged to vote online for their favorite startups, with the top 3 vote-getters advancing to the finale.

What solutions did the Taiwanese startups present?

  • LuminX tracks and analyzes cell therapy impact
  • Streamtech offers remote patient monitoring with AI and radar
  • Blocktag bridges physical and digital worlds through authentication tech
  • Bened Biomed develops probiotics targeting cognitive function

What criteria did the judges use for evaluation?

  • Addressing real-world problems and improving lives
  • Large addressable markets and scalability
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Passion and capabilities of founding team
  • Scientific evidence supporting claims

Why did Streamtech advance to the semi-finals?

  • Strong market need for remote patient monitoring
  • Hardware and AI strengths of Taiwan
  • Large addressable market in healthcare
  • Concerns about business model and FDA approval for other startups

How can viewers participate in the finale?

  • Online voting allows viewers to select 3 startups
  • Top audience choices will join semi-finalists in finale
  • Grand prize of $1 million investment awarded to finale winner


Premieres on November 13, 2023

The first episode of Meet the Drapers Season 6 features the Draper family – Tim and Polly – along with special guests Naveen Jain and Cardinal Peter Turkson hearing pitches from four Italian startups. The startups present innovative solutions in fintech, real estate, tokenized assets, and fantasy sports gaming. After thoughtful deliberation amongst the judges, Italian fintech startup Pagapresto is selected to move on to the semi-finals. The audience will also get to vote on their 3 favorite startups to join the finale.

What solutions did the Italian startups present?

  • Pagapresto offers early wage access and leverages open banking for credit assessments
  • Kajaa provides blockchain solutions for real estate agents, developers, and fund managers
  • Real House tokenizes real-world assets on the blockchain
  • Ipermatch created a fantasy football app where players are NFTs

What criteria did the judges use to evaluate startups?

  • Addressing real problems and improving lives
  • Large addressable markets
  • Differentiated offerings from competitors
  • Strength and passion of founding team
  • Scalability of business model

How did the judges decide on the winner?

  • Pagapresto selected for large market opportunity and innovative fintech solution
  • Concerns raised about other startups’ differentiation and business models
  • Cardinal focused on startups aiming to improve humanity
  • Final decision balanced all criteria and judges’ perspectives

What is the next stage of the competition?

  • Pagapresto moves on to the semi-finals
  • Viewers can vote for their 3 favorite startups
  • Audience choices will join Pagapresto in the finale


Premieres on November 13, 2023

The first episode of Meet the Drapers Season 6 features Tim Draper and guest judges evaluating pitches from four startups in Denmark. The startups present solutions in inclusive communication, drone technology, AI-powered car inspections, and shared mobility aggregation. After consideration, the judges select drone startup Airflight to advance to the semi-finals. Viewers are encouraged to vote online for their favorite startups, with the top audience choices joining Airflight in the finale.

What solutions did the Danish startups present?

  • Develop Diverse offers an inclusive writing platform for reducing workplace bias
  • Airflight builds drones for faster wind turbine maintenance
  • Focalx provides AI-powered car inspections for rental fleets
  • Cogo aggregates shared rides from scooters, bikes, cars, etc.

What criteria did the judges use for evaluation?

  • Solving real problems that improve lives
  • Having large addressable markets
  • Differentiating from competitors
  • Demonstrating passion and capabilities
  • Validating business models with revenue

Why did Airflight advance to the semi-finals?

  • Huge market potential in wind energy
  • Differentiated drone technology and capabilities
  • Founders’ perseverance and entrepreneurial drive
  • Concerns about focus and scalability for other startups

How can viewers participate in the finale?

  • Online voting allows viewers to select favorite startups
  • Top 3 audience choices will join Airflight in finale
  • $1 million investment awarded to finale winner