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Dogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.066278 7.51%
Lido Staked Ether (STETH) $ 1,805.62 3.30%
Polygon (MATIC) $ 0.795734 10.29%
Solana (SOL) $ 19.42 9.60%
Polkadot (DOT) $ 5.01 5.28%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 86.47 6.31%
Avalanche (AVAX) $ 13.92 6.08%
Shiba Inu (SHIB) $ 0.000008 6.53%
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The O Show

The O Show features interviews, project reviews, discussion pieces, technical analysis, and market updates on the latest news and trends in the cryptocurrency space. Host Wendy O is a seasoned crypto analyst and investor with over 5 years of experience in the industry. She is known for her in-depth analysis and her ability to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand terms.

The O Show is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about cryptocurrency.


Originally aired on June 5, 2023

The SEC has sued Binance and its founder CZ, along with a list of crypto assets, leading to a market crash. The confusion about which assets are considered securities is the main issue. The EMA200 is an important bit, and if it breaks below it, it could lead to a bearish run, so caution is advised.

Is Binance under attack by the SEC?

  • The SEC sued Binance and its founder CZ
  • Other crypto assets are also being targeted
  • Confusion about which assets are securities is the issue

What is happening with the market?

  • The market crashed due to the SEC lawsuit
  • EMA200 is important; breaking below could lead to bearish run
  • Caution is advised when trading crypto assets

00:00 – Intro
03:50 – The entire crypto market
05:00 – BTC daily
08:05 – Binance sued by SEC
27:45 – More Binance news
31:00 – XRP Ripple case update
35:45 – New bill for functional crypto regulation framework
39:30 – Dedicated government role for regulation in the UK
43:00 – Tether USDT invests in El Salvador volcano BTC mine
45:10 – Russian bank tests cross-border crypto payments
48:30 – FTX gets some donations refunded
50:35 – Cardano ADA large transactions surge
52:15 – Gateio insolvency rumour
54:15 – Atomic Wallet hack
59:40 – Squidgrow officially a multichain meme/utility live on Ethereum!
1:01:00 – Privacy transactions
1:01:45 – Do Kwon bail request approved #terra #luna
1:04:00 – QNT Quant price analysis
1:07:10 – Final thoughts on todays events


Originally aired on June 02, 2023

How the government’s crypto purge is getting a lot worse!

The European Union has signed the MiCA law into law, which enforces licensing and anti-money laundering rules for cryptocurrency-related businesses. This move makes the EU the first major jurisdiction to have tailored crypto regulation.

What is the MiCA law and what impact will it have on the cryptocurrency industry?

  • The MiCA law enforces licensing and anti-money laundering rules for cryptocurrency-related businesses in the European Union.
  • The law aims to reduce money laundering and terrorism financing risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions and ensure consumer protection.
  • It will require companies to be authorized to operate in the EU and adhere to rules around capital and investor protection.
  • It will also introduce a regime for stablecoins, classifying them as e-money, and imposing capital requirements and investor protection rules.
  • The law is expected to level the playing field for crypto businesses in the EU, as it will be applicable to both EU-based and non-EU-based companies.
  • However, the law has received criticism from some in the industry who believe it is too restrictive and could stifle innovation.


Brooke Lacey

Matthew McKeon



00:00 – Intro

00:40 – Guest intros

04:15 – The entire crypto market

04:35 – BTC daily

05:25 – Ripple social activity surges

08:45 – EU signs MiCA regulations

17:20 – IRS collecting data from Coinbase

32:40 – Cardano Lace wallet now open source

33:25 – Quantum PoW consensus for blockchain

42:35 – Follow today’s guests xoxo


Originally aired on May 24, 2023

Wendy O discusses some of the latest big news and updates for ETH, AVAX, TRON, MATIC, and SOLANA.  Additionally, China has launched a government-backed metaverse platform, despite previously appearing to be anti-crypto. Wendy O warns her audience to practice good risk management as the market is currently headed downwards, with all coins likely to follow.

China’s Government-Backed Metaverse Platform

  • China launches a government-backed metaverse platform despite previous anti-crypto behavior.

Wendy O’s Market Update and Frustration with Lack of Attention

  • The market is currently headed downwards with all coins likely to follow.
  • Wendy O stresses the importance of practicing good risk management.
  • Wendy O expresses frustration at the lack of attention given to educational content.

00:00 – Welcome to the show guys

01:30 – Why it’s hard to be a content creator

03:40 – The entire crypto market

04:20 – BTC chart analysis

08:20 – Chinese government backed metaverse

10:00 – Is ETH a security and commodity?

14:30 – ETH staking surges

16:50 – Ava Labs launchpad to build “no-code” blockchains

24:05 – Tron partners with Nansen

24:35 – Gala V2 update

26:50 – MATIC address creation 2-year high

28:00 – How & when to invest in altcoins

31:10 – Solana integrates ChatGPT AI

32:15 – Crypto attacks are decreasing

33:20 – 24 memecoin rug pulls in 10 days

34:55 – Don’t put your life savings into crypto!

36:35 – Litecoin halving soon

37:00 – LTC chart analysis

38:20 – Clear rules needed for crypto Coinbase says

40:40 – Cathie Wood Ark Invest says U.S. is losing crypto movement

42:40 – Debt ceiling in 8 days

47:10 – FOMC minutes coming today

47:00 – Trezor hack


Originally aired on Apr 18

Did you hear about Gary Gensler’s tough day at the hearing? The SEC chairman was grilled with many tough questions today, and he was struggling.

Wendy O discusses the impact of government overreach and regulatory abuse on American crypto investors, particularly those from middle to lower income groups. She criticizes the SEC’s tendency towards over-regulation and its impact on lower income investors, and highlights the problem of the wealth gap, which is exacerbated by governmental and regulatory barriers for non-accredited investors. Wendy O. also discusses the potential for the US to fall behind other countries in the crypto field due to government overreach and expresses frustration at the lack of compromise and excessive personal gain on the part of public servants. She emphasizes the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in American crypto growth.

00:00 – Intro

00:10 – They are trying to destroy our industry

08:30 – BTC daily

09:10 – ETC price analysis

09:30 – -The entire crypto market

09:40 – Gary Gensler struggling at critical hearing

31:20 – Dash claims they are not a security

33:30 – Coinbase may leave the US

36:40 – Polygon fights for permission-less smart contracts

39:00 – El Salvador registered 80 BTC service providers

42:15 – GALA GAMES airdrop coming soon

44:15 – Vechain VET launches web-as-a-service platform

46:45 – This indicator signals a potential bull run

47:40 – Pepe meme-coin explodes

50:30 – Don’t send BTC to Michael Saylor

51:10 – Elon Musk discusses TruthGPT AI platform


Originally aired on Apr 14, 2023

An Ethereum researcher shared how ETH staking reveals personal information like IP addresses. This has triggered an uproar in the community and users are now concerned about their privacy when staking ETH.

We will discuss this on today’s show, plus how the SEC could be targeting DeFi with more regulations as it considers reopening a proposal from 2022.


Brian Courchesne…

Calvin Weight

Aaron Day

Corey Coasta



00:00 – Intro

00:40 – Meet today’s guests

03:40 – Privacy concerns with ETH staking

16:20 – SEC vs DeFi

24:35 – London Stock exchange to offer BTC futures/ options

30:20 – Debt, the economy & CBDCs

35:20 – Ripple responds to SEC letter in lawsuit

44:20 – Ripple launches B2B liquidity product

50:10 – Follow today’s guests! xo


Originally aired on Apr 7, 2023

In this video, we’ll be talking about the potential President of Thailand who is offering free crypto to all citizens.

Whether you’re a citizen of Thailand or not, this video is definitely worth watching! We’ll be discussing the potential president’s offer of free crypto and how it could potentially change the Thai economy.

We will also cover the copyright battle between the alleged Bitcoin creator and Apple!


Andrew Gordon

Corey Costa

Crypto Jack

00:00 – It’s unlimited PIZZA DAY BABES!

01:00 – Guest introductions

03:10 – BTC TA with CryptoJack

10:40 – ETH/BTC chart analysis

12:00 – The latest US jobs report pushes dollar higher

17:20 – FREE CRYPTO airdrop for all Thai citizens

22:20 – Dogecoin Doge price drops after Twitter removes icon

23:25 – Top Altcoin losers this week

26:05 Why Enjin coin is up today

27:05 – Uniswap VS Coinbase trading volumes

28:40 – Robinhood faces huge fines after technical failures

29:45 – MTGOX repayment update

34:15 – Follow today’s special guests!!


Originally aired on Mar 31, 2023

This video discusses how the US government may have sold Silk Road Bitcoin at the local bottom.  Plus, the huge news is that Gala Games has teamed up with Huobi for L1 and Web3 development.




Yves La Rose

00:00 – Happy Friday babes welcome to the show xo

03:30 – The entire crypto market

03:40 – BTC daily

05:00 – US Government sold the BTC bottom

12:30 – XRP surges on South Korean exchanges

18:00 – Update on HEX & PulseChain

19:05 – Pentagon may use BTC mining

29:15 – Huobi partners with Gala Games

39:45 – Visa expands partnership with Fold BTC rewards app

40:20  – OKX exchange integrates Artificial Intelligence

47:45 – Closing thoughts


Originally aired March 27, 2023

In this episode, Crypto Wendy O covers how the newly filed CFTC vs Binance. U.S. Commodities Future Trade Commission (CFTC) has filed suit against Binance and its CEO CZ (Changpeng Zhao) for violating the Commodies Exchange Act and CFTC rules. Wendy O also provides the latest updates for the latest news in the Ripple VS SEC case… Will Ripple beat the SEC?

00:00 Welcome to the show babes!

01:50 The entire crypto market

02:05 #btc daily, 12h & 6h

03:30 CFTC vs CZ and Binance

09:00 Ripple vs. SEC

11:10 Microstrategy buys more Bitcoin

13:20 #coinbase explores Flatcoins

15:00 G-7 to push crypto regulations

18:20 #polygon launches ZK EVM


Microsoft announced it is building a crypto and NFT wallet for its Edge browser. This is a significant development, as it will compete with Metamask! Also, XRP market cap just touched $20 billion, and CFX market cap hit $1 billion for the first time ever!

Streamed live on Mar 20, 2023 #conflux #ripple #xrp
#microsoft #metamask #ripple #xrp #conflux #cfx

Microsoft announced that it is building a crypto and NFT wallet for its Edge browser. This is a significant development, as it will compete with Metamask!

Also, the $XRP market cap just touched $20 billion, and $CFX market cap hit $1 billion for the first time!

We will cover this on today’s O Show, plus more of the top crypto news.

00:00 Hi babes welcome to the show xo
04:55 The entire crypto market
05:05 #btc daily
06:00 Join us at the FREE Outer Edge LA Launch Party tonight
06:50 Microsoft crypto wallet
13:05 XRP market cap hits $20billion
17:30 Conflux $CFX achieves $billion market cap
21:30 #eos invests in EVM and Gamefi projects
22:25 #arbitrum $ARB airdrop update
25:20 UBS to acquire #creditsuisse
30:00 First Republic bank collapse update
33:40 FDIC sells Signature Bank
39:35 Fed to boost dollar liquidity
41:05 BTC open futures on the rise
42:30 Elizabeth Warren slams Fed chair
45:20 Warren Buffet to help out in banking crisis
46:55 Goldman Sachs labels BTC the best-performing asset
48:20 BTC to $1million by June??
49:45 #ftx met with FDIC before the collapse
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BIG news that caused a surge in the price of AI tokens – and the reasons for these other altcoins pumping over the past week!

Hey O Army! We’re here to cover the BIG news that caused a surge in the price of AI tokens – and the reasons for these other altcoins pumping over the past week!

We will also discuss the latest Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank & Silvergate situation developments.

Join us for this and more of the top crypto news!

00:00 Hey my youtube babes!xo
03:40 Gavin Newsom ties with SVB??
07:10 Banks halt stock trading
09:00 Is this all an attack on crypto?
11:30 SVB message to FDIC
12:25 Credit Suisse stock plunges
13:00 The entire crypto market
13:05 #btc daily, 6h & 4h
15:35 New #chatgpt triggers AI token pump
17:30 New ChatGPT identifies issues with an ETH smart contract
21:20 Polkadot #dot partners with electronic music platform #beatport
22:00 Here’s why Aptos $APT is doing well
23:00 More details on Credit Suisse situation
29:40 SVB investigated for money laundering
32:20 FREE crypto meetup in LA…
35:00 Number 1 crypto IRA retirement platform
37:25 #alameda #ftx sent millions to trading firms as USDC de-pegged
38:55 Update on #voyager #binance deal
40:45 HUGE #gala #galagames news
42:40 Decentralized exchanges set record daily volume as USDC de-pegged
45:30 NEW cybersecurity & hacking laws from the SEC
47:10 #kucoin now working with stablecoin issuer
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