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USDC (USDC) $ 1.00 0.02%
XRP (XRP) $ 0.511915 1.33%
Cardano (ADA) $ 0.245234 1.19%
Dogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.061636 0.06%
Lido Staked Ether (STETH) $ 1,598.77 1.09%
Polygon (MATIC) $ 0.520623 1.13%
Solana (SOL) $ 19.58 0.40%
Polkadot (DOT) $ 4.02 0.48%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 64.88 0.55%
Avalanche (AVAX) $ 8.86 0.17%
Shiba Inu (SHIB) $ 0.000007 0.08%
Binance USD (BUSD) $ 1.00 0.06%
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Toncoin (TON) $ 2.33 1.83%
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The O Show

Airs weekdays at 2:10 am, 10:10 am, and 6:10 pm PT.

The O Show features interviews, project reviews, discussion pieces, technical analysis, and market updates on the latest news and trends in the cryptocurrency space. Host Wendy O is a seasoned crypto analyst and investor with over 5 years of experience in the industry. She is known for her in-depth analysis and her ability to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand terms.

The O Show is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about cryptocurrency.


Originally aired on September 21, 2023

In this wide-ranging episode, host Wendy O discusses the latest crypto news, including the FTX collapse, regulation, and adoption. She provides market analysis, calling for more consolidation after Bitcoin hit resistance near $27k. Wendy covers stories about FTX insiders alleging fraud by SBF’s parents, delays in Mt. Gox repayments, and questionable delistings by New York regulators despite court rulings. Sharing her irritation with SEC Chair Gensler, she praises a Congressional bill to ban a Fed CBDC but believes one is still likely. Wendy checks in on Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson’s beef with Ripple and blockchain voting company Clear Ballot. She also announces an upcoming Twitter Spaces podcast.

What did Wendy say about the FTX collapse?

  • FTX insiders claim SBF’s parents directed fraud
  • Alameda trader “fat-fingered” 2021 flash crash
  • SBF created culture accepting risk and issues

What is Wendy’s view on crypto regulation?

  • She blasts Gary Gensler’s overreach and contempt for courts
  • Cheers bill to ban Fed CBDC but expects one anyway
  • Angered by New York delisting XRP despite court win

What does Wendy think about Cardano’s Hoskinson?

  • Charles still hasn’t spoken with Ripple critic John Deaton
  • She wants Charles to discuss claims, not just attack critics
  • Still bullish on ADA, praises Cardano community

What new show did Wendy announce?

  • Black & White podcast launching on Twitter Spaces
  • Airs Mondays 1-3pm ET for freer discussions
  • Will cover crypto and mainstream news topics

00:00 – Intro

06:10 – The entire crypto market

06:25 – BTC price analysis

08:00 – Crypto thrives in Asia

09:25 – FTX insider exposes Alameda trades

12:05 – SBF’s dad deeply involved in FTX

18:10 – Mt. Gox repayments delayed again

21:40 – Crypto full of hucksters

26:20 – Tradfi bribes

29:30 – Government shutdown

31:15 – ETH bribed the SEC?

33:20 – Securities confusion everywhere

38:45 – Anti-CBDC bill passed

45:50 = Online free speech attack

48:25 = Friendtech vs Alpha


Originally aired on September 20, 2023

In this passionate episode, Wendy O discusses Ripple executives trolling the SEC, an anti-CBDC bill, updates on the FTX situation including Sam Bankman-Fried’s politically connected parents, and warnings from the SEC about targeting more crypto exchanges and DeFi projects. She expresses frustration with the SEC going after smaller players rather than massive failures like FTX. Wendy also highlights concerning connections between FTX insiders like SBF’s parents and Democratic fundraising groups. Overall, she provides strongly opinionated commentary on recent crypto developments while lambasting U.S. regulators and the current administration.

What did Ripple executives do outside the SEC building?

  • Brad Garlinghouse took a picture with the Ripple lawyer outside the SEC headquarters
  • They met with lawmakers in Washington D.C. to discuss crypto regulation
  • No meeting secured with SEC Chair Gary Gensler despite court battle

What is the bill to block CBDCs?

  • Conservative think tank backing a bill by Rep. Tom Emmer
  • Would prevent Fed involvement in developing a CBDC
  • Aims to address privacy concerns around digital currency

What links are alleged between FTX and Democrats?

  • Lawsuit claims SBF’s parents advised major Democratic fundraising group
  • His father involved with political action committee that got FTX money
  • Brother led lobbying group that spent millions from FTX executives

What warnings did the SEC give about crypto regulation?

  • Plan to charge more crypto exchanges engaging in similar activities as Binance
  • Won’t be deterred from targeting DeFi projects despite decentralized label
  • Comments suggest further crackdown on crypto industry despite lack of clear guidelines

What global crypto developments were covered?

  • Japan launching Bitcoin investment fund for institutions
  • Circle making USDC available on Polkadot blockchain
  • Increased DeFi activity and growth on Binance Smart Chain

How did Wendy characterize the current administration?

  • Expressed they want to keep average Americans poor and powerless
  • Frustration with lack of action against major crypto failures like FTX
  • Sees predatory practices in going after smaller players in crypto

00:00 – Intro

08:30 – Why we talk about Ripple XRP

10:15 – HEX Pulse Chain pump

12:15 – BTC daily, 12h, 6h & 4h

14:20  – Protect yourself from sim swaps

15:55 – Ripple meets with Congress

18:00 – Unelected bureaucrats sold out to AI

21:05 – Apple Goldman Sachs iPhone trading app

24:55 – SEC says more doom coming for defi/crypto

33:00 – Anti-CBDC bill making ground

36:00 Subscribe to Ben Armstrong

37:15 – Coinex back online after exploit

38:55 – “Balancer” project ongoing website exploit


42:30 – Stanford Uni to return millions to FTX estate

43:10 – SBF FTX even more dark secrets exposed

46:35 – Grayscale new ETH futures ETF application

47:10 – Deutsche Bank exec faces jail

47:45 – Coinbase CEO says science is fake!


Originally aired on September 19, 2023

Wendy O discusses several crypto-related topics in this lively episode, including the SEC targeting crypto exchanges, updates on the FTX situation, crypto regulation in New York, and bad parenting enabling poor behavior. She expresses frustration with government agencies going after smaller crypto players rather than massive failures like FTX and voices concerns over restrictive policies in New York that have banned trading of coins like XRP and DOGE. Wendy also condemns Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents for defending him and enabling his behavior. Overall, it’s an opinionated take on recent crypto developments.

What did Wendy say about the SEC and Binance.US?

  • SEC investigating Binance.US, a small exchange
  • Strange timing given FTX collapse
  • SEC needs to prove claims against Binance.US

What is happening with FTX according to lawsuit?

  • Bankruptcy estate sued SBF’s parents
  • Seeking return of millions in misappropriated funds
  • Filings allege SBF’s father pushed for higher salary

How is New York restricting crypto trading?

  • Removed XRP, DOGE, and LTC from approved trading list
  • Despite XRP being deemed not a security by a judge
  • Could set precedent for other states to restrict crypto

What did Wendy say about parenting?

  • SBF’s parents defending him as a “child”
  • Enabling and coddling kids leads to poor behavior
  • Parents need to teach accountability

How is crypto positioned for 2024 elections?

  • Some candidates may underestimate crypto issues
  • Generational divide on topics like CBDCs and privacy
  • Could force out technologically ignorant lawmakers

What is happening with crypto regulations globally?

  • Japan launching a Bitcoin fund for institutions
  • Circle making USDC available on Polkadot
  • Increased DeFi activity and growth on BNB Chain

00:00 – Intro

00:05 – What happened last night

03:45 – USA to ban crypto

10:40 – The entire crypto market

11:05 – BTC daily, 12h, 6h & 4h

13:45 – NY regulator removes XRP from token greenlist

21:15 – SEC fails in Binance US lawsuit

30:20 – FTX bankruptcy estate sues SBF’s parents

41:55 – Japan bank launches BTC fund for institutions

42:45 – Crypto is “sleeper issue” in next US election

45:30 – US debt hits new all-time-high

46:40 – Janet Yellen says US labor market is fine

52:05 – Base Coinbase surpasses Solana TVL

52:05 – AVAX Avalanche launches token swap tool


Originally aired on September 18, 2023

In this O Show episode, host Wendy O discusses recent crypto news and developments. She talks about being tired and making mistakes predicting Bitcoin’s price action. Wendy covers SEC corruption, the exodus of employees from Binance US, Ethereum’s testnet failure, and donations to earthquake victims in Moscow. Other topics include former Ripple counsel joining Binance US, BlackRock not shifting from Bitcoin to XRP, Gary Gensler turning the SEC into a “banana republic”, and John McAfee on power corrupting. Overall, Wendy provides her usual entertaining and informative show covering diverse crypto industry news.

What did Wendy say about SEC corruption?

  • SEC cherry picked targets, going after crypto but letting banks slide
  • SEC officials like Bill Hinman wrote crypto regulation to benefit certain projects
  • Hinman had ethically questionable ties to firms invested in crypto
  • Insider revelations could expose SEC lies if proper evidence exists

What did Wendy say about Binance US?

  • Employees leaving doesn’t mean they can’t be subpoenaed
  • Volume very low compared to competitors, so business failing
  • SEC restrictions centralizing industry into monopoly status
  • Wendy wants Binance US to succeed to maintain options

What challenges did Ethereum’s testnet face?

  • Delayed launch due to configuration problem on genesis files
  • Shows releases don’t always happen as promised
  • Need patience as developers work through issues

How did Wendy view CZ’s earthquake donations?

  • $3 million is generous, more than most give
  • Crypto transactions are transparent unlike other charities
  • People shouldn’t dictate where others donate funds
  • Applaud good deeds even if you dislike person/company

What was Wendy’s take on John McAfee?

  • Bold pioneer in crypto and telling IRS he wouldn’t pay taxes
  • Quote: “If you have enough power, you can take anything you want”
  • Warning about giving power to governments and expecting no corruption

What political reforms did Ro Khanna propose?

  • Banning PAC & lobbyist donations to Congress
  • Banning members of Congress from becoming lobbyists
  • Term limits for Congress and Supreme Court
  • Ethics code for Supreme Court
  • Bipartisan support needed


00:00 – Intro

05:20 – Speak to DAIM for financial advice PARTNER

06:45 – The entire crypto market

07:15 – BTC price analysis

11:00 – Why we love John Deaton

12:15 – Ex-SEC official joins Binance US

20:40 – Blackrock isn’t shifting to XRP

23:50 – Ethereum ICO exposed

29:45 – ETH merge anniversary fail

32:35 – Gary Gensler the alien

37:05 – SEC VS Binance US update

40:40 – Hongkong exchange shuts down

41:35 – Malta rewrites crypto rules

42:00 – Gemini VS DCG update

43:00 – Are SBFs parents guilty?

44:50 – CZ defends crypto donations

48:20 – Bill to ban congress from stock trading

50:30 – John Mcafee was first – Listen up


Originally aired on September 15, 2023

In this episode of the O Show, host Wendy O discusses several crypto news stories and interviews guests Mona, Michael, and Mr. Sharma. Topics covered include the latest with Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX, developments in SEC vs Ripple lawsuit with lawyer John Deaton now involved, Bitgo and Swan forming a Bitcoin-only trust company, and the SEC charging the creator of Stoner Cats NFTs with selling an unregistered security. The guests provide perspectives on these stories as traders, crypto experts, and content creators. The episode closes with comedian Mona promoting her upcoming roast of Wendy O in Los Angeles.

What did the leaked SBF documents reveal?

  • SBF posted 250 pages of reflections and justifications while under house arrest
  • Blamed ex-girlfriend Caroline Ellison for Alameda’s collapse
  • Criticized his co-CEO Carlos “Tribeca” Trabuco for quitting to sail the world and date men
  • Overall shows SBF’s narcissism and passing blame

How could the Ripple lawsuit impact other crypto cases?

  • John Deaton joining as lawyer in SEC vs LBRY case
  • Ripple won that XRP is not a security when sold on secondary market
  • This precedent could help LBRY fight SEC charges over unregistered securities
  • Paves way for other crypto projects unfairly targeted by SEC

Why are Bitgo and Swan forming a Bitcoin-only trust company?

  • Provides Bitcoin custody without exposure to broader crypto market
  • Follows Swan moving from Ripple’s acquisition Fortress for custody
  • Swan founder Cory Klippsten known Bitcoin maxi against altcoins
  • Unclear if limited to Bitcoin will attract significant interest

Should NFT creators avoid promising gains?

  • SEC charged Stoner Cats creator with unregistered securities
  • Problem was marketing promised gains on secondary sales
  • Similar to investment contracts SEC targets in crypto cases
  • Safest bet is to avoid financial incentives in NFT marketing


Mona Shaikh

Mona Shaikh

/ monashaikhcomedian

Shitcoin Shaman

Michael Ionita

/ @michaelionita

00:00 Intro

01:10 – Guest introductions

05:05 – The entire crypto market

05:30 – BTC daily, 6h and weekly

07:10 – Thoughts on the current market

10:40 – SBF Shocking documents leaked

19:35 – Lehman Brothers 15 year anniversary

31:25 – John Deaton joins LBRY fight

37:25 – BitGo partners with Swan to launch trust company

40:00 -SEC vs Stoner Cats & attack on NFTs


Originally aired on September 14, 2023

In this engaging episode, Wendy O talks about a recent Ripple court victory, the crypto market testing support levels, warnings about potential FTX asset dumps, and security tips. She praises Ripple for defending the crypto industry in its lawsuit against the SEC. On markets, Wendy analyzes Bitcoin bouncing around $25K support and wants to see it break above $31K to turn bullish. She advises being cautious as FTX bankruptcy proceedings may allow large token sales that could depress prices. Overall, Wendy stresses taking security precautions like using burner phones and unique email addresses for each wallet.

What did Wendy say about Ripple’s lawsuit?

  • Ripple won a recent victory in its ongoing case against the SEC
  • Wendy praises Ripple for spending millions defending the crypto industry
  • Criticizes the SEC for lack of guidance and regulatory overreach

What is Wendy’s latest Bitcoin market analysis?

  • Bitcoin bounced around the $25K support level
  • Overall still in a downtrend but some potential for upside
  • Wendy wants to see Bitcoin break above $31K to turn bullish

What warnings did Wendy give about upcoming FTX sales?

  • FTX may soon liquidate large amounts of crypto assets
  • This could further depress overall market prices
  • Advises monitoring FTX’s top token holdings

What security tips did Wendy suggest?

  • Use burner phones for crypto storage and trading
  • Have separate and unique email addresses for each wallet
  • Don’t fully trust any exchanges – move assets to cold storage

00:00 – Intro

04:50 – New Killer Whales TV trailer

12:20 – The entire crypto market

12:40 – BTC daily, 12h & 4h

14:20 – US dollar DXY hits 6-month high

16:00 – Bullish Ripple news

16:50 – HBAR primed to explode?

20:05 – QNT price analysis

22:40 – Aptos APT token unlock incoming

26:05 – SEC divided over Stoner Cats lawsuit

32:15 – Coinbase CEO champions Defi

35:00 – Token 2049 Ssingapore

37:40 – Bybit to leave UK

39:10 – 3AC founders banned from Singapore

40:30 – FTX liquidations update

41:35 – SBF trial delayed

41:50 – Paxos pays $500k for BTC transaction

42:40 – Deutsche Bank to custody crypto for institutional clients


Originally aired on September 13, 2023

In this lively episode, Wendy O discusses aliens, the Ripple lawsuit, potential FTX asset sales, security tips, and more crypto news. She talks about Mexico unveiling alleged alien corpses and shares her belief in extraterrestrials. On markets, she analyzes Bitcoin bouncing at support and says prices need to break $31K to turn bullish. Wendy criticizes the SEC’s handling of Ripple and praises them for defending crypto innovation. She warns that FTX liquidations could further depress prices. Overall, Wendy emphasizes protecting capital, avoiding scams, and taking security precautions like using burner phones.

What did Wendy say about aliens and UFOs?

  • News of Mexico unveiling alleged alien corpses
  • Wendy says she believes in aliens/extraterrestrials
  • Mentions her daughter receiving an alien toy

What is Wendy’s crypto market analysis?

  • Bitcoin bounced at around $25K support level
  • Overall still in downtrend but some upside potential short-term
  • Wendy wants to see Bitcoin break $31K to turn bullish

How did Wendy criticize the SEC?

  • Slams SEC for lack of clear crypto guidelines and overreach
  • Praises Ripple for spending millions defending the industry
  • Notes SEC pushes crypto jobs and innovation overseas

What warnings did Wendy give about FTX?

  • FTX may soon liquidate large amounts of crypto assets
  • Could further depress overall market prices
  • Advises monitoring top FTX token holdings

What security tips did Wendy suggest?

  • Use burner phones for crypto storage and trading
  • Have separate email accounts for each wallet
  • Don’t fully trust any exchanges – move assets to cold storage

00:00 – Intro

00:05 – Aliens revealed

03:55 – US CPI data

05:55 – Housing market & economy is really bad

11:50 – The entire crypto market

12:00 – BTC daily, 12h and weekly

15:10 – Massive Ripple statement

18:30 – Coinbase to add Vechain VET support

21:50 – Ripple will fight to the end

23:30 – Promethum lobbyist sat with Gensler at hearing

25:20 – VET price analysis

27:00 – Soulja Boy loses SEC lawsuit

30:20 – California to ban plastic giftcards

31:30 – Anti CBDC bill reintroduced

35:25 – All ETF applicants have $17T assets under management

36:10 – NASDAQ Hashdex files for ETH ETF

41:00 – Onecoin cofounder jailed

41:40 – Gemini Earn users to be made whole

43:40 Huobi HNT rebrand

45:05 – Coinex hackers also hacked Stake


Originally aired on September 12, 2023

In this episode, Wendy O discusses the latest crypto market updates, including Bitcoin testing the $25K support level. She talks about the ongoing FTX bankruptcy and potential impacts, such as asset sales depressing prices. Wendy criticizes government overreach and overregulation, saying it pushes jobs and innovation overseas. She advises using tools like burner phones and separate email accounts for security. Overall, Wendy emphasizes protecting capital during bear markets, avoiding scams, and learning to trade if interested.

What is the current state of the crypto market?

  • Bitcoin broke below $25K support, indicating further downside potential
  • Overall downtrend/bear market continues but trading opportunities exist
  • Wendy watching Bitcoin support around $24K level

What did Wendy say about increased IRS enforcement?

  • IRS plans to use AI tools for identifying tax evasion
  • Wendy feels this will unfairly target small businesses and middle class
  • Criticizes government overspending and overreach

What security tips did Wendy suggest?

  • Use burner phones for crypto storage/trading
  • Have separate email accounts for each wallet
  • Don’t fully trust any exchanges – move assets to cold storage

What updates were provided on the FTX bankruptcy?

  • FTX may soon liquidate large amounts of crypto assets
  • List of FTX’s top token holdings shared
  • Likely to occur OTC but still impact market sentiment

What are Wendy’s thoughts on taking profits in crypto?

  • Wendy stresses taking profits during bull market pumps
  • Don’t just hold assets during bull markets
  • Protect capital in bear markets by occasionally taking gains

Originally aired on September 11, 2023

Wendy O provides market updates and commentary on the latest crypto news, including the FTX bankruptcy and potential impacts. She discusses the bear market, criticizes government overreach and taxes, and advises on security tips like using burner phones. Wendy touches on trading, NFTs, web3 trends, and more while engaging the live audience.

What are Wendy’s thoughts on the crypto market?

  • Current downtrend/bear market but still opportunities to trade and make money
  • Market behaving differently than previous cycles – not as much capitulation
  • Overall takeaway is to protect capital in bear markets

What did Wendy say about FTX’s potential asset dump?

  • FTX may soon liquidate assets, could impact market sentiment
  • List of FTX’s top token holdings provided
  • Likely to occur OTC given market conditions

What was covered about increased IRS enforcement?

  • IRS plans to use AI for identifying tax evasion
  • Wendy feels this will hurt small business/middle class
  • Criticizes government overspending and overreach

What security practices were recommended?

  • Use burner phones for crypto storage and trading
  • Have separate email accounts for each wallet
  • Don’t fully trust any exchanges – do your own due diligence

What are Wendy’s thoughts on web3 trends?

  • Coinbase CEO discusses “flatcoins” pegged to baskets of goods
  • Wendy wants more details on pegging mechanism
  • US risks losing tech talent and innovation due to regulatory uncertainty

What was said about taking profits in crypto?

  • Wendy emphasizes taking profits during pumps
  • Don’t just hold assets during bull markets
  • Protect capital by occasionally taking gains

00:00 – Intro

01:45 – Thoughts on this bear market

13:00 – Why we use Market Cypher

15:20 – The entire crypto market

16:00 – BTC daily

16:45 – XRP

20:25 – SEC set to testify this week

22:25 – Current state of crypto

23:45 – This is “protect your capital season”

24:45 – FTX attempts to clawback millions

31:10 – SBF gets desperate

32:05 – FTX updated asset list

32:50 – How will FTX sell their assets?

33:45 – SOL

34:20 – FAKE Blackrock Voyager Digital acquisition VGX

36:30 – Ex Algorand CEO to run Celsius Network 2.0

37:40 – What are “Flat coins”?

39:10 – $500k in fees for a single BTC transaction

39:45 – Grayscale GBTC discount at 3-month low

40:40 – France launches “finfluencer” certificate

42:00 – Robot AI dogs to help recover lost crypto harddrive

42:25 – IRS to use Artificial Intelligence to tackle tax crimes

47:25 – Macroeconomic & altcoins events to watch this week


Originally aired on September 8, 2023

In this episode of The O Show, Wendy O discusses various topics including the revolutionary Ripple XRP acquisition, Mr. Beast’s Creator League, library’s appeal against the SEC, JP Morgan’s exploration of a blockchain-based deposit token, and more. She also emphasizes the importance of regulatory clarity in the crypto industry and the need for public servants to do their jobs effectively. Wendy also shares personal anecdotes and engages with her audience throughout the episode.

Ripple acquisition of Fortress Trust:

  • Ripple announces intent to acquire Fortress Trust, a company focused on financial regulatory infrastructure for blockchain companies.
  • The acquisition would expand Ripple’s portfolio of blockchain solutions for finance and add Nevada to Ripple’s list of regulatory licenses.
  • The deal is still subject to due diligence and regulatory approvals.

Library’s appeal against the SEC:

  • Library, a decentralized streaming platform, is appealing the court’s ruling in favor of the SEC, similar to Ripple’s case.
  • The outcome of Library’s appeal could have significant implications for the crypto industry and regulatory clarity.
  • The case highlights the importance of the Ripple case and the need for small companies to fight against administrative overreach.

Mr. Beast’s Creator League:

  • Mr. Beast’s Creator League, a gaming league involving NFTs and blockchain technology, was postponed following backlash from traditional gamers and NFT scams.
  • Wendy emphasizes the potential of blockchain and NFTs in gaming and the need for mainstream acceptance.
  • The case highlights the challenges faced by new technologies in gaining acceptance and the role of influencers in shaping public opinion.

JP Morgan’s exploration of blockchain-based deposit token:

  • JP Morgan is exploring the creation of a deposit token for payment settlements based on blockchain technology.
  • The token would represent a digital version of deposits in customers’ accounts and could potentially speed up transactions.
  • The approval of the project would mark an expansion of JP Morgan’s blockchain push and could impact the digital asset market.

Crypto regulatory pilot program suggested by CFTC commissioner:

  • CFTC commissioner Caroline Fam suggests a pilot program to address crypto regulation, similar to regulatory sandboxes at the state level.
  • The program aims to provide a framework for emerging technologies and market structures within existing laws and regulations.
  • The pilot program would require clear support from the executive branch and authorizing legislation from Congress.

Taiwan’s guiding principles for virtual assets:

  • Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission issues 10 guiding principles for virtual asset providers to ensure compliance with AML regulations and customer protection.
  • The principles emphasize the need for review mechanisms, segregation of customer payments, and non-solicitation of business by unregistered overseas firms.
  • The guidelines provide clarity for crypto businesses operating in Taiwan and demonstrate the country’s commitment to innovation and consumer protection.

00:00 – Welcome to The O Show xoxo

00:05 – Is this a thirst trap?

04:00 – The entire crypto market

04:35 – BTC price analysis

06:30 – Pay attention to these big players

08:10 – Back to BTC

10:10 – Biggest troll on the internet

12:15 – Mr Beast promoted web3 project fails

13:45 – Revolutionary Ripple acquisition

16:25 – Thoughts on Daim

18:00 – WendyO is extremely intelligent

19:45 – BTC & XRP only regulatory compliant assets

21:40 – LBRY files to appeal SEC case

26:30 – Crypto regulatory pilot program

28:30 – JP Morgan to launch deposit token

29:40 – Taiwan launches 10 new regulation principles

31:55 – Fed vice chair says CBDC is not coming soon

32:30 – 8000% gains by Congress members

32:25 – FTX executive pleads guilty, to pay $1.5B

35:10 – Scammer get’s 12,000 years in jail

36:20 – Stake casino platform hack update




Originally aired on September 7, 2023

Wendy O covers the latest crypto news including major updates on the Ripple vs SEC case. Wendy discusses rumors of a potential settlement date being leaked and predictions for Ripple’s upcoming party announcement. Other topics include analysis of the XRP ledger upgrades, perspectives on IMF crypto regulation plans, and details on the unfolding Genesis Capital situation.

Wendy provides her usual colorful commentary, criticizing the SEC and supporting Ripple. She also argues that crypto companies should be more transparent. Overall she remains cautiously optimistic on crypto adoption advancing despite regulatory hurdles.

What were the rumors around the Ripple vs SEC case?

  • Rumors suggest Ripple may announce a settlement with the SEC at an upcoming party
  • However Wendy is skeptical a full settlement will occur given the SEC’s past stance
  • She expects a Ripple IPO announcement and possibly some other positive updates

What upgrades were made to the XRP ledger?

  • A new automatic market maker feature improves liquidity
  • But a controversial “clawback” tool undermines decentralization ideals
  • Wendy says it helps centralization but harms permissionless aspects

What was the IMF proposing for crypto regulation?

  • Claimed to oppose blanket bans but still seeks stringent oversight
  • Wendy argues this effectively amounts to a ban through heavy regulation
  • Says it contradicts the IMF’s other public statements supporting crypto

What is happening with Genesis Capital?

  • Genesis sued parent company DCG for failure to repay huge loans
  • DCG and Genesis engage in questionable lending practices with each other
  • Wendy says it casts doubt on prospects for a Bitcoin ETF approval soon

00:00 – Intro

00:05 – How WendyO built this channel

09:20 – The entire crypto market

09:35 – BTC price analysis

11:20 – How we do things at The O Show

12:30 – DXY US Dollar index analysis

13:55 – Ben Armstrong is back & rebuilding

14:30 – Funny story about $XVG

16:10 – Ripple to announce this at NTC party

20:30 – San Francisco lost a big opportunity

25:55 – New upgrades to XPRL

30:05 – XRP can be donated o Maui relief fund

34:15 – Ark Invest files for ETH ETF

35:35 – Grayscale BTC Trust’s holdings revealed on-chain

37:40 – HUGE DCG lawsuit updates

40:55 – Genesis files for Over $600M in unpaid DCG Loans

42:40 – Former FTX executive to plead guilty to criminal charges

43:35 – News from our PARTNER Coreum

44:40 – Tokenization group to bring next trillion assets to blockchain

45:05 – A crazy way to regulate crypto

47:05 – Fair value accounting coming to crypto


Originally aired September 6, 2023

The episode covers the latest crypto market price action, including Bitcoin retesting lower support around $25K. Wendy remains cautious on markets in the ongoing bear trend. Other topics include updates on the BitBoy Crypto situation, major adoption news for Ripple and XRP, perspectives on Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson’s predictions, and analysis of new MetaMask features.

Wendy provides colorful commentary as usual, criticizing SEC overreach and arguing for sensible crypto regulation. She also discusses responsible parenting when disciplining her young daughter.

What is happening lately with crypto prices?

  • Bitcoin dropped to retest lower support around $25K
  • Wendy expects more downside possibly to $24K if $25K breaks
  • Altcoins like XRP and Ethereum are rangebound, following Bitcoin’s moves
  • Markets remain in a bearish trend amid macro uncertainty

What’s the latest with BitBoy Crypto?

  • Wendy notes addiction issues should be treated with compassion
  • Expresses support for Ben and hopes he can resolve situation amicably
  • Avoids judging given limited public info and her close relationships

What was the big XRP adoption news?

  • Ripple partner SBI Remit using XRP for international remittances
  • Allows faster and cheaper cross-border payments
  • Seen as a major win for real-world XRP adoption

What is Wendy’s view on Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson?

  • Disagrees with his view that Cardano will surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Notes whales could control Cardano’s consensus governance model
  • Argues no single party should control a truly decentralized network

What are the pros and cons of new MetaMask features?

  • Allows easy cash out of crypto into fiat accounts
  • Improves usability but could increase surveillance and regulation
  • Cautions users to weigh benefits against loss of decentralization

00:00 – intro

00:05 – Let’s talk about food

03:50 – The entire crypto market

04:00 – Potential death cross on BTC daily chart

05:20 – BTC price analysis

09:20 – Ben is back

12:25 – Trading tips

13:30 – Gala price analysis

15:10 – What is a moonbag?

18:25 – New Ripple partnership

21:00 – Grayscale demands ETF approval

26:00 – SEC confused about crypto ETFs

32:40 – BlackRock ETF should get approved first

33:40 – Coinbase launches new lending service

35:10 – Microstrategy changes crypto accounting

38:30 – Join the DCTA today

38:40 – Jim Cramer bullish on Binance fake news

39:20 – First ever retail compliant digital security

39:40 – Gala Games statement

46:00 – SBF won’t stop complaining

48:20 – Final news stories


Originally aired on September 5, 2023

In this episode of The O Show, Wendy O discusses several breaking news stories in the crypto and blockchain industry. She talks about the partnership between Visa and Solana, the possibility of running Ethereum nodes on mobile phones, a lawsuit against the SEC by private funds, global standard setters calling for crypto policy coordination, and the acceptance of crypto payments via PayPal for driver’s license and vehicle registration renewals in Colorado. Wendy also covers topics like the bullish sentiment of Jim Cramer towards Binance and CZ, the launch of a blockchain healthcare company on Hedera Hashgraph, and the implementation of Bitcoin education in every public school in El Salvador by 2024.

Partnership between Visa and Solana

  • Visa expands USDC stablecoin settlement capabilities to Solana
  • Aim to speed up cross-border settlements and provide a stablecoin payment option
  • Solana becomes one of the first major financial institutions to use Solana Network at scale for settlement

Possibility of running Ethereum nodes on mobile phones

  • Vitalik Buterin believes future Ethereum upgrades could allow full nodes to run on mobile devices
  • This could help decentralize the network and improve scalability
  • Currently, running a full Ethereum node requires specific hardware specifications

Lawsuit against the SEC by private funds

  • Private fund industry files a lawsuit against the SEC over new oversight rules
  • The industry argues that the rules are excessive and harmful to businesses and consumers
  • The rules aim to increase transparency, fairness, and accountability in the private fund industry

Global coordination on crypto policy

  • The Financial Stability Board and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are delivering a paper at the G20 Summit
  • The paper calls for global coordination, cooperation, and information sharing on crypto policy
  • India requested the paper, and it includes a roadmap for implementing a policy framework for crypto

Acceptance of crypto payments via PayPal in Colorado

  • Colorado’s DMV accepts crypto payments for driver’s license and vehicle registration renewals
  • Crypto payments go through PayPal, supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin
  • Service fee applies, and Colorado Department of Revenue already accepts crypto for tax payments

Bitcoin education in El Salvador’s public schools

  • El Salvador plans to implement Bitcoin education into every public school by 2024
  • A Bitcoin diploma program will be taught to 150 teachers from 75 schools
  • If successful, the program will be rolled out to all schools nationwide

00:00 – Intro

04:15 – Killer Whales TV teaser clip $HELLO

07:10 – BTC price analysis

10:00 Visa adds Solana to stablecoin settlements

13:25 – SEC overreach

16:00 – Global crypto policy roadmap

18:20 – SOL price analysis

20:00 -BitGo working with South Korean bank

21:30 – Tradfi firms unsure about crypto

22:10 – Jim Cramer reportedly buying up BNB Binance

22:30 – Wendy’s mom loves Killer Whales!

24:00 – Back to Jim Cramer

24:15 – DMV accepts crypto payments through Paypal

25:40 – Gala Games lawsuits recap

26:55 – $100M fund for artificial intelligence focused crypto projects

27:55 – Circle deploys USDC on OP mainnet & Base

29:00 – Bybit launches ChatGPT based data analysis tool

29:45 – Healthcare company live on Hedera HBAR

31:50 – Ethereum nodes to run on mobile phones

33:25 – Metamask scammers take over government websites

34:15 – El Salvador to add BTC to school curriculum


Originally aired on September 1, 2023

The episode covers recent crypto market action, with Bitcoin bouncing above $27K but possibly facing more downside. Other topics include the latest with the BitBoy Crypto situation, Ripple proposing a controversial “clawback” feature for XRP, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson’s bold predictions, and perspectives on crypto regulation including new UK crypto travel rules.

Wendy O and guests, F.D.White and Gary Cardone provide analysis on these stories. There is debate around decentralization and whether solutions like Ripple’s clawback undermine it. The UK travel rules prompt discussion about government overreach and the challenges of enforcing crypto regulations. Guests bring industry experience in crypto investing and analytics.

What is happening lately with the crypto markets?

  • Bitcoin bounced to over $27K but Wendy expects a retest of lower support around $24K
  • Altcoins like XRP and Ethereum are rangebound, following Bitcoin’s moves
  • Overall markets remain in a bear trend amid macro uncertainty

What’s the latest with BitBoy Crypto?

  • Wendy notes addiction issues should be treated as a disease needing help
  • Hopes the dispute can be resolved amicably and Ben gets his channel back
  • Says she doesn’t want to judge given her close relationships with both sides

What was proposed for Ripple’s XRP ledger?

  • A new “clawback” feature to give issuers more control over assets
  • Allows adjusting balances in case of fraud or abuse
  • Wendy and guests debate whether this undermines decentralization ideals

What bold predictions did Charles Hoskinson make?

  • Says Cardano will surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum through governance
  • Aims for Cardano to be backbone of a “digital nation”
  • Wendy disagrees, noting whales could control governance votes




Gary Cardone


00:00 – Intro

00:05 – Show and guest introductions

07:00 – The entire crypto market

07:25 – BTC price analysis

08:40 – Spot Bitcoin ETF delated – What’s next?

27:40 – NEW clawback feature on XRPL

34:30 – UK ‘Travel Rule’ regulations starts today

37:25 – China says crypto is legal property

41:25 – Bullish Cardano news

44:00 – Follow our awesome panel guys


Originally aired on August 31, 2023

Wendy O discusses several important topics in the world of cryptocurrency. She begins by addressing Gary Gensler’s controversial exit as the head of the SEC and the implications of his departure for the cryptocurrency industry. Wendy criticizes the SEC for its failure to provide clear regulations and guidance for crypto asset companies, resulting in court rulings favoring the crypto industry. She also expresses frustration with the predatory nature of public servants and the lack of accountability in the system.

Wendy goes on to discuss the recent tweet by Elon Musk regarding video and audio calls coming to the X wallet, hinting at a potential super app similar to WeChat. She highlights the concerns around social media platforms and their censorship practices, emphasizing the need for decentralized alternatives.

The episode also covers the latest news on the Bitcoin market, with Wendy predicting a potential drop to $26,000 based on chart analysis. She urges caution and emphasizes the importance of using spot exchanges rather than leverage trading.

The controversy surrounding Ben from the Hit Network is briefly mentioned, with Wendy expressing her support for him but also stressing the importance of respecting personal boundaries and allowing individuals to make their own choices.

Wendy then dives into the topic of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and their potential negative implications for individual sovereignty and privacy. She criticizes the current system and highlights the benefits of decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Other topics discussed include the recent approval of Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF by the courts, the decreasing Bitcoin holdings on exchanges, the launch of the Acramor identification service, Ripple’s token transfers, and Swift’s tokenization tests with various financial institutions.

Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive and critical analysis of the current state of the cryptocurrency industry and the various challenges and opportunities it faces.

Gary Gensler’s controversial exit and the lack of clear regulatory guidance from the SEC:

  • Courts ruling in favor of crypto asset companies due to SEC’s failure to provide legal framework
  • Wendy criticizes the predatory nature of public servants and highlights the lack of accountability

Elon Musk’s tweet about video and audio calls coming to the X wallet:

  • Speculation about the development of a super app similar to WeChat
  • Wendy emphasizes the need for decentralized alternatives to centralized social media platforms

Analysis of the Bitcoin market and potential price drop to $26,000:

  • Wendy advises caution and advocates for the use of spot exchanges
  • Emphasizes the benefits of long-term bullishness on Bitcoin

Controversy surrounding Ben from the Hit Network and the importance of respecting personal boundaries:

  • Wendy expresses her support for Ben but encourages allowing individuals to make their own choices
  • Criticizes the drama and gossip surrounding the situation

Critique of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and the negative implications for individual sovereignty:

  • Wendy highlights the loss of self-sovereignty and liberty with CBDCs
  • Advocates for the use of decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

Other news topics discussed include the approval of Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF, decreasing Bitcoin holdings on exchanges, the launch of the Acramor identification service, Ripple’s token transfers, and Swift’s tokenization tests with financial institutions.


00:00 – Intro

02:30 – Bitboy Crypto

05:20 – Thrift shopping

07:35 – Video/audio calls coming to X

11:20 – The entire crypto market

11:40 – BTC price analysis

16:00 – ETH price analysis

17:00 – Bikini pictures

18:30 – SEC may appeal Grayscale court ruling

24:10 – Fire Gary Gensler

25:40 – BTC to $180k?

29:00 – Forbes says it’s time to DCA into BTC

30:00 – Binance to remove BUSD soon

31:35 – Binance launches Bitcoin Ordinals inscription service

34:05 – Robinhood is 5th largest ETH holder

35:20 – Bitcoin on exchanges at lowest level since 2018

36:20 – Gemini opposes Genesis recovery plan

38:00 – SBF is ghetto


43:00 – Insane XRP move

43:40 – XRP price analysis

44:40 – Chainlink works with Swift and banks

45:40 – LINK price analysis

47:00 – Thailand to use utility tokens to boost economy


Originally aired on August 30, 2023

Wendy O covers the latest crypto market action, including Bitcoin bouncing back above $27,000 but possibly facing more downside. Wendy remains cautious in the current bear market. Other topics include the ongoing BitBoy Crypto situation, the major Grayscale Bitcoin trust court victory against the SEC, and skepticism about whether Bitcoin ETFs will actually get approved soon.

Wendy provides her usual colorful commentary, warning viewers not to blindly trust advice and to think critically. She also argues for sensible crypto regulation in the US, criticizes SEC overreach, and believes crypto companies are increasingly moving overseas due to regulatory uncertainty.

What is the current state of the crypto market?

  • Bitcoin bounced back above $27,000 but is showing signs of a reversal
  • Wendy expects a retest of $26,500 based on lower timeframe charts
  • Altcoins like XRP and Ethereum are also ranging, awaiting Bitcoin’s next big move

What’s the latest with the BitBoy Crypto situation?

  • Wendy considers both sides close friends and doesn’t want to judge
  • Hopes Ben gets his channel back and that the dispute can be resolved amicably
  • Notes addiction issues should be treated as a disease needing help

What was the big Grayscale Bitcoin trust court ruling?

  • Federal appeals court sided with Grayscale against the SEC
  • SEC had rejected Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF application as arbitrary
  • Seen as a major defeat for the SEC and its crypto regulation overreach

What are the odds for a Bitcoin ETF approval?

  • Wendy thinks SEC will delay spot Bitcoin ETFs until 2024
  • But concedes she could be wrong if applications get approved soon
  • For now she remains skeptical, despite growing momentum

00:00 – Intro

03:35 – The entire crypto market

04:05 – BTC price analysis

06:55 – XRP price analysis

07:25 – ETH price analysis

07:30 – Update on Bitboy Crypto

09:00 – Grayscale win recap

12:30 – Grayscale GBTC discount hits new lows

13:30 – Insider info

15:20 – Proceed with caution with Grayscale news

19:10 – Chance of ETF approval in 2023 increased

21:30 – Gary Gensler to testify

22:30 – Why Gensler is going after crypto hard

25:35 – Coinbase vs SEC updates

27:50 – Coinbase adds Paypal in EU

28:55 – EOS trading approved in Japan

32:50 – Global collaboration on crypto regulation

33:50 – Google working with El Salvador government

35:55 – Polkadot MATIC releases toolkit for devs

37:45 – How to approach token unlocks

43:40 – SBF FTX prison tech is enough judge rules

46:50 – US jobs report

47:50 – Credit card fees raised


Originally aired on August 29, 2023

Wendy O covers the latest crypto news, including a major court ruling in favor of Grayscale’s petition to convert its Bitcoin trust GBTC into a spot Bitcoin ETF. Though not approved yet, this is seen as a big win against the SEC. Wendy is very critical of the SEC throughout for overreach and lack of clear crypto guidelines.

Other topics include Digital Currency Group’s Genesis bankruptcy, SEC scrutiny of private equity funds, Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter integrating crypto payments, Cardano staking metrics, and more. Wendy provides opinionated commentary in her signature lively style. She calls for sensible crypto regulation, warns against trusting financial advisors, and urges viewers to verify information and think critically.

What was the big court ruling discussed?

  • U.S. Appeals Court granted Grayscale’s petition to convert its GBTC trust into a Bitcoin spot ETF
  • Overturned SEC rejection, calling it “arbitrary and capricious”
  • Seen as a major defeat for the SEC in crypto regulation battles

What criticism did Wendy level at the SEC?

  • Calls them “bad guys” for stifling crypto innovation
  • Says they prey on retail investors and manipulate markets
  • Believes they lack expertise and operate without clear crypto guidelines

What updates were given on Digital Currency Group?

  • Its Genesis subsidiary reached a deal with creditors from its bankruptcy
  • But payouts will be delayed and partial, so creditors may still lose big
  • This impacts Grayscale since DCG owns it, but DCG welcomed the court ruling

What changes could Elon Musk bring to Twitter?

  • With a crypto transmission license, Twitter may add crypto payments and NFT features
  • This could boost adoption if implemented within Musk’s free speech goals
  • But issues like shadow banning show challenges still exist on the platform

00:00 – Intro

00:05 – Thoughts on Bitboy Crypto

06:25 – BTC daily, 12h, 4h & weekly

09:35 – Grayscale Bitcoin ETF win

15:10 – Pros & cons of ETF’s

16:20 – DCG Genesis creditor recovery plan

20:55 – House Committee accuses Fed of making up crypto policy

25:20 – Tokenized treasuries on #dxc network

27:30 – Blackrock is major shareholder of largest BTC miners

29:45 – Blackrock ETF decision incoming

31:30 – LG to use Artificial Intelligence for ETF

32:40 – SEC targets NFTs

35:20 – New rules for fund managers

40:35 – SEC wants to keep Binance lawsuit details secret

41:30 – Binance to leave Russia

42:00 – XRP Ripple party in NYC

42:30 Crypto coming to Twitter X

44:00 – Onlyfans company bought ETH

45:00 – Final news stories


Originally aired on August 28, 2023

Wendy O discusses a leaked secret XRP document that supports Ripple’s defense against the SEC. She also addresses the recent controversy surrounding Ben Armstrong of BitBoy Crypto, emphasizing the importance of kindness and understanding when dealing with addiction. Other topics covered include the latest market trends, Western Union embracing Ripple and XRP for enhanced money transactions, the launch of PayPal’s stablecoin facing low demand from crypto users, and the suspension of user accounts on FTX due to a cybersecurity breach. Additionally, Wendy comments on the failure of Prime Trust and the need for better regulations in the cryptocurrency industry.

Huge Leaked Secret XRP Document Proves SEC Wrong

  • Leaked document supports Ripple’s defense against the SEC
  • Suggests the SEC’s enforcement team did not view XRP as a security in 2018

Addressing the Ben Armstrong Controversy and the Importance of Kindness

  • Supporting a friend during a relapse into addiction
  • Discussing the impact of addiction on individuals and their families
  • Advocating for better understanding and support for those struggling with addiction

Market Trends and Bitcoin Price Analysis

  • Bitcoin trading in a tight range
  • Discussion on the benefits and risks of using centralized exchanges for trading

Western Union Embraces Ripple and XRP for Enhanced Money Transactions

  • Testing Ripple’s XRP-integrated payment system, Xrapid
  • Focus on integrating a CBDC and improving P2P transactions

Low Demand for PayPal’s Stablecoin, Pi USD

  • Data suggesting limited usage and holding of the token by crypto users
  • Lack of demand due to existing alternatives and the volatility of XRP

Prime Trust Files for Bankruptcy Amid Accusations of Mismanagement

  • CEO explains financial difficulties caused by a collapsing crypto market and excessive spending
  • Issues with fund transfers, lockouts from crypto wallets, and compromised customer data

00:00 – Intro

00:05 – Bitboy leaves Bitboy Crypto

10:00 – The entire crypto market

10:10 – BTC price analysis

11:20 – Coindesk The Hash cancelled

11:45 – QNT price analysis

12:25 – Why we cover XRP on the channel

14:25 – Why root for someone’s demise?

17:55 – Secret 2018 SEC memo resurfaces

20:10 – Ripple partners with Western Union bank

22:05 Gemini credit card offers XRP rewards

23:00 – Hester Pierce slams SEC rulemaking

27:10 – Robinhood 3rd largest Bitcoin holder

27:55 – Paypal stablecoin flops PYUSD

29:05 – Here’s why Prime Trust collapsed

34:50 – FTX customer data leak

37:05 – 4 million pages of evidence in SBFlawsuit

38:50 – Was $PEPE a rug?

44:00 – Thoughts on Bencoin

45:30 – Friendtech is the hyper over?

47:05 – Why I don’t share my portfolio

50:00 – New staking update for Chainlink LINK

51:40 – Huge Hdera HBAR partnership


Originally aired on August 25, 2023

Wendy O covers several trending crypto stories in this episode. She starts by discussing the Pepe meme coin team getting exposed for dumping tokens and reducing the multisig wallet signatures. Wendy then talks about inflation being transitory according to the Fed, warning more rate hikes could make inflation worse. Other topics include the SEC targeting crypto regulation, the importance of privacy and decentralization, Sam Bankman-Fried getting special treatment from regulators, risks of hacks and data breaches with centralized entities like FTX and BlockFi, and more. Throughout the show, Wendy gives her opinion on the news while advising viewers to be cautious investing in the bear market.

What concerning news did Wendy share about Pepe meme coin?

  • Dev team anonymously dumped tokens, reduced multisig control
  • Wendy predicts it will likely go to zero, warns about meme coin risks

What did the Fed say about inflation and rate hikes?

  • Powell said inflation still too high, more rate hikes coming
  • Wendy argues inflation not transitory, higher rates will drive costs up

Why does Wendy emphasize the importance of privacy and decentralization?

  • SEC targeting crypto regulation, forcing KYC
  • Wendy values privacy rights, dangers of CBDCs
  • Hacks and breaches show risks of centralized entities

What controversies did Wendy discuss regarding SBF and regulators?

  • SBF got special treatment compared to other crypto companies
  • Wendy suspects he was used to push authoritarian agenda

What warnings does Wendy give crypto investors?

  • Most meme coins will go to zero eventually
  • Crypto market still uncertain, so be cautious
  • Don’t leave money on centralized exchanges

00:00 – Intro

00:15 – PEPE team exposed

11:40 – Inflation is not transitory

19:30 – SEC denies Grayscale spot BTC ETF

20:45 – SEC wants to amend certain broker dealers

22:20 – US Treasury and IRS force changes on Uniswap and 1inch

26:10 – FTX Blockfi data breach


Originally aired on August 21, 2023

In this episode of the O Show with host Wendy O, several key topics were discussed. First, major news was shared about Ripple’s advances in the CBDC (central bank digital currency) push, with over eight countries building CBDCs on Ripple’s XRP Ledger. Meanwhile, a significant data leak from Friend Tech highlighted concerns about the platform’s security. Wendy emphasized the importance of not making irrational decisions in both trading and life, and the significance of maintaining a trading and investing journal to track emotions and behaviors. Additionally, Bitcoin price action and potential upcoming price movements were analyzed, along with discussions on the SEC’s stance on XRP, the SEC’s regulatory actions through enforcement, and Gemini’s push to have a lawsuit thrown out. The episode also covered the surge of the Donut Reddit token and the release of new tokens for Avalanche. Wendy cautioned viewers about potential risks associated with these developments and encouraged caution when using third-party apps like Friend Tech.

Ripple Advances in CBDC Push:

  • Over eight countries building CBDCs on Ripple’s XRP Ledger
  • Ripple’s CBDC platform allows for central banks and institutions to issue, distribute, and manage their CBDCs
  • The SEC appeal in the Ripple case highlights the complexity and significance of the lawsuit’s outcome on the nature of XRP

Data Leak and Security Concerns with Friend Tech:

  • A data leak exposed over 101,000 Friend Tech users’ ETH addresses
  • Friend Tech tokenizes Twitter-like accounts on the XRP Ledger
  • Concerns about privacy and security have been raised due to the third-party app’s access to users’ information

Bitcoin Price Action and SEC Enforcement:

  • Bitcoin’s price consolidation between $26,500 and $24,800 analyzed
  • The SEC’s recent enforcement actions against various crypto companies, including Gemini and Crypto Lender, discussed
  • Hester Pierce’s concern about the SEC writing rules through enforcement actions highlighted

Expanded Correlation Between Bitcoin and U.S. Real Yields:

  • Bitcoin’s 30-day correlation with the 10-year U.S. inflation index turned negative
  • The inverse relationship between Bitcoin and U.S. real yields may impact Bitcoin’s price movement
  • Investors speculate on potential Bitcoin price pump due to the correlation with real yields

Reddit Token Donut Surges Amidst Listing Speculation:

  • Donut, an ERC20 token used on Reddit to reward user contributions, experienced a 300% surge in value
  • Speculation on potential listings on major exchanges driving the token’s price increase
  • Caution advised due to potential market volatility and risks associated with meme tokens

Avalanche’s Token Unlock and Potential Price Impact:

  • 9.4 million new Avalanche tokens to be put into circulation, representing 2.77% of the total circulating supply
  • Strategic partners, the foundation, the team, and airdrop participants receive token allocations
  • Potential price impact due to increased token supply and potential selling pressure from unlocked tokens

00:00 – Intro

05:50 – The entire crypto market

06:15 – BTC daily, 12h and 4h

08:10 – XRP price analysis

09:25 – ADA price analysis

11:50 – Ripple CBDC push

13:20 – SEC says XRP itself is not a security

15:40 – Ripple CTO explains case complexity

18:25 – How this Ex SEC chair played the system

22:40 – SEC targets crypto asset nodes

24:05 – How the O Show works

25:50 – Back to node story

27:35 – Hester Pierce slams SEC actions

30:40 – SBF to leave jail 5 days a week

33:20 – Gemini pushes to get lawsuit dismissed

35:20 – BTC price movements – What’s happening?

38:15 – More BTC futures ETF filed

39:10 – Friend Tech data leak

43:10 – Reddit token $DONUT surges – Here’s why

44:10 – Avalanche AVAX token unlock event

46:10 – AVAX price action

46:50 – Parenting and boundaries

48:40 – Binance halts fiat withdrawals in Europe


Originally aired on August 22, 2023

Wendy O discusses several crypto news stories and market analysis. Topics covered include speculation that BlackRock purchased $3 billion in bitcoin, developments in the ongoing Ripple SEC lawsuit, the collapse of FTX and charges against its founder Sam Bankman-Fried, emerging tech like DALL-E art generation, and more. Throughout the lively episode, Wendy provides her candid takes on the stories, criticizes bad actors and government overreach in crypto regulation, and encourages viewers to take control of their financial futures.

Who bought the $3 billion in bitcoin?

  • Speculation that BlackRock purchased based on timing of large BTC buys and their spot ETF filing
  • Unknown wallet address accumulated over $3B in bitcoin in past 3 months

How is the Ripple SEC lawsuit going?

  • Expert criticizes SEC’s “circular” arguments and lack of clear crypto security guidelines
  • Lawsuit has damaged XRP adoption and innovation in the U.S.

What’s the latest on the FTX collapse?

  • SBF pleads not guilty, granted temporary release to meet with lawyers
  • Prosecutors file updated charges, accuse SBF of customer fund fraud

What is DALL-E and how might it impact art & media?

  • AI system generates images from text descriptions
  • Raises concerns about identity theft, misinformation, and art community disruption

Why is decentralized finance important?

  • Provides alternatives to traditional banks and financial institutions
  • Allows people to control their own money vs centralized entities

What crypto tips did Wendy share?

  • Make a trading plan, don’t just follow influencer calls
  • Pay taxes, trade ethically, take profits
  • Self-custody assets, don’t leave on exchanges

00:00 – Intro

02:10 – The entire crypto market

02:40 – BTC price analysis

06:30 – Who bought $3B Bitcoin?

17:10 – XRP fight plot thickens

25:00 – Coinbase buys stake in Circle USDC

26:45 – Friend Tech sets new record

29:30 – SBFf gets freedom in jail & trial updates

38:10 – Facts about spot BTC ETF decisions

41:30 – Private token swap tool on Solana SOL

42:30 – Shibainu Shibarium network reset soon

42:45 – Final news stories


Originally aired on August 18, 2023

In this episode of the O Show, host Wendy O discusses recent crypto market volatility and factors contributing to the price drops, including alleged Bitcoin sales by SpaceX. She debunks mainstream media misinformation and provides her technical analysis. Wendy also covers updates on the Ripple SEC lawsuit, Ethereum futures ETFs, Trump’s criticism of the Federal Reserve, and more crypto industry news. Overall, she aims to educate listeners, encourage independent research, and provide her candid perspective.

What are Wendy’s thoughts on the crypto market volatility?

  • Wendy accurately predicted the Bitcoin price drop using technical analysis
  • She gave price targets that ended up being precise
  • The volatility is normal – Wendy is not worried about further declines
  • She suggests good buying opportunities at lower price levels

What is Wendy’s take on the alleged SpaceX Bitcoin sales?

  • She says the mainstream media story is false – SpaceX did not cause the latest Bitcoin drop
  • The alleged sales happened last year, not recently
  • OTC sales by institutions don’t affect the open market price
  • She believes the media spreads misinformation about crypto

How does Wendy feel about Ripple and XRP?

  • She notes Ripple faces more delays in the SEC lawsuit, but will keep fighting
  • Wendy sees the extended case timeline and appeals as just legal tactics
  • She expects Ripple to ultimately prevail against the SEC
  • Wendy is bullish on buying XRP at current low prices

What is the SEC approving for Ethereum?

  • The SEC will likely approve Ethereum futures ETFs soon
  • This suggests the SEC views Ethereum as not a security
  • It’s positive for Ethereum compared to Bitcoin futures ETFs only so far
  • Wendy thinks it’s because Ethereum is more “green” than Bitcoin

What does Wendy say about central bank digital currencies?

  • She notes Ripple will likely help with CBDCs
  • Wendy likes Ripple’s tech but not CBDCs
  • She believes CBDCs give even more control to governments
  • Wendy values privacy and is cautious about CBDCs

What were Trump’s comments about the Federal Reserve?

  • He said he would not reappoint Jerome Powell if president again
  • Trump felt Powell raised rates too slowly
  • Wendy agrees with Trump’s criticism of Powell
  • She also dislikes Yellen and feels the administration mishandles monetary policy

How does Wendy feel about Elon Musk removing Twitter’s block button?

  • She thinks this is a terrible idea
  • As a woman in crypto, Wendy faces threats and doxxing
  • Removing the block button enables more harassment
  • This change makes Twitter less safe, especially for women


00:00 – Intro

00:05 – Volatility and market manipulation

03:40 – Just be a nice person

09:20 – The entire crypto market

09:40 – BTC price analysis

12:55 – XRP price analysis

16:00 – SpaceX market fud

20:35 – Largest Chinese property developer bankruptcy

24:55 – SEC to approve first ETH futures ETF

27:55 – No Grayscale decision today

28:25 – Important dates for spot BTC ETF applications

29:00 – SEC allowed to request appeal in Ripple case

31:00 – Ripple partners with Mastercard for CBDC push

32:30 – Tornado Cash community loses lawsuit

35:10 – Donald Trump would remove current Fed Chairman

37:35 – X to remove account blocking feature


Originally aired on August 17, 2023

Wendy O discusses several topics, including a massive win for Ripple with a court ruling that deems XRP not a security, the potential approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs, the UK’s new crypto asset business regulations, the warning from former President Trump about the declining dominance of the US dollar, and positive developments in the Cardano, Polygon, and Stellar ecosystems. Additionally, Wendy O highlights the impact of Shiba Inu’s technical issues on its price, and the efforts of the Bitcoin beach community in El Salvador to educate young children about Bitcoin and its potential benefits.

Massive Win For RIPPLE (XRP)

  • Ripple files opposition to SEC’s request for intraocular appeal, asserting that XRP is not a security.
  • Ripple’s legal team challenges the SEC’s claims of recklessness and looks forward to proving the SEC wrong in court.
  • Canadian users of Coinbase urged to withdraw assets following the exchange’s announcement of halting trading on certain stable coins.

Potential Approval Of Bitcoin Spot ETFs

  • Better Markets Inc. writes a letter to the SEC opposing the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs due to concerns about inflation and market dynamics.
  • Grayscale’s case against the SEC may impact the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs, with legal experts expecting a favorable ruling for Grayscale.

Uk Crypto Asset Business Regulations

  • The FCA sets out expectations for UK crypto asset businesses to comply with the travel rule, requiring identification of sender and recipient for funds transfers.
  • Crypto firms should assess risks when receiving funds from non-compliant countries and collect customer data even when the transfer destination cannot receive it.

Declining Dominance Of The Us Dollar

  • Former President Trump warns about the diminishing dominance of the US dollar as a world reserve currency.
  • Trump highlights the declining infrastructure in the US, comparing it to that of a third-world country, and emphasizes the importance of a strong currency for a healthy economy.

Positive Developments In Cardano, Polygon, And Stellar Ecosystems

  • Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson reaffirms the platform’s resilience and the positive growth of the ecosystem.
  • Polygon and Korean mobile giant SK Telecom collaborate to develop a web 3 ecosystem and support promising startups.
  • Stellar releases an open-source disbursement platform for global payments, with a focus on aiding digital aid distribution.

Shiba Inu Issues

  • Shiba Inu experiences bridge issues with the Shibarium platform, preventing users from bridging tokens.
  • Users report stuck funds and lack of communication from the Shiba Inu community regarding the issue.

Bitcoin Education In El Salvador

  • School children in El Salvador participate in after-school programs teaching them to set up wallets and send their first Bitcoin transactions.
  • The Bitcoin beach community aims to provide financial education and opportunities to underbanked communities.


00:00 – Show intro

03:45 – Coinbase removes these stablecoins

04:20 – How to invest (Harsh truths)

06:00 – Back to Coinbase news

08:25 – The entire crypto market

08:40 – BTC daily & 4h

10:55 – Massive Ripple win

19:30 – Liz Warren hates you

22:40 – Join WendyO at Rare Evo this month!…

23:50 – Spot Bitcoin ETF in 2024

26:00 – New regulations in UK are predatory

27:05 – Fed rate hikes

34:10 – Trump warns the dollar is losing dominance

42:15 – Track Donald Trump wallet on Arkham Intel

42:45 – Cardano founder defends project ADA

44:30 – Polygon MATIC partners with Korea mobile giant

44:50 – Stellar Lumens XLM launch payments platform

46:00 – Shibainu Shibarium failures

47:20 – Bitcoiners teach school kids money and crypto in El Salvador

49:30 – FTX Genesis bankruptcy updates


Originally aired on August 15, 2023

Wendy O covers multiple topics including the truth behind the XRP-Amazon partnership rumor and the launch of the first spot Bitcoin ETF. Wendy shares her personal experiences with a freezer malfunction and getting let go from CoinDesk. The episode also discusses the current state of the crypto market, the controversy surrounding Binance and the SEC, Europe’s first spot Bitcoin ETF, an Argentinian politician’s pro-Bitcoin stance, and an indictment involving SBF and Gary Gensler. Lastly, the episode mentions the bankruptcy filing of Prime Trust and the unlocking of SAND tokens in the Sandbox project.

The truth about the XRP-Amazon partnership rumor:

  • The partnership was first announced in 2020 related to Amazon Web Services.
  • It is not a true partnership but rather a business signing up to use AWS.
  • Any business can sign up for AWS and get a profile displayed on the AWS website.

Binance’s protective order against the SEC:

  • Binance accuses the SEC of conducting a fishing expedition with its discovery requests.
  • The SEC has served broad and unreasonable discovery requests that are not relevant to the lawsuit.
  • Binance argues for fair and consistent treatment from the SEC.

The launch of Europe’s first spot Bitcoin ETF:

  • Jacoby Asset Management listed the Jacoby ft Wilshire Bitcoin ETF on Euronex Amsterdam.
  • The ETF is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.
  • Custody for the fund is provided by Fidelity, and trading by Flow Traders.

Pro-Bitcoin candidate in Argentina’s primary presidential elections:

  • Javier is a pro-Bitcoin politician advocating for a dollarization of the economy in Argentina.
  • He believes in the return of money to the private sector and supports Bitcoin’s original principles.
  • His stance may have significant implications for the country’s economic policies.

New SPF indictment and potential impact on Gary Gensler:

  • The indictment alleges that SBF lobbied government officials for cryptocurrency regulations favoring his business.
  • The indictment could lead to Gary Gensler being called as a witness and cross-examined under oath.

Prime Trust’s chapter 11 bankruptcy filing:

  • The cryptocurrency custodian filed for bankruptcy protection following a shortfall in customer funds.
  • The company’s financial condition was deemed critically deficient by Nevada’s business regulator.
  • Creditors have claimed approximately $105-55 million in liabilities.

00:00 – intro

01:55 – Fix Wendy’s fridge

06:20 – The entire crypto market

06:35 – BTC daily

07:25 – DXY US dollar

08:45 – Amazon Ripple partnership old news hype

10:10 – Binance asks for protective order against SEC

10:40 – Ukraine aid VS Hawaii aid

15:20 – Back to Binance story

21:30 – Taking responsibility for your actions

22:30 – Gary Gensler loves AI

23:25 – If this is you, do not invest

29:15 – Are trade schools a scam?

31:15 – No Grayscale SEC decision today

34:30 – First spot BTC ETF launches in Europe

37:35 – Pro-Bitcoin candidate wins election in Argentina

39:30 – New FTX SBF indictment

40:30 – Prime Trust crypto custodian files for bankruptcy protection

42:20 – Sandbox SAND token unlock

42:50 – SAND price analysis

43:20 – Final news stories


Originally aired on August 14, 2023

In this episode, host Wendy O discusses the latest crypto news, including major announcements from Hedera and Ripple, Trump potentially approving Bitcoin ETFs, Coinbase layoffs, and more. She provides market analysis on Bitcoin and HBAR price action. Other topics include Ripple’s XRP faucet on Gemini, amicus briefs supporting Coinbase, the SEC’s spot Bitcoin ETF outlook, PayPal’s crypto features, Celsius shutting down, and SBF being jailed for witness tampering. Overall, it covers breaking developments across regulations, adoption, major crypto projects, exchanges, and markets.

What is the big Hedera announcement?

  • FedNow added Hedera’s hbar-powered micropayments company Drop to its database
  • Validates Hedera’s tech for bank settlement use cases
  • HBAR price surged 15% on the news

How is Ripple promoting XRP adoption?

  • Gemini launched an XRP faucet giving away $4,000 in XRP daily
  • Aims to drive awareness and usage of XRP
  • But limits on transferring or selling XRP make utility unclear

Who is supporting Coinbase against the SEC?

  • Senator Lummis and 6 law professors filed amicus briefs
  • Argue SEC overreaching in trying to label most crypto as securities
  • Briefs could influence court to dismiss SEC charges

What’s the outlook for a Bitcoin spot ETF approval?

  • Ex-SEC attorney says no approval until after 2024 election
  • Current SEC leadership seen as roadblock to approval
  • Next GOP administration could take more crypto-friendly stance

What new crypto features is PayPal rolling out?

  • “Crypto Hub” to enable users to hold crypto in PayPal accounts
  • Allows buying, selling, and spending crypto via PayPal
  • But security risks in keeping crypto on PayPal versus self-custody

How is bankrupt Celsius Network shutting down?

  • Shutting app down in 90 days, assets moved to new entity
  • At least $2B in crypto to be distributed to creditors
  • Celsius rewarding users who earned yield on their deposits

Why did the judge send SBF back to jail?

  • Prosecutors alleged SBF violated bail by witness tampering
  • Judge ruled probable cause of tampering, revoked bail
  • SBF appealing but expected to remain in custody until October trial

00:00 – Intro

01:20 – Verify everything, fact check & due diligence

05:30 – FED now working with Hedera Hashgraph

07:15 – The entire crypto market

07:30 – BTC daily & 12h

09:25 – HBAR price analysis

11:20 – Gemini launches $XRP faucet

13:35 – Amicus Briefs filed in support of Coinbase

16:30 – Understand bear market price action

21:55 – What is an investment contract?

25:35 – BASE is permission less

27:40 – BALD token rug pull update

29:30 – Former SEC attorney says no ETF until 2024

31:50 – Donald Trump holds a lot of crypto

36:40 – Paypal launches “Crypto Hub”

37:50 – Celsius network chooses PayPal for repayments

38:50 – SBF FTX in jail

43:05 – Voyager digital liquidation speculation

43:50 – Uniswap employee rugpulls memecoin


Originally aired on August 11, 2023

In this episode of the O Show, host Wendy O discusses recent crypto news and market analysis with several expert panelists. Topics covered include Ripple’s revealed use case with the Bank of England, the outlook for Bitcoin ETF approval, Caitlin Long’s new crypto-friendly bank, the DCG lawsuit, SBF’s bail hearing, and more. The panelists provide perspectives on each topic from their areas of expertise. Overall, the episode covers major recent developments across crypto regulations, adoption, market infrastructure, and price action.

Ripple Use Case with Bank of England

  • Bank of England exploring Ripple tech for settlement indicates growing crypto adoption by legacy institutions
  • Panelists see it as a natural evolution bridging old and new financial systems
  • Major validator of Ripple’s crypto solutions for global payments

Bitcoin ETF Approval Outlook

  • Panel split on exact timing but agree eventual approval is likely
  • Massive impending volumes could significantly impact Bitcoin price and market dynamics
  • Regulatory hurdles remain under current SEC leadership

Caitlin Long’s Avanti Crypto-Friendly Bank Launch

  • Addresses needs of crypto users faced with account closures at traditional banks
  • Part of growing migration towards crypto-friendly jurisdictions like Wyoming
  • Key infrastructure for managing crypto profits and assets

DCG Lawsuit Over Gemini Earn Collapse

  • DCG moves to dismiss Gemini’s fraud lawsuit over lending subsidiary Genesis
  • Billions in losses mean customers unlikely to fully recover funds
  • Damages DCG reputation but pivot expected to crypto apps and infrastructure

SBF Bail Hearing on Witness Tampering Charges

  • Justice system seen as favoring wealthy & connected defendants like SBF
  • Charges related to FTX collapse; trial starts in October if bail revoked
  • Panelists criticize unequal treatment compared to other crypto cases

Visa Exploring Crypto Gas Payments

  • Visa testing card solution for paying Ethereum gas fees
  • But high costs and slow speeds could undermine viability
  • Panel mixed on whether bullish or neutral for crypto markets


Originally aired on August 10, 2023

Wendy O focuses on bullish news for Ripple (XRP) in 2024 and the significant developments in the ADA (Cardano) ecosystem. She also discusses her excitement for the football season and shares personal stories about their children. She mentions upcoming plans for Sunday live streams and coin requests. The episode also covers the XRP lawsuit with the SEC, including the possibility of a jury trial, the appeal by the SEC, and its potential impact on other lawsuits. Wendy O expresses her frustration with the SEC’s predatory behavior and lack of clear guidelines for crypto assets. Other topics include Binance Labs investing in Cur Dow tokens, the European markets closing higher on strong earnings, U.S. inflation matching estimates, the launch of layer one blockchain C network native token C on Binance, the use of wrap Bitcoin on the Cardano network, and the reduction in price of Solana’s Saga phone.

Ripple (XRP) News

  • Possibility of a jury trial in the XRP lawsuit against the SEC in 2024
  • Ripple Labs not facing liability, only its founders and executives
  • SEC planning to appeal the ruling that XRP is not a security on the secondary market
  • Ripple’s legal team fighting back and responding to the SEC’s appeal

ADA (Cardano) Developments

  • Cardano allowing users to use wrap Bitcoin on its network
  • Collaboration between Cardano and different blockchain networks to offer synthetic versions of Bitcoin
  • Cardano’s focus on D5 and the upcoming release on Ergo blockchain

Binance Labs investing in Cur Dow tokens

  • Binance Labs committing $5 million to invest in Cur Dow tokens
  • Cur Dow tokens experiencing underwhelming sales, leading to a reduction in price

European markets closing higher on strong earnings

  • U.S. inflation matching estimates, indicating a potential interest rate increase
  • U.S. CPI inflation rising for the first time since July 2022, but lower than expected

Binance listing layer one blockchain C network native token C

  • Pre-listing futures market showing C trading at 26 cents after debut
  • CBN to have circulating supply of 1.8 billion out of a total supply of 10 billion

Solana reducing the price of its Saga phone

  • Reduction in price from $1,000 to $600 due to disappointing sales
  • Synthetic versions of Bitcoin to be available on the Ergo blockchain

00:00 – Intro

01:00 – Football season is back!

04:50 – The entire crypto market

05:00 – BTC daily, 6h & 4h

08:10 – XRP price analysis

08:50 – XRP Ripple today’s lawsuit updates

22:45 – Ripple joins BIS cross-border payments taskforce

24:35 – XRP listed on Gemini

25:30 – SEC’s Coinbase dismissal motion attack plan

28:20 – Binance invests in Curve Finance DAO token

31:20 – July CPI data report

33:45 – What is $SEI token?

34:30 – Wrapped BTC now on the Cardano network

35:40 – ADA price analysis

38:20 – Solana reduces price of Saga phone

37:05 – India proposes AI-powered payments system


Originally aired on August 9, 2023

In her latest episode, host Wendy O covers several topics related to recent cryptocurrency news and developments. She starts by discussing the ongoing Ripple lawsuit, mentioning that a new judge has set a tentative trial date for the second quarter of 2024. She also alerts viewers to some fake news circulating about the SEC dismissing its appeal in the case, emphasizing the importance of fact-checking crypto stories.

Shifting focus, Wendy talks about Coinbase’s new layer 2 blockchain Base that just launched. She notes that Base could see many opportunities for speculative meme coins but cautions viewers to do their research before investing in anything risky. On regulation, Wendy vociferously critiques the Federal Reserve’s new crypto oversight program and stablecoin focus, arguing it will stifle innovation without actually protecting consumers.

Other topics include predictions that a Bitcoin spot ETF could get approved within 4-6 months, Algorand’s questionable security status, and skepticism around the Aptos-Microsoft partnership. Wendy also covers the latest on SBF’s legal case, including potential additional charges related to illegal campaign finance.

Overall, the episode provides Wendy’s usual mix of crypto news, analysis, and opinions, with a particular emphasis on cautioning viewers to think critically, do their own research, and not blindly jump into speculative assets.

When’s the Ripple-SEC trial finally happening?

A new judge set a tentative trial date for Q2 2024, though the case continues to drag on.

Is Base ushering in the next era of meme coin mania?
Coinbase’s new layer 2 blockchain could see many speculative assets, but do diligence before buying in.

Why is the Fed’s new crypto oversight program problematic?

It may stifle innovation and push crypto activity overseas without actually protecting consumers.

Will we finally get a Bitcoin spot ETF approved soon?

Predictions point to possible approval within 4-6 months, though timing remains uncertain.

Is Algorand actually considered a security by regulators?

The SEC went after Algorand in the past, but its status remains questionable.

Does the Aptos-Microsoft partnership seem revolutionary?

Wendy is skeptical about its true impact and usefulness beyond developers.


00:00 – Intro

03:30 – XRP Ripple will go back to court

05:15 – The entire crypto market

05:25 – BTC daily, 12h & 4h

07:20 – XRP price analysis

09:00 – SEC Ripple appeal is fake

11:35 – Bitstamp removes alleged unregistered securities

14:35 – Join DCTA today

15:50 – Coinbase Base is now live

21:15 – Fed starts project to oversee crypto in US banks

22:00 – Stablecoin market to hit $3 trillion

26:45 – BTC spot ETFs will get approved all at once

28:50 – Algorand $ALGO partners with C foundation

32:20 – Atpos $APT partners with Microsoft

34:00 – APT price analysis

37:50 – Rollbit token pumps here’s why

34:20 – SBF FTX case updates

40:45 – Post Malone warns public about CBDCs


Originally aired on August 8, 2023

Wendy O discusses the potential for Ripple’s XRP to explode in value due to a new partnership announcement and also highlights recent news about PayPal’s token and its impact on the crypto market. Wendy also touches on the importance of transparency in carbon markets, with Ripple partnering with Rocky Mountains Institute to launch a new data platform called Centigrade for increased transparency in carbon trading. She then delves into the current state of the crypto markets, particularly Bitcoin’s price movement, and provides technical analysis charts for reference. She also mentions a new partnership between Ripple and Huobi, as well as the release of fake PayPal USD tokens on various blockchains. Wendy finishes this episode with updates on Binance becoming the first fully licensed crypto exchange in El Salvador, the introduction of a crypto anti-money laundering bill by US senators, the UK’s plans for systematic stablecoins, and the appointment of a former White House open source expert as HBAR’s Chief Open Source Officer. Finally, she mentions the token unlock for Aptos and the surge of new stakers on Lido’s liquid staking protocol.

Ripple XRP Potential Explosion and Epic Partnership Announcement

  • Will Ripple’s XRP explode in value?
  • Ripple partners with Rocky Mountains Institute for increased transparency in carbon trading
  • How is Bitcoin’s price movement affecting the crypto markets?
  • Huobi to list Ripple’s XRP and recent troubles with funds
  • Fake PayPal USD tokens circulating on various blockchains
  • Binance becomes the first fully licensed crypto exchange in El Salvador

00:00 – Intro

02:30 – The entire crypto market

03:10 – BTC price analysis

04:35 – Epic Ripple XRP partnership

14:20 – Is Paypal PYUSD the CBDC?

23:25 – Fake PayPal token rug

24:50 – Huobi to list Paypal token

26:10 – Justin Sun says ignore the FUD

29:15 – Binance becomes first exchange in El Salvador

32:45 – Senators reintroduce AML crypto bill

36:40 – SEC hits 11 Wall Street firms

37:00 – Aptos falls ahead of token unlock event

38:30 – Hedera appoints former White House staff

39:05 – Reddit tokens surge after Kraken listing

39:35 – Llido Finance adoption surges


Originally aired on August, 7, 2023

Wendy O discusses several breaking news stories in the cryptocurrency world, including the launch of PayPal’s token and its potential impact, the potential insolvency of Huobi, and the Ripple case. She also talks about the benefits of using riced cauliflower in cooking and provides updates on her personal life and mood.

PayPal launches US dollar stablecoin

  • PayPal has announced the launch of a US dollar-denominated stablecoin called PayPal USD.
  • The stablecoin is fully backed by US dollar deposits, short-term US treasuries, and cash equivalents.
  • Users will be able to transfer the stablecoin between PayPal and supported wallets and use it for purchases or to convert other crypto assets to and from PayPal USD.
  • The launch of PayPal’s stablecoin highlights the increasing importance of stablecoins in the crypto space and raises questions about regulation and consumer protection.

Potential insolvency of Huobi

  • There are rumors of the potential insolvency of Huobi, a popular crypto exchange.
  • These rumors stem from reports of executive arrests and inconsistencies in Huobi’s USDT holdings.
  • It is important for users to exercise caution and consider moving their assets off of Huobi until the situation is clarified.
  • The potential insolvency of Huobi highlights the risks associated with centralized exchanges and the need for greater transparency and regulatory oversight in the crypto industry.

Ripple case update

  • The SEC continues to argue that XRP itself is a security, while Ripple maintains that it is not.
  • A judge previously ruled that XRP was not a security on the secondary market but left the door open for potential securities violations in other contexts.
  • The ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC raises questions about the classification of cryptocurrencies and the role of regulatory agencies in the industry.

Gensler focuses on AI

  • SEC Chair Gary Gensler is shifting the agency’s focus to artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential implications for the financial markets.
  • Gensler believes that AI is the most transformative technology of this generation but warns of the dangers of mass automation and the need for regulatory frameworks to address potential risks.
  • The move towards AI regulation leaves the crypto industry in a state of uncertainty as it waits for clear guidelines and regulations.
  • The shift in focus from crypto to AI reflects the growing influence and impact of AI on the financial industry.

Cardano blockchain transactions increase

  • Cardano’s blockchain activity saw a 49% increase in quarter two, driven by technical improvements and a rise in developer interest.
  • The value and locked transactional metrics on the Cardano blockchain grew quarter over quarter.
  • Several new DApps, including Mini Swap and others, contributed to the increase in daily active users.
  • The growth in Cardano’s blockchain activity demonstrates the progress and potential of the platform as it continues to attract developers and users.

Kenya shuts down Worldcoin operations

  • The Kenyan government suspended Worldcoin’s operations due to security concerns and conducted a raid on one of its warehouses.
  • Worldcoin had been offering incentives to individuals in poverty-stricken areas in exchange for their biometric data.
  • The government’s actions highlight the need for consumer protection and regulatory oversight in the crypto industry.
  • The incident raises concerns about the misuse of personal data and the potential risks associated with unregulated cryptocurrency projects.

00:00 – Intro

02:45 – We are still in a bear market

03:40 – The entire crypto market

04:00 – BTC daily & 6h

04:40 P- aypal launches USD backed stablecoin

16:20 – Huobi insolvency rumor

24:20 – Curve Finance attacker missed repayment deadline

26:15 – Celsius Network CEO will face fraud charges

26:55 – Worldcoin warehouse raid


31:30 – SEC moves to regulate #ai instead of crypto

33:15 – Coingecko adds list for crypto securities

35:00 Hongkong opens crypto trading for retail investors

35:50 – Australia becoming a cashless society

39:05 – GMX v2 beta now live

39:45 – Cardano blockchain activity rose in Q2


Originally aired on August 4, 2023

In her latest episode, host Wendy O covers several topics related to cryptocurrency markets and news. She starts by discussing a new staking feature announced by crypto exchange Bitstamp that allows users to earn rewards on their XRP holdings. While exciting for the XRP community, Wendy cautions viewers to understand the risks of lending crypto on exchanges. Next, the show covers the recent exploit of Curve Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, where hackers stole $61 million by exploiting a coding vulnerability. Wendy and her panelists dive into the risks of smart contract bugs and potential contagion in crypto markets.

Later in the episode, Wendy expresses strong criticism of Worldcoin’s digital identification system after reports that governments and corporations may leverage it for surveillance or universal basic income distribution. From a tech perspective, her guest argues that loss of privacy is inevitable with modern technology. On the Bitcoin price, Wendy’s trader guest analyzes support levels on the chart between $25-27k, expecting more downside. The financial advisor guest takes a more optimistic long-term view based on increasing institutional adoption. Overall, it’s an insightful mix of crypto news, trading analysis, and technology discussion.

What big XRP announcement did Bitstamp exchange recently make?

  • Bitstamp launched XRP staking rewards up to 2% APY, allowing users to earn passive income on their holdings.

What major exploit hit Curve Finance DeFi protocol?

  • Hackers stole $61 million by exploiting a coding bug in Curve’s smart contracts.

What does Wendy warn about Worldcoin’s digital ID system?

  • She fears governments and companies will use it for surveillance and universal basic income.

Where does Wendy’s trading expert guest see the Bitcoin chart heading next?

  • He expects more downside, with support around $25-27k if $22.8k breaks.

Why does the financial advisor guest remain long-term bullish on Bitcoin?

  • Increasing institutional adoption and possibility of China stimulus provide upside.


CVO Crypto

Bryan Courchesne

DB CRYPTO Tech dude


00:00 – Intro

00:30 – Guest introductions

05:35 – Crypto market update

15:00 – XRP Ripple exchange announcement

18:45 – XRP price analysis

25:20 – DEFI contagion and Curve Finance hack update

39:20 – Worldcoin creepy news

45:20 – Follow todays guests on socials!!


Originally aired on August 2, 2023

In this episode, Wendy O discusses some major moves by Ripple and the crypto XRP. She covers Ripple locking up 800 million XRP into escrow, noting the company’s practice of transparency around its token distributions. Wendy believes this level of disclosure helps traders and investors make informed decisions.

There is also a breakdown of a new partnership between Ripple and the Faster Payments Council. The joint report found dissatisfaction with legacy systems for cross-border payments. Wendy argues if Ripple keeps pursuing strategic collaborations like this, it can lead innovation in global payment rails within 3 years.

The show covers a prediction of crypto mass adoption by 2025 from Raoul Pal, former Goldman Sachs executive. Wendy notes his forecast mirrors Ripple’s own survey indicating blockchain adoption by 2025. She is skeptical about measuring wallet addresses versus users.

In addition, Wendy discusses a contagion risk affecting decentralized finance protocols. She explains the complex web of co-mingled funds and overleveraged loans. With vulnerabilities in code like Curve’s Viper programming language, mass liquidations could trigger volatility.

Other topics include Uniswap delisting HEX after the SEC’s lawsuit, FTX’s bankruptcy reorganization plans excluding FTT, and Kenya suspending Worldcoin over iris scan privacy concerns. Wendy signs-off noting XRP’s downward price action but her interest in buying below $0.66.

What recent moves did Ripple make regarding its XRP holdings?

  • Locked up 800 million XRP into escrow wallets
  • Wendy praises Ripple’s transparency around token distributions
  • Helps inform traders and investors when making decisions

What is Ripple’s new partnership related to payments?

  • Teaming with Faster Payments Council on a joint report
  • Found dissatisfaction with cross-border legacy payment rails
  • Wendy says strategic partnerships can lead to Ripple innovating global rails

What does an ex-Goldman Sachs exec forecast about crypto adoption?

  • Raoul Pal predicts over 1 billion crypto users globally by end of 2025
  • Timeline echoes Ripple survey suggesting blockchain adoption by 2025
  • Wendy skeptical of measuring wallets versus actual users

What risks are brewing in decentralized finance protocols?

  • Contagion risk due to co-mingled funds and overleveraged loans
  • Code vulnerabilities like Curve’s Viper language causing liquidations
  • Mass liquidations could trigger volatility across crypto markets

How did Uniswap respond to the SEC’s charges against crypto project HEX?

  • Delisted the HEX token from its interface
  • Wendy slams the move as Uniswap is supposed to be decentralized
  • Notes SEC has yet to prove claims that HEX is a security


00:00 – Intro

07:20 – The entire crypto market

08:05 – BTC weekly & daily

09:20 – Shout out to JohnnyO

10:40 – LTC

11:35 – XRP

12:45 – Ripple XRP million dollar moves

16:05 – Hedera HBAR BIG partnership

19:00 – SEC investigated

23:45 – Gamestop loses key features

29:30 DeFi contagion event

26:00 – AAVE CRV Curve Finance proposal to mitigate risk

37:00 – Worldcoin ban in Kenya

39:30 – Uniswap delists HEX

41:10 – SBF feels violated

43:35 – Coinbase to add BTC lightning network

45:00 – Binance FUD

48:40 – US in major debt still (trillions)


Originally aired on August 1, 2023

In this episode, Wendy O discusses a new partnership for Ripple that aims to transform global payments. She praises it as a smart business move that shows Ripple actively working with industry leaders to solve cross-border payment issues. Wendy argues if Ripple continues making strategic partnerships like this, it can lead payment rail innovation within 3 years.

There is also coverage of a prediction that crypto will see mass adoption by 2025 from ex-Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal. His forecast echoes Ripple’s own survey indicating blockchain adoption within 3 years. Wendy is skeptical about measuring users versus wallet addresses but finds the timeline interesting.

The show covers dubious activities around new meme coins like Ball. Wendy warns viewers these types of hyped tokens are likely rug pulls designed to steal money. She argues on-chain data can reveal pump and dump schemes, unlike traditional finance where such actions are obscured.

Other topics include an update on FTX’s bankruptcy and reorganization plans, issues with the founder of Curve Finance being overleveraged, and analysis of Bitcoin’s price chart. Wendy closes by reiterating her support for crypto projects defending against unjust SEC lawsuits, regardless of her personal opinions on those projects.

What new partnership could boost Ripple’s payment rail goals?

  • Teaming with Faster Payments Council on global payments study
  • Survey found dissatisfaction with cross-border legacy systems
  • Wendy says Ripple building business model around industry pain points

What prediction does an ex-Goldman exec make about crypto adoption?

  • Raoul Pal sees over 1 billion crypto users globally by end of 2025
  • Echoes Ripple survey suggesting blockchain adoption within 3 years
  • Wendy skeptical of measuring wallet addresses versus users

What warnings does Wendy give around new meme coins like Ball?

  • Calls them likely rug pulls designed to steal money
  • Notes on-chain data reveals pump and dump schemes
  • Says actions obscured in traditional finance vs transparent crypto

What updates were given on the FTX bankruptcy proceedings?

  • Draft reorganization plan proposes reviving offshore exchange
  • Creditors say they weren’t consulted on tentative plans
  • Issues between founder and creditors could slow process

What is Wendy’s stance on crypto projects facing SEC lawsuits?

  • Supports projects defending against unjust government action
  • Regardless of her personal opinions on those projects
  • Cites importance of fairness and seeing facts of cases


00:00 – Gm babes xo

02:50 – Did SBF rug $BALD?

17:15 – The entire crypto market

17:55 – BTC price analysis

19:10 – New Ripple XRP partnership

22:10 – XRP price analysis

25:00 – 2015 Bull Market prediction

27:55 – FTX reorganisation plan

33:15 – IRS requires staking rewards declaration

34:40 – TRON founder OTC Curve $CRV deal

38:14 – This will hurt poor people

40:55 – What’s next for $HEX?

45:00 – A big set back for Ripple?

47:30 – Final news and tweets


Originally aired on July 31, 2023

In this episode, Wendy O covers the latest developments with the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase. She argues the SEC is overreaching by trying to halt all crypto trading on Coinbase, not just the 13 assets named in their complaint. Wendy slams this as market manipulation that hurts investors and exceeds the SEC’s authority. She notes SEC chair Gary Gensler couldn’t even state if top crypto Ethereum is a security.

Other topics include the SEC filing fraud charges against crypto project Hex and its founder Richard Heart. While saying she has no issue with Heart, Wendy points to Hex’s poor price action as potentially signaling the end for the project. She questions why the SEC is only acting on alleged issues from years ago rather than protecting investors sooner.

Wendy discusses Binance receiving approval for full operations in crypto-friendly Dubai. She argues Binance and other crypto firms will continue moving abroad due to the SEC’s anti-crypto actions in the US. There is also coverage of a major exploit affecting Curve Finance, with Wendy warning viewers not to deposit funds there until the vulnerability is fixed.

The episode covers dubious new meme coins like Ball seeing pumps and dumps, as well as an upgrade for Cardano. Wendy signs off early to deal with internet issues, apologizing to Hex investors but calling the SEC lawsuit “absolute socks.” She thanks viewers for watching and says crypto is no longer welcome in the US under current policies.

How is the SEC escalating its lawsuit against Coinbase?

  • Trying to halt all crypto trading on platform, not just 13 assets
  • Wendy argues massive overreach, market manipulation
  • Notes SEC chair couldn’t say if Ethereum is a security

What charges did the SEC file against crypto project Hex?

  • Fraud charges against founder Richard Heart and Hex entities
  • Wendy questions why SEC is acting years later
  • Points to Hex’s poor price action as sign project could be done

How is Dubai attracting crypto companies like Binance?

  • Binance received approval for full operations in Dubai
  • Wendy says crypto firms moving abroad due to SEC actions

What is the latest with crypto platform Curve Finance?

  • Major exploit impacting multiple pools on Curve
  • Wendy warns viewers not to deposit money until fixed

What dubious activities happened with new meme coins?

  • Pumps and dumps for coins like Ball right after launch
  • Also a token launch by Cryptopunks founder called a scam


Originally aired on July 28, 2023

Ripple is making moves to boost its adoption in South Korea through a partnership with a local research firm, Catalysts. The collaboration aims to increase awareness of Ripple’s XRPL technology by developing educational programs and hosting workshops, meetups, and hackathons. This development comes after the recent conclusion of Ripple’s lawsuit with the SEC.

  • Ripple partners with Catalysts to strengthen XRPL presence in South Korea.
  • The collaboration includes developing educational programs and organizing events to enhance awareness of XRPL.
  • This move follows the resolution of Ripple’s lawsuit with the SEC.
  • The partnership aims to promote XRPL adoption among developers and integrate dApps on the XRPL.
  • Ripple’s efforts in South Korea highlight its commitment to expanding its presence in Asian markets.
  • This development is viewed as a positive step for Ripple and XRPL, potentially leading to increased adoption and market growth.

Sub-Title: How is Ripple positioning itself for increased adoption of XRPL in South Korea?

  • Ripple partners with Catalysts to strengthen XRPL presence in South Korea.
  • Collaboration includes educational programs, workshops, meetups, and hackathons.
  • Aim is to enhance awareness of XRPL and promote adoption among developers.
  • Ripple’s commitment to expanding in Asian markets highlighted through this partnership.
  • Recent resolution of Ripple’s lawsuit with the SEC provides a boost for XRPL.
  • Potential for increased adoption and market growth for XRPL in South Korea.


Originally aired on July 27, 2023

In this episode, Wendy O covers several notable crypto and blockchain stories. She starts by discussing new regulatory legislation that advanced in the House, including a bipartisan bill that would provide more regulatory clarity for crypto assets and grant the CFTC increased oversight authority. However, Wendy notes the legislation faces resistance in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

There is also a breakdown of failed negotiations around a separate stablecoin regulation bill. Wendy argues stablecoins need some guardrails but opposes excessive state-by-state license requirements. She reiterates her opposition to central bank digital currencies and the need to fight back against the Federal Reserve’s moves in that direction.

Other topics include DOJ dropping a campaign finance charge against FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried. Wendy slams this decision, arguing SBF was responsible for massive customer losses at failed crypto lenders. She claims his status as a major political donor has shielded him from accountability.

The episode covers Worldcoin’s iris scanning payments app rollout and Wendy’s privacy concerns about it. There is discussion of Elon Musk taking control of a coveted Twitter handle without compensation. Wendy acknowledges critiques from the crypto community but notes their hypocrisy regarding handle squatting.

Wendy O closes with positive news of a new security checklist for Web3 projects, a NFT creator platform launch on Polygon, and network growth for altcoins like Stellar and XDC. Despite feeling unwell, Wendy powers through the full episode and thanks viewers for their birthday wishes and donations to charity the prior day.

What crypto regulatory developments happened in Congress?

  • Bipartisan House bill would provide more crypto clarity, give CFTC power
  • Faces uphill battle in Democrat-controlled Senate
  • Stablecoin bill negotiations broke down over state license disputes

Why was a charge dropped against FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried?

  • DOJ dropped campaign finance accusation against SBF
  • Wendy argues he was shielded due to major political donations
  • Blames him for Celsius and Voyager customer losses

What privacy concerns does Wendy raise about Worldcoin?

  • Critiques people lining up for iris scans and tokens
  • Warns about providing excessive personal data

How did Elon Musk get a coveted Twitter handle?

  • Took control of @x handle without paying original user
  • Wendy notes crypto criticism but says they squat handles too

What positive crypto developments did Wendy highlight?

  • Security checklist for Web3 projects launching
  • NFT platform Pom Network migrating to Polygon
  • Network growth for Stellar and XDC


00:00 – Intro

00:05 – Parenting 101

05:40 – The entire crypto market

05:50 – BTC price analysis

06:45 – XRP price analysis

07:10 – NEW crypto bill in US

20:20 – Lawmakers fight over stablecoin bill

22:10 – SBF INNOCENT?! FTX update

27:00 – Worldcoin scary new project

28:10 – Aliens incoming

29:35 – Elon steals X handle

31:15 – Solana Polygon new web3 security program

32:05 – Gemini trading championships

33:00 – Palm network moving to Polygon MATC

34:25 – XDC pump

34:50 Stellar Lumens XLM pump

35:10 Final news


Originally aired on July 26, 2023

In this birthday episode, Wendy O discusses several topics related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. She starts by announcing that all revenue from the stream will be donated to the House of Ruth, a nonprofit that assists domestic violence survivors.

Wendy talks about Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit with the SEC. She praises a recent court ruling that said XRP is not a security, calling it a big win for Ripple. Wendy believes if the SEC appeals, the courts will further vindicate Ripple. She also criticizes Congressman Brad Sherman for his negative comments about cryptocurrency, calling him a paid shill for banks.

The show covers a pilot project from the Pacific nation of Palau to launch a USD-backed stablecoin on the XRP ledger. Wendy has mixed feelings – she dislikes central bank digital currencies but thinks people can make money from this project. Other topics include Polygon’s role in helping Italian banks experiment with tokenized assets, and Binance delisting a controversial stablecoin.

There is discussion around major US banks failing, including Park West Bank. Wendy notes the lack of mainstream coverage and compares it to crypto platform failures like Celsius. She argues crypto receives excessive scrutiny while big banks take risky actions with customer funds, yet face no consequences.

Wendy celebrates surpassing 500 likes on her birthday livestream. She thanks viewers for donations to the House of Ruth. The show concludes with market updates on cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Ethereum. Wendy signs off by thanking supporters and wishing everyone well.

What is the latest with the Ripple SEC lawsuit?

  • Court ruling says XRP not a security, big win for Ripple
  • Wendy predicts SEC appeal will further help Ripple
  • Criticizes Congressman Brad Sherman’s anti-crypto comments

What is the Pacific island nation of Palau doing with blockchain?

  • Launching a pilot for a USD-backed stablecoin on XRP ledger
  • Wendy has mixed feelings – doesn’t like CBDCs but people can profit

How is Polygon assisting banks in Italy?

  • Helping them experiment with tokenized assets
  • Part of Italy’s central bank innovation hub

Why is a major US bank being sold off?

  • Park West Bank struggled after 2008 crisis, now being absorbed
  • Wendy notes lack of coverage compared to crypto failures

What does Wendy request for her birthday episode?

  • Asks viewers to donate to the House of Ruth nonprofit
  • Wants to reach 500 likes on the YouTube livestream

What were some closing topics covered?

  • Market updates on Dogecoin, Ethereum price actions
  • Wendy thanks supporters and wishes everyone well


00:00 – Intro

00:20 – Happy Birthday to me xo

06:30 – The entire crypto market

06:50 – BTC price analysis

11:00 – Ripple launches first CBDC

13:40 – Brad Sherman is a big grifter

25:10 – Pro Ripple lawyer says SEC appeal can help Ripple win

26:50 – Italy central bank works with Polygon $MATIC

30:30 – MATIC price analysis

31:20 – Binance launches new stablecoin with no fees

33:25 – Binance withdraws German crypto license

34:00 – Fake Satoshi to pay 400k to fight Coinbase & #kraken

34:55 – DOGE is on the way up

38:40 – Tezos XTZ upgrades

39:00 – Another US bank bites the dust

41:45 – Congress & Joe Biden banned from stonk trading

42:30 – FOMC meeting today


Originally aired on July 25, 2023

Here is a summary of the key points from this O Show episode:

In the episode, host Wendy O discusses several crypto and blockchain related topics including Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter as X, the dangers of the identity verification used by World Coin, positive adoption news for XRP and Avalanche, and more.

Wendy shares her skepticism around Elon Musk’s goals for the X rebrand of Twitter, worrying it could become highly centralized like China’s WeChat app. She believes people put too much faith in celebrities and billionaires, when actions speak louder than words. Though building a “one-stop shop” on X could be lucrative, the changes so far don’t seem effectively executed.

The episode covers multiple warnings around the iris scanning identity verification used by new crypto Worldcoin, which Wendy has covered critically in recent days. Scanning biometric data raises huge privacy concerns. Wendy also notes Worldcoin’s involvement of Sam Bankman-Fried and other questionable crypto figures as red flags.

On the positive side, Wendy highlights Ripple expanding into the UK and Ireland as more real world XRP adoption. She also discusses Avalanche committing $50M to bring more tokenized assets to its blockchain, citing the value for institutional adoption.

What is Wendy’s view on Elon Musk’s vision for Twitter as X?

  • She is skeptical it can be executed well currently, and worries about highly centralized control like WeChat in China.

Why does Wendy keep warning about World Coin’s identity verification?

  • Iris scanning could reveal much personal data, raising huge privacy concerns. Involvement of SBF and other sketchy crypto figures also worrisome.

What adoption advances is Wendy reporting around XRP and Avalanche?

  • Ripple expanding into UK and Ireland, Avalanche bringing more institutional asset tokenization to its blockchain.

00:00 – Intro

00:40 – Let’s talk about X

02:40 – The entire crypto market

03:00 – BTC weekly, daily, 12h & 4h

05:20 – Worldcoin dark secrets

12:55 – X to become biggest financial institution

15:00 – Doge pumps on X payments speculation

16:20 – Doge price analysis

17:30 – Is money important to you?

21:30 – XRP price analysis

22:20 – Ripple expands to UK/Ireland

23:00 – Watch out for crypto scams

24:50 – Updates from our PARTNER Grape

26:20 – Avalanche AVAX news

28:20 – Arkham Intel sleuths go after Do Kwon

32:30 – Binance file to dismiss CFTC lawsuit

39:35 – BIG NEWS from Coreum PARTNER


Originally aired on July 24, 2023

Wendy O covers several topics related to the cryptocurrency market and industry news.

  • Wendy starts by discussing the recent correction in the price of Bitcoin, explaining it is a normal pullback after failing to break resistance around $31,800. She notes Bitcoin may consolidate between $28,200-$29,400 before making its next major move.
  • There is an update on the Ripple SEC lawsuit and potential appeal. Wendy O agrees that any appeal will likely take years and may not change the current ruling that XRP is not a security.
  • Twitter’s rebrand to “X” is covered, with speculation that XRP could be integrated given Elon Musk’s goals of enabling payments and crypto on the platform.
  • World Coin, a new crypto project involving iris scanning for identity verification, launched but is not available in the US. Wendy O and others cite privacy concerns.
  • Important economic data like GDP, inflation, and Fed interest rate decisions could impact markets this week. Regulatory pressure continues with allegations against Binance.US.
  • Celsius reaches settlements to exit bankruptcy but customers will not be made whole. Customers may receive some crypto assets back and equity in Celsius’ new emerging company.

What caused the latest Bitcoin price drop?

  • Bitcoin failed to break resistance around $31,800, resulting in a pullback and potential consolidation between $28,200-$29,400.

How could the Ripple-SEC lawsuit appeal play out?

  • The appeal may take years, and even if Ripple loses the one issue, the overall verdict that XRP is not a security could stand.

Why is the XRP army excited about Twitter’s rebrand to X?

  • With Elon Musk’s goals for X, there is speculation XRP could be integrated for payments.

What are the concerns around the newly launched World Coin?

  • World Coin requires iris scanning for identity verification, raising privacy issues as biometrics can reveal much personal data.

What key economic events could impact crypto markets this week?

  • GDP, inflation data, Fed interest rate decision, etc. could all cause volatility.

What new regulatory pressure is emerging in crypto?

  • Allegations of wash trading against Binance.US point to continued SEC focus on exchanges.

Will Celsius creditors be made whole through bankruptcy settlements?

  • No, customers will only get back a portion of assets and may receive equity in Celsius’ new emerging company.


00:00 – Intro

03:15 – The entire crypto market

03:30 – BTC price analysis

05:00 – XRP price analysis

05:20 – ADA price analysis

07:20 – Latest Ripple XRP updates

14:55 – Coinbase lawsuit latest updates

17:35 – Stop the Binance FUD

21:00 – What is Worldcoin? WLD

29:15 – Twitter rebrands to X Elon Musk

34:15 – Calls for Congress to ban CBDC

35:20 – Major key economic events this week

35:50 – Mr. P signs CBDC into law

37:40 – Back to BTC price analysis

38:45 – Celsius Network settlement to exit bankruptcy


Originally aired on July 21, 2023

Wendy O discusses various topics related to cryptocurrency and crypto regulation in the United States. She provides updates on the new crypto regulation bill introduced by the House Committee on Agriculture, highlighting both positive and possible concerning aspects. Wendy also covers other news stories, including a new crypto exchange and clearinghouse in Indonesia, the sale of CoinDesk, FTX’s legal issues, and the expansion of the US Department of Justice’s crypto enforcement team. Additionally, she mentions the Digital Currency Traders Alliance and their efforts to engage with lawmakers, shares price analysis for Bitcoin and XRP, and talks about Coinbase’s decision to wind down its lending program.

🚨BREAKING US Crypto Regulation FINALLY Revealed (Should you be worried?)

  • New crypto regulation bill introduced by the House Committee on Agriculture
  • Mixed opinions on the potential impact of the bill
  • Creation of a regulatory framework for digital assets and protecting customers
  • Focus on the benefits of a dedicated crypto enforcement team by the US Department of Justice
  • Coinbase’s decision to shut down its lending program due to reduced demand and regulatory scrutiny

00:00 – Intro

03:10 – The entire crypto market

03:25 – BTC 6h & daily

04:10 – XRP price analysis

07:00 – NEW crypto regulatory framework

14:50 – Join the DCTA

17:10 – Indonesia launches centralized exchange

18:25 – Coindesk sold

19:05 – FTX estate trying to recover $1Billion

21:30 – SBF leaked Caroline’s diary SBF

23:00 – US DoJ expands crypto crime team

26:50 – More BTC price analysis

29:45 – Bitfinex scammers enter plea deal

30:50 – Do Kwon back on Terra team?

32:00 – Coinbase shuts down lending program

33:40 – How to avoid crypto scams


Originally aired on July 20, 2023

Ripple just published a report discussing the increasing role of crypto and blockchain in cross-border payments. They made a huge prediction, saying that the value of the sector will hit $250 trillion by 2027! This is a huge projection and is massive for crypto and blockchain as a whole. We will discuss this on today’s show with more top crypto news! xo

In this video, Wendy discusses major announcements related to XRP Ripple and the potential impact of these changes. She also talks about the upcoming implementation of FedNow and the use of CBDCs in the United States. Additionally, Wendy emphasizes the importance of writing to public servants and joining organizations to advocate against certain regulations. She shares her views on XRP and its potential future price movement, as well as the regulation of the crypto industry in the UK. Lastly, she mentions other news such as Kuwait’s ban on crypto activities and the increase in El Salvador’s government bond prices.

XRP Ripple: Potential game-changing updates

  • Announcement from XRP Ripple that could bring significant changes.
  • The impact and potential future of XRP in the crypto market.

What is happening with FedNow and CBDC adoption?

  • Discussion on the implementation of FedNow and its implications.
  • Need for individuals to adapt to CBDC usage in the United States.
  • Ways to contest these changes and join advocacy groups.

XRP future price prediction and support for Ripple

  • Wendy’s views on XRP and its centralized aspects.
  • Potential surprises from XRP and support for the XRP community.

UK government rejects gambling regulation for crypto industry

  • The UK government’s stance on regulating crypto as gambling.
  • Emphasis on complying with global standards rather than resorting to gambling regulations.

Kuwait’s ban on crypto activities and El Salvador’s bond prices increase

  • Prohibition of crypto for payments and investments in Kuwait.
  • El Salvador’s government bonds experiencing a significant price surge.


00:00 – Intro

05:40 – Fire Gary Gensler

07:30 – The entire crypto market

07:50 – BTC price analysis

08:50 – XRP price analysis

11:20 – Biden to launch CBDC?

18:20 – HUGE prediction from Ripple

22:25 – Google searches for XRP surging

23:45 – Fednow live now

30:00 – How high can XRP go?

33:30 – Crypto won’t be regulated like gambling in the UK

35:55 – Kuwait bans crypto

36:50 – El Salvador government bonds

37:30 – FTX finds more money

37:50 – Bbitmain launches Filecoin FIL mining

38:45 – Elon Musk pumps HEX Hexicans

39:30 – Tesla crypto rumors

39:50 – Twitter to subpoena Elizabeth Warren


Originally aired on July 19, 2023

XRP Surges on Ripple Lawsuit Progress as Markets Rally

The cryptocurrency XRP saw a massive price surge after a judge’s ruling indicated some XRP sales are not securities in Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit with the SEC. The upbeat host Wendy celebrates the gains made by XRP investors, while cautioning the lawsuit still continues. She analyzes the nuances of the judge’s decision, with Ripple winning on some issues but not others.

Wendy stresses the importance of bipartisan legislation like the Clarity Act to provide regulatory clarity for crypto. Other updates covered include the arrest of Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky, Coinbase adding support for Helium, and Elon Musk launching an AI firm. Criticism is directed at the IMF for urging protection of fiat currencies over crypto and the SEC for unclear guidance stifling innovation.

Wendy O urges investors to take profits on early XRP purchases using a percentage-based gains harvesting strategy. She emphasizes realizing gains in asset prices rather than watching fluctuations. She concludes by analyzing Bitcoin’s bounce off support levels as crypto markets rally.

What triggered the massive price surge for the XRP cryptocurrency?

  • Judge’s ruling that some XRP sales are not securities
  • Caution that Ripple lawsuit with SEC continues but sets good precedent
  • Investors euphoric at Ripple’s progress after years of waiting

What developments were highlighted related to crypto regulation?

  • Discussed judge’s nuanced ruling in Ripple versus SEC lawsuit
  • Stressed need for clear legislation like bipartisan Clarity Act
  • Covered Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky arrest and other updates

How should XRP investors manage holdings amid the price rally?

  • Take percentage-based profits on early purchases
  • Avoid getting caught up in hype cycle around gains
  • Focus on realizing actual gains rather than watching prices

What criticisms were made of financial institutions and regulators?

  • IMF urging protection of fiat currencies over crypto
  • SEC providing unclear guidance that stifles innovation
  • Attacks on crypto by legacy finance entities

What non-crypto promotion was featured in the video?

  • WineChain’s new NFT marketplace for rare collectible wines
  • Let’s buyers trade tokenised bottles of wine
  • Provides authenticity and traceability with NFTs

00:00 – Intro

04:00 – RFK hot take on Bitcoin

09:35 – XRP price analysis

09:55 – BTC price analysis

10:40 – IMF wants to protect fiat from crypto

12:45 – Yikes! New bill regulates defi like banks

18:55 – Third largest bank in France gets crypto license

19:35 – Nasdaq halts crypto plans

25:00 – Dormant ETH address moves millions

27:30 – Celsius Network could pay off USD claims if this happens

29:00 – Terra Luna new CEO

33:30 – Polygon MATIC 2.0 new roadmap updates

35:55 – Why is XLM up?

37:15 – SECs poor leadership


Originally aired on July 14, 2023

Wendy O discusses the recent court ruling that declared Ripple’s XRP token is not a security, fueling speculation of a crypto bull run. The speakers also touch on the potential impact of the ruling on the NFT market, caution against scams, and provide tips to avoid getting scammed.

Can XRP’s classification as a non-security spark the next crypto bull run?

  • The recent court ruling declaring XRP as not a security has given hope of a crypto bull run.
  • Ripple’s XRP token is now deemed not a security on secondary markets, bolstering confidence in other cryptocurrencies.
  • The ruling may resurrect the NFT market as artists and creators feel more secure in developing projects on the blockchain.

Beware of scams and false airdrops associated with the ruling

  • Scammers are taking advantage of the positive news to cheat and steal from unsuspecting individuals.
  • Be cautious of airdrop offers, giveaways, and special deals associated with the ruling, as there are none officially endorsed by Ripple.
  • Always verify official links and profiles to ensure authenticity and avoid falling victim to scams.


Ragzy X


Shira Lazar


Daniel Hughes


00:00 – Intro

00:20 – Guest introductions

05:40 – The entire crypto market

06:10 – XRP price analysis

07:00 – BTC price analysis

07:30 – Are we wrong about the Ripple ruling?

33:10 – XRP flips BNB market cap & shorters get destroyed

34:00 – Watch out for Ripple scams!

38:00 – Outro – Follow today’s guests on socials!


Originally aired on July 13, 2023

Breaking news: Today, Ripple won the verdict that XRP is not a security!

Wendy O covers the surge in the price of XRP cryptocurrency after positive news related to Ripple’s lawsuit with the SEC.  Wendy provides upbeat commentary celebrating the XRP community and investors making money from the price increase. She cautions that Ripple has not fully won the case yet, though the judge’s ruling that some XRP sales are not securities is a big victory.

Wendy O analyzes the judge’s decision in detail, with Ripple winning on some counts but not others. The case will proceed to trial on certain issues. Wendy reiterates the lawsuit is not over but this is excellent progress and will set precedent. She emphasizes supporting bipartisan legislation like the Clarity Act to provide regulatory clarity in crypto.

Wendy O then covers the arrest of Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky for alleged fraud.  She expresses satisfaction he is facing consequences after misleading crypto investors. Other updates include Google Play policy changes allowing NFTs, Coinbase adding support for Helium, and Elon Musk starting an AI company called X.

Finally, Wendy urges viewers to take profits if they invested early in XRP, using a percentage-based gains harvesting strategy. She warns against getting caught up in hype cycles and stresses realizing gains, not just watching currency values fluctuate.

What fueled the massive price surge in XRP cryptocurrency?

  • Positive ruling in Ripple’s lawsuit that some XRP sales are not securities
  • Cautioned the case is not fully won yet but Sets excellent legal precedent
  • Investors euphoric over Ripple’s progress after years of waiting

What other developments were covered related to crypto laws and policy?

  • Discussed judge’s nuanced decision in detail on Ripple lawsuit
  • Emphasized need for regulatory clarity through legislation like Clarity Act
  • Covered arrest of Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky for alleged fraud

How can investors manage their holdings?

  • Take profits if invested early using percentage-based exits
  • Warned against getting caught up in hype cycles
  • Stressed realizing gains in assets, not just watching prices

What other crypto market news did Wendy mentioned in this episode?

  • Google Play allowing NFTs and crypto in apps
  • Coinbase adding support for Helium token
  • Elon Musk starting new AI company called X

00:00 – Intro

00:05 – Show intro

04:30 – XRP price analysis

07:00 – XRP not a security

23:40 – XRP relisted on Canadian exchange

24:00 – What’s next for XRP in the U.S.?

25:45 – Celsius Network CEO arrested

29:55 – Coinbase lawyers say student loan debt ruling helps defense

30:40 – Bank of America accused of blocking accounts that use Coinbase

32:30 – US dollar DXY crashes

34:00 – Europe to launch first Bitcoin Spot ETF

34:40 – Polygon #matic to change native token

36:35 – Coinbase adds support for Helium Network HNT

37:00 – Google changes policy on crypto/NFTs

40:50 – Elonmusk launches new AI project

41:20 – Meta competes with Google and OpenAi with new AI model


Originally aired on July 11, 2023

Wendy O Show discusses significant news about institutional involvement in the crypto space and provides updates on various altcoins such as Matic. Wendy also talks about her personal life, including her fitness routine and managing messages. She emphasizes the importance of taking profit and financial freedom, criticizes the SEC and Gary Gensler’s actions in the crypto industry, and highlights the potential rug pulls and privacy concerns in certain projects.

Are institutions entering the crypto space?

  • Vanguard, a major asset manager, has purchased a 10% stake in Bitcoin miner Riot Platforms and other Bitcoin-related assets.
  • Foreign regulations on Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are being revised, with all five Bitcoin ETF applicants adding surveillance sharing agreements with Coinbase.
  • Grayscale criticizes the SEC over inconsistencies in Bitcoin ETF approvals, while prompting the need for regulatory clarity.

What are the risks associated with altcoins Matic and Aptos?

  • Matic experiences a significant price surge but faces potential risk due to token unlocks.
  • Aptos prepares for token unlocks, raising concerns about potential price crashes.
  • Rodeo Finance, a protocol on Arbitrum, faces its second exploit and loses approximately $1.5 million.

How is the EU planning to regulate the metaverse and virtual worlds?

  • The EU aims to establish new standards, governance, and funding for the metaverse to become a world leader in web 4 and virtual worlds.
  • The EU envisions potential economic and ethical benefits from virtual worlds, considering a market worth 800 billion euros.
  • However, the EU’s plan lacks specific laws and funding details, raising concerns about data privacy in the metaverse.

What are the recent developments in the crypto project Coreum?

  • Coreum Network announces its participation in the Awesome Conference in Berlin, focusing on smart token workshops and connecting with builders in the Cosmos community.
  • Coreum also calls for developers and researchers to identify vulnerabilities in its source code, aiming to enhance the network’s security.

How is the First Amendment being protected in the United States against government censorship on social media platforms?

  • A recent court decision affirms U.S. citizens’ freedom of speech rights on social media platforms, safeguarding against government interference and censorship.
  • Court opinions acknowledge instances of government involvement in social media censorship and suppression of opinions, providing protection for citizens’ First Amendment rights.

00:00 – Intro

02:30 – How and when to make money in crypto

04:35 – Check out the Forever Frenemies podcast with me and Bitboy

04:55 – The entire crypto market

05:20 – BTC daily, 12h, 6h, 45m & 4h

06:10 – Vanguard buys huge stake in BTC miner firms

08:40 – Why we need to learn about money, tradfi and more

10:40 – All BTC ETFs have added SSA with Coinbase

12:05 – Grayscale slams SEC over ETF approvals

14:18 – Spicy Gensler story

19:15 – Lawmakers call for investigation into Prometheum

23:40 – Former CFTC chair calls for improved regulations

26:30 – Digital securities trial in UK

27:15 – “Crypto can’t be used as money”

29:30 – Polygon MATIC soars, here’s why

30:50 – Litecoin LTC halving event soon

31:30 – LTC price analysis

32:00 – Pay attention to token unlock events

32:40 – AAVE stablecoin GHO proposal

33:35 – Huge Rodeo Finance exploit Arbitrum

34:20 – Was the multichain exploit an inside job?

35:45 – Arkhamintel leak customer private info

38:25 – Updates from today’s PARTNER Coreum Official

39:30 – What the heck is web 4.0

41:45 – Final thoughts and outro