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Tether (USDT) $ 1.00 0.12%
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USDC (USDC) $ 1.00 0.06%
XRP (XRP) $ 0.543595 6.10%
Cardano (ADA) $ 0.503571 7.77%
Dogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.164425 8.46%
Lido Staked Ether (STETH) $ 3,714.44 19.89%
Polygon (MATIC) $ 0.74532 8.52%
Solana (SOL) $ 183.47 3.53%
Polkadot (DOT) $ 7.56 7.67%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 88.73 6.47%
Avalanche (AVAX) $ 40.60 12.70%
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Dai (DAI) $ 1.00 0.18%
Uniswap (UNI) $ 9.34 20.10%
Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) $ 71,163.07 6.19%
Chainlink (LINK) $ 16.92 1.67%
Cosmos Hub (ATOM) $ 8.85 6.60%
Toncoin (TON) $ 6.64 4.59%
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Edge of NFT

Airs weekdays at 1 am, 9 am, and 5 pm PT.

The Edge of NFT explores the latest news, trends, and developments in the NFT space. The show features interviews with experts, thought leaders, and innovators in the NFT space, as well as discussions about the future of NFTs and their potential impact on the world.

The Edge of NFT is the perfect place to learn more about NFTs and to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly growing industry. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned NFT enthusiast, you’ll find something valuable.


Originally aired on November

In this episode of Edge of NFT, hosts Josh Kriger and Richard Carthon sit down with James from Just Ape Studios to discuss the intersection of reward programs, community growth, and real-world value in the world of NFTs. They delve into James’ experiences with navigating the web3 space, building bridges between different ecosystems, and the importance of giving back to the community. The conversation also delves into James’ approach to creating tangible goods tied to NFTs, the benefits of creating open source contributions for the web3 ecosystem, and the value of building positive relationships with communities across various platforms.

What was the initial impetus for launching Just Ape Studios?

  • Focus on giving back to the community and creating tangible goods tied to NFTs
  • Desire to build bridges between different ecosystems in the web3 space
  • Commitment to creating open source contributions for the web3 ecosystem

How has Just Ape Studios leveraged digital collectible ownership and community governance?

  • Developed a loyalty program allowing NFT holders to receive tangible products
  • Created a governance platform where holders have voting power for project decisions
  • Implemented an achievement system to incentivize community participation

What recent project has James been working on with Apes across Worlds?

  • Building a governance platform to drive ecosystem expansion and growth
  • Establishing an NFT lending protocol on Alzero to address liquidity issues
  • Focusing on open source contributions and scalable blockchain solutions

What inspiring projects has James been following in the NFT space?

  • Pudgy Penguins as a prime example of impactful work in the NFT space
  • Recognition and admiration for Luca and the Pudgy Penguins team’s efforts in expanding into traditional markets
  • Acknowledgment of the successful partnership between edge of AE Studio and Dazzle Ship

What upcoming projects is Just Ape Studios working on?

  • Creating a royalty system to share project revenue with the community
  • Expanding the broadside project into the metaverse and exploring new models for digital and physical NFT offerings
  • Continuing to leverage NFTs as network-aware social objects across various web3 games and platforms

How does James approach driving positivity and kindness in the web3 space?

  • Focuses on being a force for kindness and positive engagement in web3 communities
  • Prioritizes creating a welcoming and collaborative environment for everyone involved in the space
  • Emphasizes the importance of bringing core values like kindness and humility to the forefront of web3 initiatives



Originally aired on

In this episode of Edge of NFT, Lola Oyelayo-Pearson from Mysten Labs discusses the power of composable NFTs, the digital assets on Mysten Labs and Sui Network, and the potential for blockchain to revolutionize e-commerce. She shares her background and insights about the future of e-commerce, the genesis and mission of Mysten Labs, and the development of tools to empower individuals and creators. The conversation also delves into the relationship between blockchain, NFTs, and loyalty, as well as the importance of maintaining scientific and engineering excellence in the industry.


The Power of Composable NFTs

  • NFTs as a digital asset on Mysten Labs and Sui Network
  • Changing the equation for what’s possible
  • The potential for blockchain to reshape e-commerce

Lola Oyelayo-Pearson’s Background and Insights

  • Director of Commerce at Mysten Labs
  • Redefining the future of e-commerce and blockchain
  • Influences from Shopify and emphasis on solving everyday problems

The Genesis and Mission of Mysten Labs

  • Pushing for scientific and engineering excellence
  • Building tools to empower individuals and creators
  • Focusing on creating value propositions and solving real problems

NFTs and Loyalty

  • Loyalty as a potential use case for NFTs
  • Improving the design and implementation of loyalty programs
  • Integration of loyalty programs with blockchain technology

Ensuring Scientific and Engineering Excellence

  • Attracting top-tier talent to Mysten Labs
  • Maintaining a focus on product thinking, not just engineering
  • Prioritizing the creation of truly valuable products and solutions

Connecting and Learning More About Mysten Labs

  • Opportunities to connect with Lola Oyelayo-Pearson and learn more about Mysten Labs
  • Engaging with the Mysten Labs community through Discord
  • Attending upcoming Builder House events in 2024


00:00 – Introduction: Who is Lola Oyelayo-Pearson of Mysten Labs and How are they Related to the Sui Network?

03:31 – From Director of UX of Shopify to Falling in Love with the Blockchain Despite the Crypto Winter!

08:25 – Mysten Labs’ Origin Story: Why They’re in a Unique Position to Revolutionize the Blockchain

12:35 – How Mysten Lab Empowers the Sui Foundation through the Kiosk

18:00 – What are the Problems in Gaming and E-commerce that Only Mysten can Solve?

26:05 – What about NFTs, Rewards Programs, and Loyalty as a Commodity?

29:57 – Real World Problems Against Digital Solutions!


Originally aired on November 20, 2023

In this episode of Edge of NFT, host Richard Carthon interviews Irene Wu from Layer Zero about the trustless omnichain interoperability protocol they have developed. Irene explains the origins of the protocol, its three design principles, and the partnership with Magic Eden to create an improved user experience for NFT collectors and gamers. She also discusses layer zero’s role in enabling omni chain NFTs and their collaborations with other industries, such as gaming and film.

What is Layer Zero’s interoperability protocol?

  • Layer Zero is a trustless Omni chain interoperability protocol
  • Allows communication between smart contracts on different chains
  • Provides a decentralized, secure, and cost-efficient way to confirm state across multiple chains

How did Layer Zero partner with Magic Eden for a seamless user experience?

  • Created the Gas Station product for seamless gas token conversions in the checkout flow
  • Enabling omni chain NFTs to be minted via Magic Eden’s Launchpad
  • Addressing user experience challenges in NFT swaps and bridging experiences

What are some exciting updates in the Layer Zero roadmap?

  • Integration with the 6551 working group for cross-chain standards
  • Collaborations with D5 protocols, gaming studios, and Enterprise NFTs
  • Launch on Zora and recycling fees back into the ecosystem


00:00 – Introduction: Who is Irene Wu and What is LayerZero?

04:26 – What is Trustless Omnichain Protocol?

11:12 – Magic Eden Partnership

17:09 – Challenging Digital Asset Migrations with Omnichain NFTs

23:14 – What’s Next for LayerZero?

24:53 – Gaming at LayerZero: Your Leaderboard at Twitter!

28:44 – Hot Topics: Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance NFT Collection


Originally aired on November

In this episode of Edge of NFT, hosts Joshua Kriger and Richard Carthon welcome James, a.k.a. Groovy of Just Ape, to discuss the journey of the Just Ape project and its pivot towards building web3 infrastructure and governance tools. They also delve into the achievements and efforts to innovate in the NFT space, including the creation of a loyalty program, the importance of community engagement, and the impact on ecosystem growth.

What was the journey of the Just Ape project and its pivot towards web3 infrastructure and governance tools?

  • Just Ape initially focused on onboarding new members to the NFT space through physical experiences, but pivoted to building web3 infrastructure and governance tools.
  • The project aimed to contribute to the growth of the web3 ecosystem by focusing on open-source contributions and building products to expand the ecosystem.

How will the tools built by Just Ape catalyze growth and innovation for the L1 blockchain?

  • Just Ape identified successful projects in other ecosystems and modeled their governance platform after them to create tools that incentivize community contribution and foster a sense of ownership.
  • The platform will allow holders to have one vote per ape, creating a frictionless and incentivized environment for community engagement and contribution.

What achievements and efforts did Just Ape make in the NFT space, and how did they impact ecosystem growth?

  • Just Ape created a loyalty program in Season 1, offering rewards and tangible items to holders, but learned the importance of community engagement and ownership.
  • The governance platform integrates an achievement system, tying social dynamics and incentivizing community participants to contribute and engage.


00:00 – Introduction: Who is…

02:30 – Project Background and Journey

12:22 – Tools and Catalysts for Growth and Innovation

19:17 – Future Roadmap and Exciting Developments


Originally aired on November 16, 2023

In this episode of the Edge of NFT podcast, hosts Richard Carthon and Joshua Kriger are joined by James, also known as Groovy, from Just Ape Studios. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including James’ journey in the web 3 space, the unique spaces created by Just Ape Studios, and the integration of cutting-edge blockchain solutions into multimedia and fashion. They also talk about the launch of the governance platform, the creation of tangible products, and the significance of community engagement and digital ownership in the web 3 universe. They touch on the challenges of the bear market and the importance of open-source contributions to the web 3 ecosystem. Overall, the discussion provides valuable insights into the world of web 3 and the innovative projects being developed at Just Ape Studios.

What are the key elements of the Just Ape Studios Rewards Program and real-world value unlock?

  • Just Ape Studios launched a Rewards Program integrated with blockchain solutions
  • The program provides tangible goods to holders, creating a sense of ownership and engagement
  • Tangible products represent the brand and allow community members to receive something valuable from their participation

What is the significance of the Apes across Worlds project and its impact on the web 3 ecosystem?

  • Apes across Worlds is a decentralized interconnected universe fostering community engagement and digital ownership
  • The platform serves as a means for creating transparent governance and active community contribution
  • The project aims to grow and scale through open-source contributions and infrastructure building for the ecosystem at large

How is AE Studio making a difference in the web 3 space and shaping the future of blockchain technology?

  • AE Studio is actively involved in building software and machine learning solutions to increase human agency and profitability
  • The partnership with Edge of NFT brings together the expertise of AE Studio and expands the range of NFT services
  • AE Studio aims to create new models and composable communities within the open metaverse world

What was the most memorable business experience shared by James relating to his work at Just Ape Studios?

  • James recounts the heartwarming experience of selling Mexican candy at school and interacting with customers
  • The experience demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit and ability to create value through personal creativity and resourcefulness
  • Building a business from a young age fostered a deep understanding of community engagement and shared experiences



Originally aired on November 14, 2023

In this episode of Edge of NFT, host Richard Carthon chats with Irene Wu from LayerZero about the latest developments in the world of web 3, NFTs, and athlete engagements. They discuss the launch of the CR7 Forever Zone collection by Binance featuring soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as the future of athlete engagement in the NFT space.

What is the CR7 Forever Zone collection all about?

  • Collaboration between Binance and Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Offers exclusive NFTs and experiences for fans
  • Aims to bring fans closer to the legendary soccer player

What are the potential future collaborations in the NFT space?

  • Exploring new ways to engage with NFTs
  • Embracing the concept of fan contributions to stories and artwork
  • Highlighting the potential of on-chain content creation and tracking

What does the collaboration between Binance and Cristiano Ronaldo signify for the NFT marketplace?

  • Demonstrates continued interest and investment in the NFT space
  • Indicates a long-term vision and value behind NFTs
  • Shows the appeal and potential of NFTs for high-profile figures and companies

What approach does Irene Wu advocate for web 3 product development?

  • Emphasizes the importance of offering novel and friction-reducing experiences
  • Encourages experimentation and innovation in web 3 product development
  • Highlights the need for a 10x value proposition for on-chain consumer products

How does LayerZero’s Story Protocol enable fan engagement in the NFT space?

  • Facilitates contributions to fanfiction on the blockchain
  • Incorporates GitHub-like collaboration for on-chain storytelling
  • Rewards and tracks user contributions to stories and artwork

What is the future outlook for athlete engagements in the NFT space?

  • Anticipates continued growth and interest in athlete collaborations with NFTs
  • Foresees new and innovative ways for fans to engage with athletes
  • Envisions long-term value and impact of athlete engagements in the NFT space



Originally aired on November 13, 2023

On the “Edge of NFT” podcast, host Wendy O. and guest Sandy Carter, COO and Head of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains, joined Joshua Kriguer and Richard Carthon to discuss the latest news around blockchain gaming and crypto monetization schemes. The French National Assembly’s groundbreaking vote on the regulatory framework for video games featuring NFTs and crypto-powered monetization schemes was a highlight. The episode also covered the Norman Rockwell Museum’s launch of an NFT multi-part series and the potential for intergenerational engagement with digital art collectibles.

What was the French National Assembly’s recent vote on blockchain gaming and crypto monetization schemes?

  • The French National Assembly passed the so-called “So Rare” law to establish a regulatory framework for video games involving NFTs and crypto monetization schemes.
  • The legislation aims to balance fostering innovation among French startups with ensuring user protection.
  • This decision paves the way for a potential new regulatory framework specifically tailored to crypto games, distinct from traditional video games and gambling.

What is the significance of the Norman Rockwell Museum’s launch of an NFT multi-part series?

  • The Norman Rockwell Museum and the Rockwell family have introduced an NFT multi-part series, offering collectors the chance to own digital and physical works from the artist’s archives.
  • The series includes never-before-published images and process works, providing a fresh perspective on the iconic artist’s legacy.
  • The launch demonstrates the ongoing interest in digital collectibles within the fine art world, even in a bear market, and the potential for intergenerational engagement with cultural heritage.


00:00 – Introduction: What is the Edge of NFT Hot Topics?

00:24 – NFT Games are NOT Gambling!

01:37 – Richard’s Hot Take on Crypto Regulations in Gaming

02:19 – Josh’s Conclusions on Web3 Gaming

03:02 – Norman Rockwell Museum’s NFTs!

04:04 – Sandy Carter’s Childhood Memories of Norman Rockwell

05:01 – Richard’s Opinions on Nostalgia and its Effect on Collectibles



Originally aired on November 13, 2023

In this episode of the Edge of NFT podcast, hosts Joshua Kriger and Richard Carthon interview expert guest Sandy Carter, about the innovative work of Unstoppable Domains and the impact of web 3 on digital identity, gaming, and AI. Sandy shares insights into the Unstoppable Women initiative, the integration of Ethereum Name Service, and the new domain-to-domain messaging platform. The conversation also touches on the French government’s progressive stance on NFT games and the launch of an NFT series from the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Unstoppable Women in Web 3 and AI

  • Sandy Carter founded Unstoppable Women as a way to bring gender diversity to the web 3 and AI space
  • The initiative has grown to include 220 companies and has trained over 55,000 women in web 3, digital identity, and the metaverse

Integration of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) with Unstoppable Domains

  • Unstoppable Domains strategically partnered with ENS to improve the user experience for purchasing and using Ethereum-based domains
  • The partnership allows for ease of payment, auto-renewal, and streamlined user profiles

Partnership with The Sandbox and SMER

  • Unstoppable Domains has teamed up with The Sandbox and SMER to create a Unstoppable Hub within The Sandbox platform
  • The partnership includes the development of a game within The Sandbox featuring swords and shields, as well as the integration of domain purchasing capabilities

New Domain-to-Domain Messaging Platform

  • Unstoppable Domains has launched a domain-to-domain messaging platform that enables users to send messages to other domain owners
  • The platform allows for individual and mass communication and is integrated with user profiles on the Unstoppable Domains website

French National Assembly Ruling on NFT Games

  • The French National Assembly voted to establish a dedicated regulatory framework for video games involving NFTs, distinguishing them from gambling activities
  • The legislation balances the encouragement of innovation in French startups with the protection of users interacting with blockchain and NFT offerings

Norman Rockwell Museum NFT Series

  • The Norman Rockwell Museum and family have launched an NFT series offering collectors the opportunity to own digital and physical works by Norman Rockwell
  • The series features never-before-published images and process works from the Norman Rockwell archives, catering to both art enthusiasts and NFT collectors



00:00 – Introduction: Who is Sandy Carter and What is Unstoppable Domains?

02:30 – What is Unstoppable Women?

12:22 – Unstoppable Domain’s Unfair Gaming Advantage

19:17 – Demo: Messaging Between Domains!

32:52 – Richard at TED AI and Sandy’s Take on Artificial Intelligence

34:26 – Hot Topics: France rules Blockchain Gaming is NOT Gambling

40:42 – The Shout Out: the Sandy Carter Edition

42:41 – Unstoppable Domains Giveaway: the 21 Wellness.NFT up for grabs!


Originally aired on November 7, 2023

In this episode of The Edge of NFT, host Josh Kriger interviews guests Mikolaj Sekutowicz and Nabil Charania from Impact One, Eric Choi from DIIANT, and Dave Krugman from ALLSHIPS. The episode explores the intersection of art, humanity, and Web3 technology. The guests discuss topics such as the importance of mental health in the art industry, the role of technology in reconnecting humans with nature, the launch of Super Chief’s new marketplace, the rise of NFTs, and the power of community in the digital art world. The episode emphasizes the transformative potential of Web3 and the positive impact it can have on artists and creators.

The Confluence of Art and Nature in Web3 Technology

  • Mikolaj Sekutowicz discusses the importance of reconnecting humans with nature through technology.
  • Impact One is dedicated to restoring a balance between nature and urban life to create nature-positive economies.
  • The Well-being Infrastructure initiative aims to create evidence-based standards for nature-positive city infrastructure.

The Launch of Super Chief’s New Marketplace

  • Eric Choi discusses the launch of Super Chief’s new marketplace and its unique features.
  • The marketplace aims to support artists and creators by providing a platform for showcasing and selling their digital artwork.
  • Super Chief’s focus is on empowering artists and building a strong community within the digital art space.

The Role of NFTs in the Art Industry

  • Nabil Charania highlights the transformative power of NFTs in the art world.
  • NFTs allow artists to monetize their work and engage directly with collectors.
  • The digital nature of NFTs also opens up new possibilities for creativity and innovation in art.

The Power of Community in the Digital Art World

  • Dave Krugman discusses the importance of community in the digital art space.
  • ALLSHIPS is a creative community based on the idea of “a rising tide raises all ships.”
  • The community aims to bring artists together, foster collaboration, and provide a supportive environment for creativity.

The Intersection of Art, Technology, and Mental Health

  • The guests discuss the impact of technology on mental health in the art industry.
  • The Well-being Culture initiative focuses on creating a culture that promotes well-being and sustainability in art and creativity.
  • The goal is to shift the focus from destructive cultural practices towards a culture that nurtures artists’ mental health.

The Future of Web3 and the Art World

  • The episode concludes with a discussion about the future of Web3 and its potential impact on the art world.
  • The guests express their excitement about the transformative possibilities of Web3 technology for artists and creators.
  • They emphasize the need for continued collaboration and community-building to drive the evolution of the digital art space.



00:00 – Introduction to the Edge of Asia by the Casper Network

00:53 – Impact One & Meta4 Capital on Serendipity on Web3 and NFTs

10:57 – Culture and Sustainability is the Best Indicator for Investments

21:57 – DIIANT Group and working with the Superchief NFT

31:37 – AI Creativity Has Surpassed Human Creativity?!

36:21 – ALLSHIPS at the nft now’s Gateway on Korea Blockchain Week

43:33 – Lessons in NFTs and Digital Art with Dave Krugman


Originally aired on November 6, 2023

In this episode of Edge of NFT, host Josh Kriger interviews Chris Bowden, the Global Marketing Director of Blowfish Studios, about their newest project, Phantom Galaxies. Blowfish Studios is a gaming studio that has been around for 12 years, originally developing AAA web 2 games before transitioning to web 3 games. Phantom Galaxies is an online multiplayer shooter game set in the Mecha genre, offering an action-packed experience with space exploration and transformation abilities. Chris explains that Blowfish Studios decided to embrace web 3 for Phantom Galaxies in order to bring AAA-quality gaming to the mainstream and fill a gap in the Mecha genre. The game offers cosmetic NFTs and an in-game token with utility. Chris also emphasizes the importance of ownership in web 3 gaming and believes it will be a driving factor for mainstream adoption. Phantom Galaxies recently launched into Early Access on Steam and the Epic Game Store, and Chris expresses excitement about expanding into the Middle East gaming market. Overall, the feedback for the game has been positive, with players praising its stunning graphics.


Blowfish Studios and Phantom Galaxies

  • Blowfish Studios has been around for 12 years and originally focused on developing AAA web 2 games before transitioning to web 3 games.
  • Phantom Galaxies is an online multiplayer shooter game set in the Mecha genre, offering a space exploration and transformation experience.
  • The game embraces web 3 by offering cosmetic NFTs and an in-game token with utility.

Web 3 Gaming and Ownership

  • Ownership is a key aspect of web 3 gaming that appeals to players. Phantom Galaxies allows players to own assets and cosmetic NFTs.
  • Interoperability is another benefit of web 3 gaming but is currently less prevalent due to technical considerations.

Launching Phantom Galaxies on Steam and the Epic Game Store

  • Phantom Galaxies recently launched into Early Access on Steam and the Epic Game Store.
  • The game will be free to play on Steam, which is a significant milestone for web 3 aligned games on the platform.

Marketing Focus on the Middle East

  • The Middle East is a key market for Blowfish Studios due to its innovation and embrace of new technologies.
  • The Middle East has a strong gaming community ready to embrace web 3 gaming.

Positive Feedback on Phantom Galaxies

  • Players have been impressed by the graphics of Phantom Galaxies, considering it one of the best-looking web 3 games.
  • The game has a strong foundation and plans for ongoing development leading to a full launch.

Future Plans and Expansion

  • Blowfish Studios has a long-term roadmap for Phantom Galaxies and aims for constant building and expansion.
  • The studio is excited about bringing Phantom Galaxies to other regions, including potentially Los Angeles.



Originally aired on November 6, 2023

In this episode of Edge of NFT, host Josh Kriger interviews Yat Siu, the Trainman of Animoca Brands. They discuss the importance of the Middle East region in the gaming industry and blockchain landscape, particularly due to its young population and gaming community. Siu highlights the potential to develop new domestic gaming titles that cater to the local market. They also touch on the significance of the Middle East for non-gaming companies, as it offers clarity and a global competition for talent. The conversation then shifts to the concept of Bitcoin-powered gaming and the role of Bitcoin as a country within the blockchain ecosystem. Siu explains how Life Beyond, a game by Animoca Brands, aims to be part of the Bitcoin culture and leverage the benefits of the Bitcoin community. The interview concludes with a discussion about Moca IDs, a decentralized identity solution that allows users to store their digital reputation and benefit from services across different platforms.

The importance of the Middle East region in the gaming industry and blockchain landscape

  • The Middle East has a young population and a thriving gaming community.
  • Local markets like Saudi Arabia and Turkey show high interest in gaming.
  • There is a hunger to create new domestic gaming titles that cater to the local market.
  • The Middle East offers clarity and a competitive environment for non-gaming companies as well.

Bitcoin-powered gaming and the role of Bitcoin as a country in the blockchain ecosystem

  • Bitcoin represents a specific culture and dynamic within the blockchain space.
  • Life Beyond, a game by Animoca Brands, aims to be part of the Bitcoin culture.
  • Bitcoin provides a store of value for digital culture and allows for expansion into different markets.
  • Bitcoin has the largest market value and offers opportunities for innovation in gaming.

Moca IDs: decentralized identity solutions for the blockchain ecosystem

  • Moca IDs aim to provide decentralized and soulbound tokens as identity layers.
  • It eliminates the need for repeated KYC processes by pre-verifying user identities.
  • Moca IDs offer perks and benefits based on a user’s digital reputation.
  • It allows for decentralized team collaboration and targeted marketing based on user gameplay history.



Originally aired on October 20, 2023

In this episode of Edge of NFT, hosts Joshua Kriger and Richard Carthon interview Joe Benso of Casper Association. They discuss the evolution of Casper Network in providing secure and authenticated NFTs, the current state of the NFT market, and the future of NFTs. Joe talks about the unique features of Casper Network, such as upgradeable NFTs and predictible gas fees. He emphasizes the importance of utility and genuine value in the NFT space. The hosts also touch on the Rolling Stone article that mentions a high percentage of NFTs being worthless, pointing out that context and analysis are crucial when evaluating the NFT market.

The Unique Features of Casper Network

  • Casper Network offers a public, private, and hybrid infrastructure for developers.
  • Its upgradeability allows for flexibility and compliance in enterprise applications.
  • The Casper NFT standard provides modular and secure options for various use cases.

The Future of NFTs and Utility

  • NFTs have gone through a hype cycle, but genuine utility will drive their long-term value.
  • Casper Network is focused on the Creator Economy, IP, and gaming as areas with promising NFT use cases.
  • Authenticating the provenance of art and historical artifacts on the blockchain is one example of the potential of NFTs.

The Rolling Stone Article and NFTs Worthlessness

  • The article highlights a report that suggests a high percentage of NFT collections have no market value.
  • The authors argue that the current state of NFTs is a result of speculative trading and a lack of genuine utility.
  • Context is crucial, as the article fails to acknowledge successful NFT projects and the potential of the market.

The Maturity and Roadmap of Casper Network

  • Casper Network is relatively new compared to other blockchains but has been continuously upgrading its protocol.
  • The team aims to provide a future-proof and flexible infrastructure for developers and enterprises.
  • Tokenization, smart financial contracts, and zero-knowledge proofs are among the focus areas for Casper’s roadmap.

The Outlaw Dogs Project and Gaming

  • Outlaw Dogs is a multi-chain project launching on Ethereum and Casper Network, focusing on gaming and the Wild West theme.
  • The project aims to add gameplay and mechanics to NFTs, including poker as a significant component.
  • Casper’s unique features, such as tokenization and weighted key management, provide exciting opportunities for gaming NFTs.

The Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai

  • The hosts discuss the upcoming Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, highlighting its focus on blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse.
  • The event promises to bring together innovators and inspire change in the technology space.
  • Key speakers and sponsors include industry leaders from companies like Binance, One Inch, and Circle.

00:00 – Introduction: Who is Joe Benso and What is the Casper Network?

05:10 – What about NFTs, Hype, and the Future of Digital Assets?

12:30 – Casper’s Journey: How They Became the Layer 1 Public Blockchain of Choice!

19:18 – A Constant Reinvention of the Wheel: Casper 1.5!

25:47 – What’s Next for the Casper Network, Casper Labs, and the Killer Whales?

31:35 – Edge Quick Hitters with Joe Benso

42:42 – Hot Topics: Your NFTs Are Actually — Finally — Totally Worthless


Originally aired on October 17, 2023

In this episode of The Edge of NFT, hosts Joshua Kriger and Richard Carthon discuss various topics related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with guest Joe Benso from Casper Association. One of the main topics covered is the recent questioning of the value of NFTs, with a study revealing that a large percentage of NFTs have no market value. The hosts and guest provide their thoughts on this sensationalism, acknowledging that while many NFT collections may indeed be worthless, there is still great potential for valuable NFTs, particularly in the art sector. They emphasize the importance of genuine utility and historical significance in determining the value of NFTs. The episode also touches on the upcoming Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, where the hosts will be attending and discussing the future of web3 technology.


  • A recent study reveals that 95% of NFTs are currently not worth anything in the market.
  • Half of these collections may not be legitimate, leading to the perception that NFT trading is just trading jpegs with no inherent value.
  • However, art NFTs and other NFTs with genuine utility and historical relevance have the potential for long-term value.


  • The hosts will be attending the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai.
  • The event will feature speakers from notable companies in the blockchain and crypto space, including BitGo, Binance, and Circle.
  • The conference aims to empower disruptors, inspire change makers, and fuel innovators in web3 technology, NFTs, and the metaverse.



Originally aired on October 16, 2023

In this episode of The Edge of NFT, hosts Joshua Kriger and Richard Carthon are joined by Matt Mason, CEO and co-founder of Dazzle Ship, and James from Just Ape. They discuss the challenges and opportunities in the web 3.0 space, particularly in the realm of NFTs. Matt shares the exciting news about Broadside’s community share via the Collector’s Edition Book, where holders of Broadside NFTs can receive a 30% royalty share. They also discuss the importance of involving and rewarding the community in web 3.0 projects, the potential of NFTs in the metaverse, and the need for new models in content creation and ownership.


Get 30% Royalty Share on Your NFTs with Broadside’s Community Share via the Collector’s Edition Book

  • Over 3,000 Broadside NFT holders created a one-of-one Broadside book with their hero as the main character and are now receiving a 30% royalty share.
  • The partnership with allows for the creation of an eBook marketplace where each eBook is an NFT, bringing a new application of NFTs to a wider audience.

The Importance of Involving and Rewarding the Community in Web 3.0 Projects

  • By involving the community and sharing royalties, projects can incentivize and engage their community members, leading to increased excitement and participation.
  • Building models that align incentives with the project, the founders, and the community can create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The Potential of NFTs in the Metaverse

  • NFTs have the potential to be network-aware social objects that can travel across different web 3.0 games and environments, bringing various utilities.
  • The metaverse offers opportunities to create new and unique experiences using NFTs, expanding the possibilities for creators and users alike.

New Models in Content Creation and Ownership

  • The emergence of blockchain technology allows for new models of content creation and ownership that involve collaboration and fair compensation for creators.
  • By licensing content from the community, projects can create new revenue streams and involve the community in the success of the project.

Balancing the Core Community and the Expansion of the Franchise

  • Balancing the needs and desires of the core community while expanding the franchise and reaching new audiences can be a challenge in web 3.0.
  • Finding models and strategies that keep the core community engaged while attracting new users is crucial for the long-term success of a project.

The Magic and Sustainability of NFTs

  • While there may be concerns about the saturation of NFTs, the underlying utility and purpose of the NFTs are key factors in their sustainability.
  • NFTs can offer unique value propositions and opportunities for creativity, making them an essential part of the web 3.0 ecosystem.



Originally aired on October 7, 2023

In this episode of The Edge of NFT, host Joshua Kriger interviews Gojo Satochi, the marketing lead of MocaVerse and the marketing director of Moca Brands. They discuss the recent developments and exciting initiatives happening within the MocaVerse ecosystem. They cover topics such as the launch of Moca IDs, a unique on-chain identity system that offers privileges and benefits to its holders. They also talk about the $20 million investment round and partnerships with companies like Favor and Rarible. Additionally, they touch on the upcoming Moca event in Hong Kong and the mission of MocaVerse to create the largest web3 identity path for culture and entertainment.

Introducing Moca IDs

  • Moca IDs are on-chain identities in the form of NFTs.
  • They serve as both a passport and a membership card within the MocaVerse ecosystem.
  • Holders of Moca IDs can passively earn loyalty points and unlock various benefits and privileges.

The $20 Million Investment Round

  • MocaVerse recently raised $20 million in an investment round led by CMCC Global.
  • The investment is a strong vote of confidence in MocaVerse’s vision and will support its growth on multiple fronts, including product development, partnerships, marketing, and community-building.

Collaboration with Favor

  • MocaVerse has partnered with Favor, a decentralized social app within the Lens protocol ecosystem.
  • This collaboration aims to onboard more users to Web3 by integrating the MocaVerse NFT collection into the Favor app.
  • Users can connect their Moca NFTs to their profiles, earning exclusive rewards and benefits.
  • Moca Mart and Rarible Collaboration
  • MocaVerse has created Moca Mart, a custom marketplace in collaboration with Rarible.
  • The marketplace provides a safe environment for MocaVerse’s community to trade NFTs securely.
  • It offers enhanced visibility on each Moca’s experience points (XP) count, allowing users to make more informed decisions when purchasing.

The Moca Event in Hong Kong

  • MocaVerse is co-hosting a side event during the Hong Kong FCH Week and AP Fest in early November.
  • The event aims to onboard Web2 users to Web3 and will provide a showcase of different projects and experiences.
  • The event will feature performances by top DJs and offer a web3 social experience for both retail crowds and web2 audiences.

The Vision of MocaVerse

  • MocaVerse’s vision is to build the largest web3 identity path for culture and entertainment.
  • By focusing on gaming and entertainment, MocaVerse aims to bring web3 technology to a wider audience and drive mass adoption.
  • The Moca ID program and partnerships with various companies are key steps in expanding the MocaVerse ecosystem.


Kyle Chiu AKA ‘Gojo Satochi’ is the marketing lead of Mocaverse and Marketing Director of Animoca Brands. His marketing experience at other NFT Marketplace and Crypto Exchange supercharges all projects under the Mocaverse ecosystem!


00:00 – Introduction: Who is Gojo Satochi?

03:53 – MoCap: Mocaverse’s 1st Phygital Merchandise in partnership with Legitimate (Watch out for Calvin Chan’s interview soon!)

06:06 – Mocaverse’s $20 Million Funding Round: Fueling Mocaverse Growth with Moca ID!

08:31 – Moca IDs: Your passport to Web3 – made better with a ‘frequent flyer’-esque rewards!

13:08 – Flex your Mocas with Phaver: The biggest Web3 Social by Lens Protocol

15:53 – MocaMart: Supercharged Further with Rarible’s Reward Program!

18:58 – ApeFest Hong Kong: Mocaverse’s Party (Stay Tuned on Our Socials for More Info!)

21:21 – MocaID Giveaway by Mocaverse and Edge of NFT!


Originally aired on October 12, 2023

In this episode of The Edge of NFT, hosts Joshua Kriger and Richard Carthon interview Dreamer from DeFi Kingdoms, a cross-chain fantasy RPG game. Dreamer shares his journey from being a Vice President at Goldman Sachs to becoming the President of Kingdom Studios and discusses how DeFi Kingdoms stands apart from other fantasy RPG games. They also talk about the recent charges brought against Stoner Cats by the SEC for an unregistered securities offering and the importance of regulatory clarity in the NFT space. The episode concludes with a discussion about the upcoming Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

DeFi Kingdoms and its Unique Features

  • Dreamer explains that DeFi Kingdoms is a fantasy RPG game where players can build their own Legion of unique Heroes and engage in PvP duels.
  • The game incorporates blockchain technology, allowing for tokenized resources and Hero NFTs.
  • DeFi Kingdoms focuses on the in-game economy, with players collecting and leveling up their Heroes through activities such as questing, fishing, mining, and more.

Dreamer’s Transition from Banking to Gaming

  • Dreamer shares his background in banking, including his time as a Vice President at Goldman Sachs specializing in hedge funds and alternative investments.
  • He discusses the similarities and differences between the banking and gaming industries, emphasizing the importance of self-belief and resilience in both fields.
  • Dreamer highlights the unique challenges and rewards of working in the web3 gaming space and the importance of teamwork in the development of DeFi Kingdoms.

DeFi Kingdoms’ Success on “The Next Crypto Gem”

  • Dreamer talks about his experience competing on “The Next Crypto Gem,” a reality TV show focused on blockchain gaming.
  • He explains that DeFi Kingdoms made it to the top four out of sixteen total projects, showcasing the game’s unique features and its ability to differentiate itself in the market.
  • Dreamer emphasizes the importance of the show in raising awareness about the web3 gaming space and educating the general public about the potential of blockchain technology.

The SEC Charges Against Stoner Cats

  • The hosts discuss the recent charges brought by the SEC against Stoner Cats, an NFT project, for an unregistered securities offering.
  • They highlight the SEC’s allegations of promising financial rewards and suggesting a return on investment, based on screenshots from the project’s Twitter and Discord.
  • The discussion emphasizes the need for caution and adherence to regulatory guidelines when launching an NFT project, focusing on the pure utility of the project rather than financial promises.

The Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai

  • The hosts mention the upcoming Future Blockchain Summit taking place in Dubai, which focuses on blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and other emerging technologies.
  • They highlight the networking opportunities, speakers, and investor programming offered by the event.
  • The hosts encourage listeners to check out the event’s website for more information about attending and participating.

DFK’s Focus on Collaboration and Interoperability

  • Dreamer discusses DFK’s focus on collaboration and interoperability in the web3 gaming space.
  • He explains that DFK aims to create an ecosystem where players can move between different games with their assets, allowing for greater flexibility and value for users.
  • Dreamer mentions partnerships and developments aimed at making the onboarding process easier for players and enhancing the overall gaming experience.


00:00 – Introduction: Who is Dreamer – and what happened in Singapore?

04:09 – DeFi Kingdom’s Humble Beginnings: From Final Fantasy to the Blockchain!

06:59 – From Wall Street to DeFi Kingdoms: the Road that Shaped the Dreamer

11:03 – What Makes DeFi Kingdom Unique Among Blockchain Games?

16:11 – The Next Crypto Gem: Dreamer’s Behind The Scenes Thoughts and How YOU can Win too!

30:27 – Edge Quick Hitters: Get to Know Dreamer

47:55 – The Edge of NFT Hot Topics: the SEC’s penalty on Stoner Cats NFT and the upcoming Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai!

55:01 – Start Earning with DeFi Kingdoms by Following Dreamer and his team!


Originally aired on October 5, 2023

In this episode of The Edge of NFT, hosts explore the collaboration between Gala Games and rep to develop Gala Friends, a new social media platform. The hosts are joined by Jason “BitBender” Brink, the President of Blockchain at Gala Games, and Neil Haran, the CEO and Founder of rep. They discuss the importance of simplicity in web3, the evolution of the gaming industry, and the goal of creating a social network that enhances user engagement and discovery. They also touch on other exciting projects in the Gala ecosystem, such as the upcoming game Champions Arena and the partnership with David Bianchi for film and music projects.

  • The Launch of Gala Friends and its Unique Features:
    • Gala Friends aims to enhance the gaming entertainment ecosystem by offering features that other social networks lack.
    • The platform will feature a gamified and geocaching component, allowing users to interact with each other through treasure hunts and the trading of NFTs.
  • The Importance of Simplicity in Web3:
    • The hosts discuss the need to simplify the language and concepts of the blockchain space to appeal to a broader audience.
    • Terms like “cryptocurrency” and “NFTs” can be confusing and off-putting for newcomers, so finding more accessible ways to describe them is crucial for mass adoption.
  • Gala Games’ Approach to Gameplay and Gamification:
    • Gala Games focuses on creating fun and engaging gaming experiences that appeal to a wide range of players, regardless of their knowledge or interest in blockchain technology.
    • Last Expedition, a AAA first-person PVP e-shooter, is an example of a game that is enjoyable whether or not players are interested in the blockchain aspects.
  • The Evolution of the Gaming Industry:
    • The hosts discuss the shift from traditional games to blockchain-based games and the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry.
    • By incorporating blockchain elements, such as player-owned assets and play-to-earn mechanics, Gala Games is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in gaming.
  • Collaboration with David Bianchi and Filmmaking Projects:
    • Gala Games has partnered with David Bianchi, a renowned actor, producer, and entrepreneur, to explore opportunities in the film and music industries.
    • They are working on projects like Ghosts of Ruin, an anime series built on Gala Film, and exploring the potential for user-generated content and experiences in these mediums.
  • The Growth of the Gala Ecosystem:
    • Gala Games is expanding its L1 Gala chain and bringing more people onto the platform.
    • Exciting game launches, including Champions Arena and Poker Go, are scheduled, and the company is actively pursuing music and film projects.


Neil Haran is the CEO of Rep.Run and a visionary leader in the Web3 space, leveraging his extensive experience from roles in groundbreaking companies like RawBots to drive Rep’s mission of creating a user-centric Web3 social media network.

Jason “BitBender” Brink is the CMO of Gala, and he brings his wealth of experience to Gala Games as the host of “Ahead of the Game with BitBender,” showcasing his expertise and passion for the evolving Web3 landscape!

Visit them here:

Helpful Links:




00:00 – Introduction: What is Rep.Run, and how does Gala come into the mix?

01:14 – Who is Jason “BitBender” Brink and Neil Haran – the Powerhouse of Gala

04:12 – Gala Games: Champion’s Arena and Poker Go – What’s Next for these Web3 games?

06:58 – Rep.Run’s beginnings with RawBots – The start of a Social Network that connects everything in the Gala ecosystem

14:53 – What exactly is Rep.Run and Neil’s milestones on this Web3 Project

22:45 – The Intersection between Gaming and Human Interaction: How does Rep.Run tie in with Gala and blockchain gaming in general?

35:55 – What’s next for the Edge of Gala? What to expect from Gala Music and Film in future episodes! (Shoutout to David Bianchi’s RZR)


Originally aired on September 29, 2023

In this episode of Edge of NFT, the host, Josh Kriger, interviews Kyu Lee, the President of Com2uS USA, and Won SUH, the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for WeMade, to discuss how web3 and blockchain are revolutionizing the gaming industry. Kyu Lee shares the origins of Com2uS and their journey from being a mobile game company to venturing into blockchain gaming. He emphasizes the importance of digital asset ownership in games and the need for games to target a large user base. Won SUH discusses the evolution of WeMade and their focus on creating a platform for game developers to integrate blockchain technology into their games. They also explore the potential of AI in gaming and the impact it can have on content generation. The episode provides valuable insights into the trends and future of the gaming industry in the web3 era.

How Com2uS and WeMade are integrating blockchain in gaming

  • Com2uS acquired Come2Us and created the hit game Summoners War, generating over $3 billion in revenue.
  • Recognizing the potential of blockchain in gaming, Com2uS decided to focus on web3 and launched their own layer one blockchain called “Explode.”
  • WeMade developed, a platform for game developers to easily integrate blockchain technology into their games.

The challenges and opportunities of web3 adoption in gaming

  • The distinct user groups of traditional web2 games and web3 games.
  • The need to educate and convert gamers to use digital asset ownership in games.
  • The importance of making onboarding and wallet integration seamless for users.

The impact of AI in gaming

  • AI can shorten content generation time and help developers create new and immersive experiences for gamers.
  • The potential use of AI in NPCs (non-playable characters) and content creation.

The shift towards casual and hyper-casual gaming

  • The rise of hyper-casual mobile games due to the shorter attention spans of users.
  • The need for game developers to cater to different types of gamers, including those who prefer shorter gameplay sessions.

The potential for brand collaborations in gaming

  • Traditional brands, such as drink companies, have collaborated with game developers to offer in-game rewards and engage with gamers.
  • The potential for lifestyle brands to tap into the gaming community and enhance their brand presence through partnerships.

The future of gaming in the web3 era

  • The importance of making the onboarding process easier for users and improving the user experience of web3 games.
  • The potential for smaller game developers to create innovative games with the help of AI and blockchain technology.


00:00 – Introduction: Korea Blockchain Week

00:26 – Who is Kyu Lee of Com2uS?

03:46 – Com2uS’ History: From investors to game developers; looking at Axie Infinity and NBA Top Shot

11:20 – Josh’s takeaways: Com2uS’ lean startup approach

15:18 – What’s Next for Com2uS? Kyu’s personal favorite: MiniGame Party!

18:22 – Who is Won SUH of WeMade? (He’s been gaming since 1996!)

26:30 – What’s Next for WeMade? Night Crows will be the biggest game in Web3 yet!

31:10 – Deconstructing the Free-To-Play to Web3 Gaming Formula: Don’t require a wallet unless they need to!

38:11 – AI in Gaming: It’s not long before NPCs truly create an immersive world


Originally aired on October 2, 2023

In this episode of Edge of NFT, Richard Carthon and Josh Kriger connect with three pioneers in the web3 space – Amanda Cassatt of Serotonin, Frank DeGods of D-Labs, and Stacey King of Adidas. The discussion focuses on mass adoption in the Asian market, the intersection of AI and web3, and the success and future plans of each guest’s respective projects. The guests emphasize the importance of authenticity, community building, and innovation in the web3 space, and the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize various industries. The episode also highlights the recent launch of the Adidas residency program, aimed at elevating emerging artists in the web3 space.

Revealing Success at KBW: /// Studios by Adidas, Serotonin and Frank DeGods Share Their Secrets!

  • Discussion about the growth and success of web3 projects, including Adidas’ foray into the space and the launch of the residency program.
  • Importance of authenticity and community engagement in the web3 space.
  • Future plans for Adidas, including an avatar project and collaborations with emerging artists.

Impact with three pioneers – Amanda Cassatt, Frank DeGods, and Stacey King.

  • Amanda Cassatt discusses the growth of web3 in the APAC region and the mission of Serotonin to bridge the gap between traditional and web3 companies.
  • Frank DeGods shares the journey of D-Labs, including the launch of the D-Gods and Youth projects, and the importance of innovation and authenticity in the web3 space.
  • Stacey King talks about Adidas’ entry into web3, the launch of the three stripe Studio, and the focus on elevating emerging artists and creating a community within the web3 world.

Lessons learned and takeaways in the web3 space.

  • The importance of building from fundamentals and creating something people need.
  • The value of building organic communities and starting with concentric circles of engagement.
  • The role of AI in web3, including code audits and complex problem-solving.

Adidas and Three Stripe Studio at The Gateway in South Korea.

  • Launch of the Three Stripe Studio and the impact of web3 in the Asian market.
  • The focus on elevating emerging artists and bridging the gap between traditional and web3 worlds.
  • Collaboration with nft now and the showcase of artists’ work at The Gateway.

Future plans and initiatives.

  • Launch of the Adidas avatar project later this year, allowing users to use Adidas as their virtual identity.
  • Expansion of the residency program and collaborations with new artists.
  • Focus on creating physical and virtual products that integrate with the web3 space.

Intersection of AI and web3.

  • The potential for AI to revolutionize various industries through optimization and problem-solving.
  • The use of AI in the web3 space for feedback analysis and generating insights from noisy data.
  • The importance of authenticity and linking AI to public blockchains.



Originally aired on September 22, 2023

In this episode of the Edge of NFT podcast, the hosts interview David Goldberg, one of the co-founders of Swoops, a revolutionary basketball simulation game in the Web3 space. David discusses how Swoops integrates NFTs and blockchain technology to redefine ownership involvement in virtual basketball. He shares the journey of Swoops, from its inception to its current season, highlighting the importance of community engagement and the evolution of the platform based on user feedback. David also provides insights into the future roadmap for Swoops, including plans to expand the game to include different roles and create a more traditional sports league experience.

Web3 Fantasy Basketball Game SWOOPS welcomes next season with free-to-play option

  • Swoops is a Web3 basketball simulation game that incorporates NFTs and blockchain technology.
  • The game focuses on providing a fun and engaging experience, giving players the opportunity to own, manage, and coach their own virtual basketball teams.
  • Swoops has seen success and engagement from its growing community, with user retention increasing by 250% between the first and second season.

Swoops’ Open IP and Branding Initiatives

  • Swoops allows players to create unique team names and player backgrounds, fostering creativity and community engagement.
  • The platform provides the tools for players to develop their own team identities, including logos, jerseys, and color palettes.
  • Swoops’ community has shown great creativity in designing logos and creating team identities, with some teams even securing sponsorships.

Implementing Free-to-Play Mechanics

  • Swoops is introducing a free-to-play option to allow new players to experience the game without needing to purchase NFTs initially.
  • Players will be given off-chain players to use in the game, and after a week of playtime, they have the option to upgrade to on-chain players, granting them true ownership.
  • This new mechanic aims to lower the barrier to entry for new players and help them gradually dive deeper into the game.

David’s Insights on the Current State and Future of Web3

  • David believes that the Web3 space is in a bear market phase, with a need to refocus on building long-term, scalable solutions rather than chasing short-term financial gains.
  • He sees the future of Web3 innovation coming from infrastructure and underlying technology, unlocking countless possibilities for new companies and projects.
  • David anticipates another one or two quarters of market cleanup before a potential bull run, where real builders and innovators will shine.

Swoops’ Contribution to Changing the Landscape of Web3 Gaming

  • Swoops is redefining the concept of utility in blockchain gaming by focusing on providing an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • The platform allows players to participate in league-like structures, with different roles such as owners, GMs, and trainers, mirroring a traditional sports franchise.
  • David envisions Swoops becoming a scalable digital sports platform that appeals to a wide range of players and creates a real community and league environment.

Swoops Co-Founder Shoutout and Well Wishes

  • David Goldberg gives a shoutout to Manish Sinha, the CEO of Swoops, who has been instrumental in managing the engineering team and building the amazing features of Swoops.
  • Manish is currently recovering from a motorcycle accident, and David and the entire Swoops family send him best wishes for a speedy recovery.


00:00 – Introduction: What is SWOOPS?

01:38 – Who is David Goldberg? (And the Outer Edge Travelers!)

04:00 – Swoops’ humble beginnings: David’s inspiration for the game

07:07 – Learnings from the past 7 months and what to expect next

12:53 – SWOOPS Free-to-Play: Bringing the game to all with No Strings Attached!

26:52 – Edge Quick Hitters: Get to learn more about David Goldberg

35:53 – Hot Topics: &; Gala Games’ Mystery Boxes and the Recur shutdown

49:34 – SWOOPS Giveaway (LAST CHANCE to Join Before it Ends!!)

50:17 –  Eathan Janney’s journey with the Edge of AI as Richard Carthon steps into the Edge of NFT as a


David Goldberg is the Co-founder of SWOOPS and a founding partner at Alpaca VC, an early-stage venture capital firm

Visit David and the SWOOPS team here:

Helpful Links:………


Originally aired on August 29, 2023

In this episode of The Edge of NFT, the hosts interview On Yavin, co-founder of Syndika, a web3 and AI consulting firm. On shares his journey from being a serial entrepreneur to building a vast blockchain ecosystem. He discusses his passion for out-of-the-box problem-solving and how it led him to invest in web3 gaming. The episode also explores Syndika’s unique membership model, which allows members to contribute and be rewarded with equity shares. On highlights the importance of justice and the challenges of the blockchain industry. He also mentions projects he has been following, such as Kratos, an open space game, and Ethereum Towers, a virtual reality project. The conversation touches on the inclusion of AI in Syndika’s services and the potential for AI and blockchain to intersect, particularly in the gaming industry.

Building a vast blockchain ecosystem

  • On Yavin shares his journey from being a serial entrepreneur to building Syndika, a web3 and AI consulting firm.
  • He discusses the role of blockchain in the future of financial markets and various industries, emphasizing the potential for decentralization.

Syndicate’s unique membership model

  • The membership model allows members to contribute to Syndika and be rewarded with equity shares.
  • Members can contribute in various ways, including business development, marketing, sales, and providing services to Syndika itself.
  • The members’ committees play a key role in the decision-making process of Syndika.

The inclusion of AI in Syndicate’s services

  • Syndicate offers AI development as one of its core services, recognizing the growing importance of AI in various industries, including gaming.
  • On Yavin emphasizes the potential for AI and blockchain to intersect, particularly in the gaming industry, where AI can be used for non-player characters (NPCs).

Projects in the web3 and blockchain space

  • On Yavin mentions projects he has been following, such as Kratos, an open space game that incorporates NFTs and allows for changeable NFTs.
  • He also mentions Ethereum Towers, a virtual reality project where users can buy and customize their own virtual apartments.

Challenges in the blockchain industry

  • On Yavin acknowledges the negative perception of the blockchain industry due to scams and bankruptcies, which has led to a skeptical view from the wider world.
  • He emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues and working towards a positive change in the industry’s reputation.

The role of justice in personal traits

  • On Yavin values justice as an important personal trait and expresses a desire to pass it on to the next generation.



Originally aired on August 24, 2023In this episode of The Edge of NFT, the team dives into the upcoming launch of Mocana Odyssey’s Cosmic Hunt and explores the innovative features of the Moca XP system. The Cosmic Hunt is an immersive social experience that challenges players to use their skills and wit to unlock treasures and rewards. The Moca XP system is a dynamic point system that incentivizes engagement and participation from Mocana NFT holders. The hosts discuss the mechanics of the game, the concept of culture as a store of value, and the long-term vision for Mocana Odyssey. Additionally, they reveal exciting upcoming events, including a side event at Token 2049 in Singapore.

The Cosmic Hunt in Mocana Odyssey

  • Mocana Odyssey is an immersive social experience that challenges players’ skills and wit.
  • Players can dig for treasure using their Mocas, make strategic choices, and decide whether to collaborate or work alone.
  • The Cosmic Hunt is the finale of Season 1, where players can use their earned XP to uncover hidden information and treasures.

The Moca XP System

  • Moca XP is a dynamic point system that ignites engagement and incentivizes participation.
  • Players can stake their Mocana NFTs, interact with the community, and participate in various activities to earn XP.
  • XP can be used to unlock rewards and exclusive perks, and it reflects the value players bring to the ecosystem.
  • The XP system aims to foster culture, engagement, and meaningful interactions within the Mocana community.

Incentivizing Engagement and Choices

  • The goal of Mocana Odyssey is to encourage participation and provide unique experiences for community members.
  • The game mechanics revolve around decision-making, dilemma, and choices, such as selecting tools with different battery sizes for excavation.
  • The XP system incentivizes actions that have value to the ecosystem, including holding/staking assets, interacting socially, and participating in governance.

The Importance of Governance and Web3 Culture

  • Anoka Brands believes in the importance of governance and sees it as the future of web3 and human rights.
  • XP is used to incentivize participation in governance, such as voting in the Mocha DAO.
  • The culture created by the Mocana community is considered a store of value, and the XP system reflects and reinforces this culture.

IRL Component and Events

  • Anoka Brands is hosting an official side event at Token 2049 in Singapore, where members can network and mingle with industry leaders.
  • The event will provide an opportunity to introduce exciting new projects and experiences within the Anoka Brands family.
  • The IRL component emphasizes the power of web3 in connecting both digitally and in real life, creating a sense of community.

Agile Approach and Future Developments

  • Mocana Odyssey is an ongoing experiment, and the team remains agile to adapt to community behavior and feedback.
  • The game mechanics and experiences will continue to evolve and expand across different realms and projects within the Anoka Brands ecosystem.
  • The XP system will serve as a long-term framework for rewarding engagement and loyalty within the community.



Originally aired August 21, 2023

In this episode of Edge of NFT, Jeff Staple and Benny Giang discuss various topics related to NFT fashion, co-creation, and token-bound accounts. They begin by reflecting on their first encounters with NFTs and how they decided to get involved in the space. They mention projects they have collaborated on, such as Gary Vee’s VeeFriends and the Artifact Meta Pigeon project. Jeff Staple discusses the concept of “grit” and how it has influenced his creative process. Benny Giang introduces the concept of “fidgetal” – the blending of physical and digital goods. They also explore the potential of web3 and the impact of creative royalties on artists. Overall, they highlight the importance of simplicity, authenticity, innovation, and the fusion of digital and physical realms in the NFT space.

What is NFT fashion and how is it evolving?

  • NFT fashion involves the creation of digital clothing and accessories that can be bought, sold, and worn by NFT holders.
  • The concept of transitory states allows fashion to exist in different forms, such as physical fashion going digital or digital fashion going physical.
  • The goal is to create a seamless blend of physical and digital fashion, providing users with flexibility and choice in how they express themselves.

What are token-bound accounts and how do they work?

  • Token-bound accounts are a new standard in the Ethereum ecosystem (ERC6551) that allow NFTs to have their own smart contract accounts or wallets.
  • NFTs can now own assets, such as other tokens or digital items, and can perform on-chain actions without the need to pay gas fees.
  • This opens up possibilities for gaming, social interaction, and productivity, as NFTs can now have their own personalities, perform tasks, and interact with other tokens or smart contracts.

How can AI enhance the NFT space?

  • AI models can be used to create and prescribe personalities for NFTs, allowing them to mimic human behavior and interact with users.
  • AI can also facilitate on-chain actions and improve the productivity of NFTs, such as performing quests in blockchain games or curating content based on user preferences.
  • AI-powered NFTs have the potential to create a more dynamic and interactive user experience in the realms of entertainment, social media, and content creation.

What are the potential use cases for token-bound accounts?

  • Gaming: NFTs can be used to create playable characters or NPCs that can perform on-chain actions, earn rewards, and interact with the gaming environment.
  • DAOs: NFTs can serve as membership cards, allowing owners to earn badges and participate in DAO governance or activities.
  • Infrastructure: Token-bound accounts can be used to build indexing services, marketplaces, and wallet solutions that support the functionality of NFTs.
  • Social media: NFTs can be used as social identities, allowing users to log in as their NFTs and interact with other users or platforms, such as lenses or profiles.

How can on-chain media revolutionize the way we consume and preserve content?

  • On-chain media refers to media content that is stored on the blockchain, ensuring its immutability and accessibility over time.
  • By decentralizing storage and ownership, on-chain media allows for greater transparency, permanence, and democratization of content.
  • It enables new forms of collaboration, censorship-resistant publishing, and access to historical records that can be referenced and preserved for future generations.

What are the challenges and opportunities in the NFT space?

  • The NFT space is still in its early stages, with challenges related to scalability, user experience, and regulatory frameworks.
  • However, the opportunities for innovation, creativity, and new revenue streams are vast, with the potential to reshape industries such as fashion, art, gaming, and entertainment.
  • As the technology evolves and user adoption increases, NFTs have the potential to transform the way we create, consume, and interact with digital assets.

Originally aired on August 9, 2023

In this episode of the Edge of NFT podcast, Joshua Kriger interviews Richard Carthon, the new co-host of the podcast. Richard shares his journey into the world of Web 3.0 and his passion for blockchain technology. He discusses his background in media, his experience in the AI sales industry, and his transition into the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Richard also highlights the importance of resilience and the need to keep learning and adapting in the rapidly evolving world of Web 3.0.

Richard’s journey into the world of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology

  • Richard discovered his passion for entrepreneurship while in college
  • He started his first startup and raised funds for it
  • Richard learned about blockchain and cryptocurrencies while working in the AI sales industry

The impact of NFTs on the music industry

  • Sound XYZ is a music NFT platform that allows artists to upload, stream, and monetize their music as NFTs
  • Artists can keep 95% of the proceeds from their music sales and 10% of every resale without giving up ownership of their master or publishing rights
  • Snoop Dogg has recently joined Sound XYZ’s funding round, contributing to its growth and expansion in the industry

The power of AI in Web 3.0

  • AI has the potential to revolutionize various industries and improve operational efficiency
  • Chat GPT, a language model, can provide instant prompts and ideas, making the creative process more efficient
  • The combination of AI and blockchain technology opens up new possibilities for creators and entrepreneurs

The importance of resilience in entrepreneurship

  • Richard emphasizes the need for resilience and persistence in the face of challenges and setbacks
  • Entrepreneurship is a journey that requires continuous learning, adapting, and problem-solving
  • The ability to bounce back from failure and keep moving forward is essential for success in the world of Web 3.0

Building a strong community in the Web 3.0 era

  • Richard discusses the importance of community-building and collaboration in the Web 3.0 space
  • Edge of NFT aims to amplify the voices of builders and creators in the industry
  • The team is focused on providing valuable content and tools to the community and fostering partnerships for future events and collaborations

Richard’s vision for the future of Web 3.0 and the Edge of NFT podcast

  • Richard envisions a future where Web 3.0 technology is more widely adopted and integrated into various industries
  • Edge of NFT aims to continue providing informative and engaging content for listeners
  • The team is excited about upcoming events and opportunities to connect with the community



Originally aired on July 24, 2023

Peter Csathy of Creative Media discusses the intersection of web3, NFTs, and the entertainment industry. He believes that NFTs provide a unique opportunity for artists to have a direct connection with their audience and create communities without intermediaries. Csathy also discusses the legal developments in the NFT space, including recent cases involving fair use and copyright infringement. He highlights the importance of staying informed about the evolving legal and business landscape of NFTs. Csathy explores the use of AI in the creative process and the potential impact on the entertainment industry. He suggests that artists embrace AI as a tool and find ways to use it to their advantage. Csathy discusses the potential of NFTs to monetize artwork and provide ongoing revenue streams for artists through secondary sales. He also mentions the possibility of NFTs allowing fans to have direct financial participation in the success of an artist’s work. Overall, Csathy is optimistic about the opportunities that NFTs and web3 present for creators in the entertainment industry, but also highlights the need to navigate the legal and regulatory challenges that arise.

Sub-Title: How do NFTs empower artists to connect with their audience and monetize their work?

  • NFTs create a direct connection between artists and their audience, allowing for the creation of communities without intermediaries.
  • Artists can monetize their work through exclusive benefits and ongoing revenue streams from secondary sales.
  • NFTs enable fans to have direct financial participation in an artist’s success, fostering a sense of community and support.
  • AI can be used as a tool in the creative process, opening up new possibilities for artists.
  • Legal developments and regulatory challenges in the NFT space require artists and creators to stay informed and navigate the evolving landscape.
  • Despite potential risks and challenges, NFTs and web3 provide exciting opportunities for artists to thrive and connect with their audience.

Originally aired on July 26, 2023

John Attanasio, the co-founder and CEO of Toonstar, a web3 Animation Studio, discusses how his company leverages AI and blockchain in entertainment. Toonstar, a NextGeneration animation Network designed for the mobile age, focuses on web3 story studio and interactive storytelling. They use AI in their production process to automate labor-intensive tasks and produce high-quality animation at a faster pace. Additionally, they have incorporated AI into their social experience by allowing the community to co-create characters and storylines with the help of AI.  Attanasio emphasizes the benefits of blockchain in terms of ownership and decentralization, allowing creators to have control, own their work, and connect directly with their audience. He sees blockchain as a solution to the challenges and limitations of the traditional studio system.

How does Toonstar use AI in their production process?

  • Toonstar has developed an AI-powered animation tech stack that automates labor-intensive animation processes such as lip syncing and facial expressions, allowing them to produce high-quality animation quickly.
  • By using machine learning, Toonstar’s AI technology helps in creating realistic movement and interactions between characters in their animation projects.
  • The speed and efficiency of their AI-powered production process enable Toonstar to meet the content cadence expected by audiences on social media platforms.
  • This faster production process also allows for real-time interactions with the audience, creating a deeper connection and making the content more relatable.
  • Toonstar has integrated AI voice technology into their series, with the first AI voice character featured in their animated series “Space Junk.” The AI voice character enhances the storytelling experience and adds a unique element to the series.
  • The AI technology utilized by Toonstar provides assistance and guidance to the community, allowing them to co-create characters, develop backstories, and generate visual representations of their creations.

Originally aired on July 24, 2023

Tyler Durden, head of projects at Animoca Brands and Mocaverse, discusses the exciting updates happening in Mocaverse, including collaborations with Japanese IP companies. Mocaverse is sponsoring the WebX event in Tokyo and has planned a gamification activation at their booth. They are also focusing on decentralizing IP and empowering the community to create and benefit from existing IP.

Mocaverse’s Exciting IP Collaborations with Japanese IP Companies at WebX Japan, and More!!

  • Mocaverse is the Platinum sponsor of the WebX event in Tokyo, where they will showcase their gamification activation and engage with the community.
  • They have ongoing collaborations and discussions with major Japanese IP companies to explore the potential of web3 and bring unique community co-creation to web2 IP.
  • Mocaverse aims to empower the community to create and benefit from existing IP, similar to the Hennessy case study, and is experimenting with different approaches.
  • Japanese IP holds a special place in global culture, and Mocaverse is doubling down on its relationship with Japanese IP to leverage its authenticity, quality, and loyal fan base.
  • Mocaverse’s IRL event strategy includes hosting events in various cities where they have communities worldwide, aiming to maximize channel engagement and community interaction.
  • Mocaverse’s website, Twitter account, and Discord server are the best channels to stay updated on all the exciting updates and activations happening in Mocaverse.



Originally aired on July 21, 2023

In this episode of Edge of NFT, Anne Well from Galxe discusses how they are fostering authentic Web3 communities and their reward-based loyalty programs.  She talks about the origins of Galxe and their initial focus on data and digital identity. Well explains how Galxe’s platform allows partners to easily create and customize campaigns to engage and reward users for specific on-chain and off-chain actions. He also highlights their new loyalty points system and the upcoming mobile app. Anne Well also discusses her role in Galxe and the importance of quality users in building a community. Later in the episode, Trevor Owens from Ninja Alerts shares details about their V3 update and the introduction of a real-time trader leaderboard. He talks about the benefits of using Ninja Alerts to track NFTs and Ethereum contracts and their plans for mobile trading and oracles. The episode concludes with a fun Quick Hitters segment and shoutouts to projects like Lattner, Zerion, and Zappr.

Galxe: Building Web3 Communities the Authentic Way – Anne Well

  • Anne Well discusses how Galxe builds authentic Web3 communities through their platform.
  • Galxe started as a data and digital identity network and has evolved into a platform for rewarding users for specific on-chain and off-chain actions.
  • The platform allows partners to easily create and customize campaigns to engage and reward users.
  • Galxe recently launched a loyalty points system that offers flexibility in attributing points to different actions.
  • Anne highlights the importance of quality users in building a community and the role of a good community manager.
  • Trevor Owens from Ninja Alerts discusses the V3 update, including a real-time trader leaderboard.
  • Ninja Alerts enables users to track NFTs and Ethereum contracts, and they have plans to launch a mobile trading app and oracles.
  • The episode concludes with a fun Quick Hitters segment and shoutouts to projects like Lattner, Zerion, and Zappr.



Originally aired on July 21, 2023

This transcript features an interview with Benjamin Charbit, the CEO and co-founder of Life Beyond Studios, a gaming platform focused on building a metaverse with a player-driven tokenized economy. Charbit discusses the vision behind Life Beyond and the integration of blockchain technology in the gaming world. He highlights the importance of community partnerships and the role of web3 in creating immersive gaming experiences. Additionally, Drew Coffman of Friends With Benefits (FWB) joins the conversation to talk about the upcoming FWB Innovation Festival and the focus on building a better internet through collaboration and creativity.

Blockchain Powered Online Gaming | Life Beyond Studios’ Benjamin Charbit – Highlights:

  • Benjamin Charbit, the CEO of Life Beyond Studios, discusses the vision and mission of his company to create a metaverse that offers more than just gameplay.
  • Life Beyond is a player-driven tokenized economy that incorporates blockchain technology and NFTs to enable players to shape their own roles in the game.
  • The integration of blockchain technology allows for true ownership and interoperability, giving players the ability to trade, sell, and rent their in-game assets.
  • Charbit emphasizes the importance of community partnerships and engagement in the development process, allowing players to have a stake in the game and contribute to its growth.
  • The roadmap for Life Beyond includes rolling out a new art direction, partnerships with tier NFT communities, and expanding gameplay experiences for players.
  • The FWB Innovation Festival, hosted by Friends With Benefits, brings together creative individuals to explore the future of the internet and collaborative opportunities.
  • The festival offers a space for like-minded individuals to connect and discuss topics such as decentralized finance, art, music, and technology.
  • FWB is a community-focused social network that aims to create a better internet by fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • FWB community members have the opportunity to submit proposals, contribute to governance decisions, and participate in events and workshops.
  • The FWB app, a prototype social network, provides a space for FWB community members to connect, share content, and engage with the community.
  • The app focuses on privacy and includes features such as posting, governance functions, and event notifications.



Originally aired on July 20, 2023

This sponsored episode of the Edge of NFT podcast features Vickaash Agarwal from Bluewheel Mining.

Making Bitcoin Mining Accessible Through Renewable Energy

This episode of Edge of NFT explores how Bluewheel Mining is innovating to make Bitcoin mining more accessible and eco-friendly. CEO Vickaash Agarwal explains how their project leverages blockchain technology and renewable energy to create the largest, community-run mining operation.

By building mining infrastructure that utilizes sustainable power sources like solar and wind, Bluewheel reduces costs and environmental impact. Their decentralized model distributes mining rewards daily to holders of their NFT nodes. This opens Bitcoin mining profits, previously reserved for large-scale investors, to regular people.

Vickaash details how the smart contracts automatically deduct electricity fees and distribute bitcoins earned to node holders’ wallets. Bluewheel handles maintenance and operations of the 3000 miners so individuals can earn passive income without technical mining know-how. Upcoming plans include mining facility expansions and integrating DeFi services like lending for NFT holders.

The interview explores Vickaash’s vision to keep innovating at the intersection of blockchain, DeFi, and renewables. He sees opportunities to apply AI and quantum technologies to advance materials science. Vickaash advocates for patience, honesty, and avoiding greed—advice that guides both his entrepreneurial and philanthropic pursuits.

How does Bluewheel Mining open crypto mining to the masses?

  • Leverages renewables to lower costs of running large mining operations
  • Distributes rewards to NFT node holders who share mining returns
  • Manages maintenance so individuals can earn passive bitcoin income

What innovations does the project bring to Bitcoin mining?

  • First mining company built natively on blockchain technology
  • Daily distribution of rewards via smart contracts and DeFi
  • Expanding access by removing barriers to profiting from mining

How does Blue Wheel integrate sustainability into its model?

  • Sources renewable energy like solar and wind to power operations
  • Lowers mining costs while reducing environmental impact
  • Part of mission to positively contribute through eco-friendly infrastructure

What drives Vickaash’s vision as a leader in blockchain?

  • Keep innovating at intersection of crypto, DeFi, and renewable tech
  • Curiosity to explore AI, quantum, and other exponential technologies
  • Apply them to advance materials science and other fields

What advice does Vickaash offer the next generation?

  • Cultivate patience, honesty with yourself and others
  • Avoid greed in the pursuit of innovation
  • Apply new tech like blockchain for social good





Originally aired on July 13, 2023

This sponsored segment features the online game, which allows users to manage their own teams and trade players as NFTs in a fantasy basketball setting. The segment discusses the current power rankings, announces the upcoming All-Star challenges, and highlights the opportunities for users to win cash and prizes. The hosts express their appreciation for the game and thank the PlaySwoops team for the opportunity to participate.

NFT basketball game: What are the current power rankings?

  • The top 10 teams in the power rankings are listed, with the Star Gods leading the pack.
  • The hosts mention the efforts of their own team, the Knights of Dejan, and highlight the satisfaction of defeating the Globetrotters.

How can players find out if they made the All-Star team?

  • The 40 selected Swoopsters for the All-Star team will be announced via a Twitch livestream event on July 7th.
  • Team owners can earn the opportunity to be All-Star captains by finishing first or second in designated challenges.
  • The owners of players who make the All-Star team can win cash prizes, with additional winnings for the winning coach of the tournament.

How can players participate in the final All-Star challenge?

  • The final All-Star challenge ends on July 7th, with players aiming to have the highest score based on a specific equation.
  • The challenge involves stats from the first 10 games, including three-pointers and free throws made.

What happens after the All-Star team is announced?

  • Eight teams will be chosen based on the All-Star challenges, and the owners will compete in a snake draft for the final tournament.
  • Each team will consist of Swoopster All-Stars, and they will compete for a $150 prize.

Closing Thoughts

  • The hosts express their gratitude to the PlaySwoops team for the opportunity to play the game and acknowledge the constant innovative improvements.
  • They encourage the community to participate and engage with



Originally aired on June 19, 2023

Tiffany Snelling Davis, a social impact leader, Becky Morphis, the head of thought leadership at Fidelity Charitable, and Josh Kriger, CEO of Landmark Ventures, discuss the Art of Generosity NFT project at the Social Innovation Summit 2023. The project brought together 12 diverse artists to create their vision of the meaning of generosity, resulting in over 118,000 pieces minted, making it the largest known philanthropy-related mint.

How did the Art of Generosity NFT project come to be?

  • Fidelity Charitable’s mission to help people give in a simple, effective, and accessible way led them to explore the potential of web3 to galvanize conversations around giving.
  • The project’s objective was to bring more people to the table and explore the utility of web3 while creating a collection that celebrates generosity.

How did Nick Davis come to be part of the project?

  • Nick Davis was selected for inclusion in the project because of his commitment to positively sharing black voices.
  • The decision to include Nick’s work after his passing honors his legacy and was a commitment to keeping his art and memory alive.

What was the success of the project?

  • Over 118,000 pieces were minted, making it the largest known philanthropy-related mint.
  • $50,000 was distributed to community-selected charities in celebration of generosity.

What’s next for the project?

  • The focus is currently on wrapping up the project with grants to the selected organizations that represent Nick’s legacy and the project’s mission.
  • Future plans are still under consideration.

What were the surprises or insights from the collaboration?

  • Fidelity Charitable’s willingness to experiment and innovate in the web3 space was refreshing and noteworthy.
  • The project sparked a more significant movement in the NFT space and resonated with thousands of collectors.

What is the Social Innovation Summit?

The Social Innovation Summit represents a global annual convening of black swans and wayward thinkers. Those playing at the nexus of technology, investment, philanthropy, international development, and business come together to investigate solutions and catalyze inspired partnerships disrupting the future.

Guests on this Episode:

Our own Josh Kriger sat down and chatted with; Tiffany Snelling Davis, a soulful impact leader and widow of the late Nick Davis, creator of the ‘Black is Beautiful’ collection. –…

Becky Morphis, Head of Thought Leadership at Fidelity Charitable – The nation’s largest donor-advised fund sponsor and the world’s largest grantmaker. Last year they donated over 11B dollars!

Zeev Klein, COO of Landmark Ventures and founder of the Social Innovation Summit!



Originally aired on June 20, 2023

Fastackl from, a pseudonym collective of institutional art design and crypto-native technology professionals, is at the forefront of facilitating the growth of Web3 art. They are dedicated to building enduring practices and protocols for the art of the next 100 years, working closely with artists in both the crypto-native and traditional spaces. Their platform focuses on aligning the incentives of artists and collectors, and they have garnered attention from the art community for their unique approach.

In this episode of the Edge of NFT, our Edge team sits down with Fastackl to explore how got started and their journey in the NFT space. Fastackl, along with Ox Animus, ventured into NFTs in December 2020 and decided to assemble a collection using Ox’s network to access top artists from the traditional art world. Despite interest from a major art institution, time constraints led them to take matters into their own hands, resulting in the launch of the k21 collection within just three weeks. operates as a “fight club” of curators, collaborating with artists to bring their visions to life.

Additionally, we delve into the fascinating Cai Guo-Qiang and EET Oracle Project. The EET Oracle Project is a hyper-personalized AI assistant capable of creating art on behalf of artists or supporting human creators using real-time speech and video intonations and other features. The Cai Guo-Qiang project, consisting of 12 physical artworks and NFTs, harnesses the power of the EET Oracle Project to achieve dynamic personalization.

Join us on this episode as we explore the immense potential of Web3 art and how, with its blend of art industry experts and Web3 technology, is revolutionizing the art community. We also uncover the groundbreaking metaverse trade show concept introduced by yWhales, a community-based firm reshaping the world of commerce.


Originally aired on June 19, 2023

Alan Valentin discusses the connection between his AI work and his upcoming web3 platform, Orbseer. He believes AI is a crucial technology for creating a sustainable and evenly distributed future. Valentin’s upcoming installation, NEOVEAUX, is inspired by his frequent dreams of a melty, psychedelic pillar landscape. It will transport visitors to a questioning reality and provide a new level of refined quality.

Who is Orbseer?

Originally from Mexico, Alan Valentin, AKA Orbseer, is a multidisciplinary artist who pushes technology to its highest potential and connects with the human spirit through his art. After studying film and sound scoring, he has worked in the holographic, 3D, and virtual reality spaces with 3D Live/Liminal Spaces for the biggest brands and artists in the world.

What was Orbseer’s last show?

Orbseer’s last show, Resillusion, showcased during Art Basel Miami, touched the hearts of more than 100,000 attendees who were fortunate to witness it firsthand. NEOVEAUX represents the evolution of this experience, diving deeper into the possibilities of multi-sensory experiences from the perspective of divinity itself.

How has Alan Valentin’s perspective on AI influenced his work in his upcoming installation, NEOVEAUX?

  • Valentin believes AI is a crucial technology for creating a sustainable and evenly distributed future.
  • He was inspired by his frequent dreams of a melty, psychedelic pillar landscape when designing NEOVEAUX.
  • NEOVEAUX combines Valentin’s philosophy with professional production and design, providing visitors with a refined and groundbreaking experience.

Originally aired on June 18, 2023

Paul Hemming and Galen Oakes, the brilliant minds behind Future Factory, a groundbreaking lifestyle brand that evolved from an immersive record store in Oakland to what it is today, join us to discuss the journey and vision of their venture.

How did Future Factory come to be?

  • It started with an immersive record store in Oakland, which eventually led to the opening of the first nightclub, Temple, in San Francisco in 2007, featuring immersive art installations.
  • Future Factory expanded to Denver, creating a synergistic ecosystem that incorporated co-working, tech investment, and health and wellness components.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic caused a temporary shutdown, but government stimulus funds helped them relocate to Los Angeles, where they are now building an exciting new space.

What is Future Factory’s vision?

  • Future Factory envisions a lifetime membership space that effortlessly merges a nightclub, art gallery, marketplace, yoga studio, and more, providing an extraordinary immersive, and communal experience.
  • It’s rooted in three distinct cities – Oakland, San Francisco, and Denver, each echoing different facets of artistic convergence.
  • The concept is built upon years of immersive spatial design ideation, transformed into a vibrant, multi-dimensional, and experiential membership that lasts a lifetime.

How is Future Factory incorporating NFTs?

  • Recognizing the potential of NFTs to bring ownership to digital goods and unlock new revenue streams for creators, Future Factory is integrating NFTs into their platform and spaces.
  • This includes the creation of an NFT art gallery, which allows artists to showcase their work in innovative ways.

How does Galen Oakes’ NFT project fit into Future Factory’s vision?

  • Galen’s NFT project, which combines his unique style and AI expertise, is an embodiment of the creativity and innovation Future Factory seeks to foster.
  • His project, which includes an NFT of a spaceship image, showcases the endless possibilities that NFTs bring to artistic expression.

What is Outer Edge LA and how does it relate to Future Factory?

  • Outer Edge LA is an event that partnered with Future Factory and took place within Future Factory’s space.
  • The event features discussions and performances related to the Web3 ecosystem, resonating with Future Factory’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and ideas.

In this episode, we also hear from Nate Minsberg of BNV, who shares the captivating work of bringing fashion to Web3 through NFT-backed ecosystems, pushing the boundaries of fashion to the outer edge and beyond.

Don’t miss out on this exhilarating conversation about how Future Factory is redefining the landscape of immersive music and art, and utilizing NFTs to unlock the future of utility.


Originally aired on June 16, 2023

Pillz is a physical fashion and tech startup that merges web3 with the real world, creating physical web3 wearables that showcase NFT collectibles in an innovative way. The company consists of a team of 40 people working 16 hours daily for months, resulting in one of the coolest new hardware devices to be released. The device is a small computer that can display NFTs, has integrated graphics computing, and is a gaming platform like a console with games within it. It has everything that a usual smartphone or top smartwatches have excluded specific features for web3.

Genesis of Pillz and features

  • Pillz is a device that started as a jewelry project with some electronics that aimed to showcase and display NFTs as very expensive digital assets that people couldn’t show off.
  • The company wants to be known as a brand creating devices for digital identity that will become a hardware basement for software, offering tangible, funny, and relatable devices that expand the industry and make web3 go mainstream.
  • The device is a cultural piece of physical identity that matches the digital identity, creating a tangible immersive experience with NFT collectibles and games, enhancing the interaction with digital collectibles.

Features of the device

  • Has a battery life of four to five days, uses four nanometer technology process for chipset, and comes with a charging station like an airport case that can last for one month of charging.
  • Has different protocols such as NFC, Bluetooth BLE, Wi-Fi, hermetic. It has a good display, temperature sensor, horoscope accelerometer, and GPS, among others.
  • Users can upload NFTs they own on the device, but if they don’t own it, the device will not allow the upload.